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For the last 8 years or so I have been involved in Digital ( Online ) Business – Strategy, Sales and Marketing.

If you Google something like ” Digital Sales and Marketing Expert in the UK ” you will probably find a couple of references to me. This is because I know how to get FOUND on the Internet – in various places and in various ways. Getting what we term as ” TRAFFIC ” and ” VISITORS ” is key. You can think of this as having a prominent and welcoming shop on the High Street as opposed to having a hard to find, unwelcoming shop in a backstreet.

Getting Found is only the first step but it is a vital step.

I obviously sat down and thought  about what I wanted to be found for aswell. You might not have heard of me or Centripetal  but if you searched for the top Digital Sales and Marketing Person in the UK you probably found me.

You have to do that aswell – you have to work out what you want to be found for and you have to recognise that people might not know you or your company. They might want the products and services that you provide though. So, that’s what you need to be Found for.


I have many interests in this Digital Sales and Marketing area and depending on who you are I would recommend one or other of them to you.

If you are a business that needs to establish a solid Digital Marketing and Sales system the I would recommend that you visit our Centripetal Network Consulting site.  Centripetal is a global Digital Marketing and Sales solutions company and we are absolutely focused  on getting you and your company more Traffic, Visitors, Leads, Orders and Cash.

We developed a system there called the Digital Marketing  Ecosystem ( D.M.E. ). You can find out more about the DME if you click on the video link there. Michael – my U.S. co-founder, will tell you all about it.

If you are an individual ( solopreneur ) looking to learn more about Digital Marketing I can offer you FREE online courses via my CHRIS WINDLEY website or you can go to my Digital Bloggers website HERE . There are FREE Reports and online Digital Marketing Bootcamps that you can join.


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