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Chris Windley
M&A Rainmaker
Silicon Crossroads Technopolis

The Stables

St Leonards House


DE13 8BY

email: chris@mandarainmaker.co.uk

Alternative website: http://www.chriswindley.com

twylah: http://www.twylah.com/cwindley ( N.B. Twylah converts Twitter Tweets into a web page )

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cwindley

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.windley

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/chriswindley

Google +: Chris Windley

Skype: chris.windley

Digg: http://digg.com/kitwindley

FourSquare: https://foursquare.com/user/22981675 Chris Windley

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/chriswindley/ ChrisWindley

Brandyourself: http://chriswindley.brandyourself.com/


Internet Influence:

Klout: ( 70 )  http://klout.com/#/cwindley Kred.com ( 844/10 ): @cwindley  Peer Index ( 71 ) : http://www.peerindex.com/cwindley I am also in the Sunday Times Social List http://www.the-social-list.com/ where I am ( apparently ) – A Titan !! N.B. Scores may fluctuate – especially Kred.

Random Quotes About Me:

From Twitter

@cwindley it is your unselfish ability to connect people and businesses all over the world that earned you a spot on Social England™ #uk



LONDON (SocialNewsCorp.) Please take the time to introduce yourselves to a  media master Chris Windley 



Do you know another good friend, ? He may be able to assist with your Mission.

Yes, Chris is a dear friend ! Rare find!

I agree, You are very special, Chris. Have a great day!




Elyssa, Chris is one of the good guys on Twitter/Social media space. So is  – real and nice! Like Dragana






Morning ! So lucky to have connected with Chris! He produces a positive memorable virtual effect 🙂

You’ve been a great social media ambassador to the while representing the best of what it means to be internationally social




– He’s writing a sustainable “how to book” on being and he’s doing it 140 letters at a time via  very effectively!

If there is one guy you’ll want to have in your corner as you navigate through  it is  this man knows how to be !

SAN FRANCISCO (Social News Corp.)  “in the truest sense of the word” this man makes it look so easy!  a master of this art!

LICHFIELD (Social England™) There’s a new British  invasion happening in the USA and  is the Headliner

When you meet  via  you quickly learn he carries an olive branch in each hand and can go from  to  in one step

SAN FRANCISCO “Total Social Engagement” is the best way I can describe Sir Chris Windley  featured on

Social England™ a collection of real-time  updates following the people that make the  so Great! 

LONDON (NewZco™) Social England™ A compilation of headlines from the  also featuring Mr. Social 

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