Silicon Crossroads V.C.T. is #100 of top 1000 Tech. Investors Globally

Posted by Chris on September 30th, 2012

The Silicon Crossroads V.C.T. headed by Chris Windley is now regarded as being in the top 100 of tech investors in the world. The list is here as compiled by Peek Analytics.

” PeekAnalytics is an enterprise-class social audience measurement platform that provides rich consumer insights to marketers allowing them to better identify and qualify social audiences. What Nielsen® did for television and radio audiences and ComScore® did for web traffic audiences – PeekAnalytics does for social audiences.

This list of the top 1000 technology investors on Twitter is ranked by one of PeekAnalytics’s key metrics – what we call the Pull Quotient (PQ) is a good measure of how influential any given Twitter audience is, compared to the average Twitter account – 1x is average, 2x is twice as much as average, and so on. Influence, for the purposes of this calculation, is gauged by how well connected someone’s Twitter followers are not just on Twitter, but across sixty social sites, compared to the average consumer. “

PeekAnalytics: Overview

About PeekAnalytics

PeekAnalytics is an enterprise-class social audience measurement platform that provides rich consumer insights to marketers allowing them to better identify and qualify social audiences, and target content to create highly converting social initiatives. What Nielsen® did for television and radio audiences and ComScore® did for web traffic audiences – PeekAnalytics does for social audiences.

About PeekAnalytics Technology

The platform is powered by a patented search and identity resolution technology that maps an individual’s social digital footprint by standardizing disparate public content from over sixty (60) social sites and blog platforms into a single, streamlined social identity. These robust social identities are aggregated and analyzed to create the PeekAnalytics Social Audience Report.

Social Audience Reports

PeekAnalytics Social Audience Reports will change the way you view “Social Analytics.” You will no longer be limited to simply counting mentions, tweets and followers. Our platform provides demographic and psychographic insights for both your passive and active social audience to provide actionable data-driven insights. Click here to check out some demo reports.

What Social Audiences Can I Measure?

PeekAnalytics currently measures Twitter audiences. Reports can be generated for the following:

  • Followers – audience that follows a specific Twitter account.
  • Following – people a specific account follows
  • Shares – measure the audience mentioning keywords hash-tags and @usernames.
  • Trending topics – measure the audience pushing up a trending topic.
  • URLs – measure the audience sharing content from a specific site or viral YouTube clip.

PeekAnalytics is Perfect For:

PeekAnalytics currently measures Twitter audiences. Reports can be generated for the following:

  • Advertisers/Brands – Incredibly detailed insights including demographics and psychographics of both your active and passive social audience. Drill deep into individual level consumer data with the PeekAnalytics API.
  • Publishers – Arm your sales teams with deep social audience demographics and psychographics by analyzing visitors sharing content from your site. Prove to advertisers how powerful your social audience actually is.
  • Agencies – Use audience analysis to plan, measure and report the social effect of your campaigns for clients. Engage your client’s influencers based on their audience makeup, rather than just an engagement score.
  • Media Buyers – Understand and benchmark online engagement for offline media like TV and Movies. Enhance your digital spend by targeting the social audience responding to your viral content.
  • Research Teams – Why spend hours behind a social media monitoring platforms when you could just simply have the key insights delivered to your inbox.

To learn more about PeekAnalytics email info [at]

PeekAnalytics Solutions

PeekAnalytics – Social Audience Report Dashboard

Let our platform do the heavy lifting: automate and schedule PeekAnalytics Social Audience Reports for your brand, competitors and industry. Stop spending hours analyzing and monitoring.

Social Audience Reports include the following insights:

  • Social Use: Identify social affiliations, activities, and network size.
  • Demographics: Get statistically relevant age and gender breakdowns.
  • Geographic: See city, state, and country level data.
  • Interests: Discover audience affinities within 25 different categories.
  • Career: Uncover in which industries your audience works.
  • Income: Find out your audiences’ purchasing power.
  • Education: Know what type of schools your audience attended.
  • Pull: Measure how well connected a person or brand is on the Internet.

Open API Access

PeekAnalytics – Social Consumer API

Leverage PeekYou’s API search technology to return publicly available information on your social fans and target customers. The API provides insights on; audience type, name, age range, gender, location, interest, career and school related tags, bios, associated public URLs and profiles and PeekYou’s Sociability, Network, and Reach Scores.

PeekAnalytics – Social Analytics API

Have your developers leverage an anonymized version of PeekAnalytics API search technology to return publicly available information on your social fans and target customers. The API provides insights on; audience type, age range, gender, location, interest, career and school related insights, what social sites or activities the uses has and PeekAnalytics Sociability, Network, and Reach Scores.


“PeekAnalytics takes big data and makes it understandable and actionable. Whether it’s comparing Twitter accounts or hashtags, or modeling influence within particular audience segments, PeekYou is hell bent on making Twitter data useful for business.” – Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert, @JayBaer

“I think PeekAnalytics represents one of the most interesting, and potentially most valuable, innovations in social media measurement I’ve yet come across. Their thinking is remarkable and the value they offer to organizations trying to understand how to better connect with their audiences is genuinely important.” – Michael O’Connor Clarke – Vice President, MediaProfile, @michaelocc

“The best social media monitoring tool I’ve tested” – BL Ochman, AdAge, @Whatsnext

“Few companies are as equipped to meaningfully collect and assemble the scattered pieces of our public personas as PeekAnalytics. Not only has PeekYou been in the forefront of squaring the circle of our ever evolving online identities (while doing so in a fair and honest way), but they continue to stay ahead of the curve with Peek Analytics, a soon to be introduced means to chart online audiences that companies and individuals can use to enrich their own data” – Marshall Sponder, @webmetricsGuru

“How do you measure influence? That’s a question on the minds of many communicators. PeekYou Analytics goes beyond badges, gifts and the numbers game to present a detailed examination of your followers, who they are, where they’re from, what they’re interested in and how you influence them. The data is specific, comprehensive and gives you a more complete picture of a user’s network and their ability to engage.” – Martin Waxman, Senior Counselor, Thornley Fallis, @MartinWaxman

“Social analytics: @klout is pecking order, @PeerIndex is stability and@peekyou (PeekAnalytics) is, well, mind-blowing.“– Jay Palter, Social Media Consultant, @JayPalter

“Interesting, just got a report from @PeekAnalytics on my twitter followers, great market data. Very powerful for businesses.” – Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group, @jowyang

“PeekYou Analytic is powerful tool that help discover brands the Social Consumer Insights of their network. – Jure KLEPIC, Social Media Consultant, @jkcallas

“Amazing social audience reports” – Jeremy Goldman, Digital Strategist, @jeremarketer

PeekAnalytics FAQ

Why should I care about my “passive audience”?

PeekAnalytics does not weigh highly what the market tends to call ‘activity’ metrics (tweet count, last tweet, follower vs. following ratio, etc.) in our algorithm. We know spambots can tweet, a lot in fact, and some humans prefer to just listen. Your passive audience may not be active tweeters but they are still visiting your web site, reading your e-mail marketing messages, clicking on your brand’s links and banners, and ultimately giving you their business.

Why do you leave out some of audience?

Our technology requires a certain amount of information to match up someone’s digital footprint. If a user takes steps to be anonymous then there is no data to report back to you. The PeekAnalytics product team determined that it is more beneficial to see a comprehensive view of fully identified consumers, even if it is a smaller group, rather than share inconclusive or unreliable data in the report.

What about Privacy?

PeekAnalytics search technology respects consumer privacy and platform TOS by strictly indexing public web information only. We can only see what Google can see; we just see it a little differently. Traditional search engines calculate the likelihood of any URL being associated with a keyword; PeekAnalytics calculates the likelihood of any URL being associated with an individual.

How is Pull different from Klout or Kred?

Social Pull is not a measure of a single individual’s “influence;” rather, it is an audience-based metric that is a direct reflection of the quality and size of the Twitter audience that has been “pulled” into following an account or mentioning a keyword @name, hashtag, or URL on Twitter. Pull’s “quality” is based on the level of transparency (around identity – explained below), social participation (number of profiles and amount of content produced) and of course the combined reach of the identified audience, as compared to the average social audience. In calculating a Pull score, we value quality above mere quantity and include active and passive audience members. The more transparent, active and connected the social audience, the larger the social Pull. Thus, a score of “10x” means the audience in question has 10 times more reach (and potentially influence) than the average audience.

Why Transparency?

To really get down to the core, consumer audience, we remove the noise, junk, and spam through a patented identity resolution process that looks for over thirty (30) metrics, including name, username, location, additional social profiles, public content such as self-published bios, presence of a profile picture and the social graph of the user. In some cases we do not include a profile simply because there is not enough information to sufficiently ascertain an online identity. This group includes anonymous accounts, fun accounts, and some spam accounts.

Audience vs. Action?

Kred, Twitalyzer, Klout, and the like, focus on engagement like Twitter comments, retweets, @replies and mentions in an effort to score someone’s ability to create “action.” PeekAnalytics has no plan to become a consumer facing play, as we are focused on providing actionable demographic and psychographic data-driven audience insights to marketers. As an example of how we are different, brands like Coca-Cola don’t want to reach “soda influencers;” rather, they want to reach a target audience such as Males interested in Music, Travel and Sport ages 18-25. PeekAnalytics can help them find that audience.

To learn more about PeekAnalytics email info [at]

Don’t join Stuart Ross’s Six Figure Mentors !!!!!

Posted by Chris on September 29th, 2012
Stuart Ross of the Six Figure Mentors says:
I’ve said it before… I’ll say it again:
Not everyone should be an entrepreneur.
There’s a certain mindset you must have in order to succeed in
business (any kind of business).  And people who lack this
mindset are always better off accepting it and staying as far
away from the whacky “roller coaster” ride of
entrepreneurship as possible.
They’re liable to get themselves hurt, otherwise.
Both financially AND emotionally.
And you know what?
This is especially true for people seeking SFM:
( Find out more about SFM >>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<< )
If you’re not really serious about being your own boss,
controlling your income, and building lasting wealth, then
please do not even bother to complete your application.
If you’re more interested in security than freedom, keep your
job. And if you’re someone who wants to be taken care of by
other people (like the government, for example) and not do
any kind of work or productive activity, then don’t even
waste your time (or ours).
The business world is NOT for everyone.
And SFM is definitely not for everyone, either.
In fact, we have even had to turn members away.
This isn’t because we’re snobs or anything.
We just know (after dealing with hundreds of members) what
kind of person is likely to succeed and what kind is likely
to “choke.”
The point?
I DO want to encourage people to take the application.
But only if you think you have the right stuff to succeed.
Education level doesn’t matter…
Your current experience doesn’t matter.
And neither does your age, social status, occupation, background,
or technological skills (I could barely check my email when
starting business).
What matters is your mindset.
Do you truly want to be in business for yourself?
Or are you okay with being someone’s “yes man” forever?
Be honest with yourself about this.
If you think you DO have what it takes, then here’s an
internet marketing training platform that’s so simple.
CLICK >>>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stuart Ross
Who the heck?

Stuart Ross – Six Figure Mentors – my opinion so far ….

Posted by Chris on September 19th, 2012

I came across Stuart Ross of the Six Figure Mentors about a week ago when I randomly clicked on one of his Facebook adverts. ( I hardly ever click on Facebook ads but it looked interesting ). It didn’t take me long to find a video interview that Thomas Power ( co-founder of ) did with Stuart.

As I ” Know, Like and Trust ” Thomas ( & Penny ) Power I quickly signed up for the initial offer here ..

Step #1

Scroll down and you’ll see our secure online payments form to get started…

The application fee is only $19.95 and don’t worry you wont risk a single penny as it’s 100% refundable within 30 days if you decide this is not for you (or if we determine you’re simply not the right person for us) then just let us know and your $19.95 will be refunded immediately.

I am very glad I did !!!

People who follow me will know that I am a massive fan of HubSpot and that I have been promoting what I call the Internet Marketing Ecosystem here for some time. Actually, I am about to launch a WordPress website which describes the Internet Marketing Ecosystem in more detail.

I have been working my way through Stuart Ross’s video course ( which I gained access to when I paid my $20 ) and also Stuart has been emailing me every day ( well, his automated system’s have 😉 with new video’s and information.

I have also had a telephone call ( skype ) with Martyn Hickey, who is one of Stuart’s team. I booked this through the Six Figure Mentor website for last Monday. Frankly it was too early to talk because I was working diligently through the information that I had already got and was getting every day. I simply said the truth – that this was the best $20 I had spent in years !!! I really mean this.

I am going to explain why it was so valuable and useful shortly but before I do let us digress…..

When I first saw HubSpot a couple of years ago it was a revelation to me. I think they have been going for about 3 or 4 years now and HubSpot is the 2nd fastest SaaS company in the U.S. – next to HubSpot’s mantra ” Get FOUND, CONVERT and ANALYSE ” is, as I like to say now ” burned into my brain “.

I have a burning desire to ensure that my clients, friends and the companies I am invested in get the right advice when it comes to Internet Marketing . This has led to me developing the Internet Marketing Ecosystem concept as a relatively simple way of explaining to people what needs to happen. It happens to have components in it that I am highly committed to e.g. WordPress, Twylah and the various social networks that I use like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and Pinterest ( to name a few ).

The main reason we developed the Internet Marketing Ecosystem concept was that HubSpot had proved to be a ” bridge too far ” for many of my clients in terms of cost and skills and resources required. As I have said elsewhere in this blogsite HubSpot themselves appear to have realised that they are not quite suited to the small and medium sized business and certainly not to the ” solopreneur “.

Stuart Ross has designed the Six Figure Mentors around individuals:

Discover the unfair advantage of the world’s smartest home business entrepreneurs…

The SFM provides a state-of-the-art comprehensive direct marketing solution complete with the tools, training, coaching and community required to launch and grow a successful business.

but the principals certainly apply to any size of business – it’s just that Stuart has chosen to start with individuals whilst HubSpot is now more appropriate to Medium and Large sized businesses.

HubSpot and the Six Figure Mentors have very similar ( if not identical ) objectives though – to get leads, prospects and customers ( orders and cash ).

For me this was really exciting – just as a concept.

However, when you start looking at the information that you can access with a $20 payment and which comes by email from Stuart every day from the time that you sign up, you can tell that everything you need is going to be here.

For me little things and big things confirmed and reaffirmed what I was thinking. There are too many to relate really but for example: He concentrates on the strategy and outsources the detail; he thinks in terms of what motivates people to buy and how to encourage them to do so; he passionately believes in Internet Marketing; he believes in trial and error but learning quickly; some people might not believe in Facebook but he DOES !! ; He has WordPress at the core of his marketing systems.

Mostly, what is important is this. His system is proven to produce millions of Pounds, Dollars or whatever in actual sales. I am going to say right away that the Internet Marketing System has not ( yet ) produced the same thing.

Hence, I highly recommend that you go to

and invest $20 – yes just $20 !! – because I think you will agree with me that it is the best $20 you have spent for ages if not EVER !!!

If you want to find out more about Stuart you can go to his personal website here.

Stuart Ross.

I will keep you updated as to my findings with the Six Figure Mentors on a regular basis.

Peter MacLean drags MBI Coakley Limited into Fox IT Holdings 365iT plc scam

Posted by Chris on September 19th, 2012

Peter MacLean, some time Chairman of Fox IT Holdings Limited, until recently parent company of Fox IT Limited and previously 365iT plc – has now dragged Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, MBI Coakley Limited, into the great 365iT plc scam ( although they seem unaware of the chequered history of MacLean and 365iT plc ). MacLean’s long time mates at Moore Blatch solicitors in Southampton sent out a letter to shareholders on the 3 July 2012 saying that there would be a General Meeting of the shareholders on the 2nd August 2012 at which a proposal to wind up the company voluntarily would be put to the members i.e. shareholders .
( This means that MacLean would basically put his proposals to himself, Pieter Hooft  of LMS Capital and Derek King of South East Venture Growth Fund – as they were the majority shareholders before and after the sale of 365iT’s companies to themselves ).

So, a company ( Fox IT Holdings Limited ) which sometime earlier had sold nearly all of  it’s assets ( companies like e.g. 5i Limited )  to another company ( LMS Capital – where Pieter Hooft is M.D. UK Investments – he is listed as a Director of  365iT plc ) and the holding company of which MacLean was also a Chairman ( 365 it services Limited ) and a shareholder,  was now being put into Members Voluntary Liquidation despite the fact MacLean himself had been paid £millions out of it only recently, it had no creditors ( because they had all been paid off  when LMS Capital bought the companies ) and the Directors of Fox IT Limited had just done an M.B.O. of Fox I.T. Limited from Fox I.T. Holdings Limited( See Press Release below ).

In fact it turns out that ( according to Fox IT Limited ) the date of the Members Voluntary Liquidation was delayed firstly to allow the M.B.O. of Fox I.T. Limited to take place and secondly ( according to MBI Coakley ) to enable the preferential shareholders to do some fine tuning to the arrangements so that they could get nearly all of the money available in the company’s accounts leaving virtually nothing for the Ordinary shareholders.

The preferential shareholders are not listed but we can take an educated guess that they include LMS Capital, Peter MacLean and South East Growth Venture Fund. Yes folks, Peter MacLean gets even more money !!

Let’s summarise shall we ???? Most of the company’s that were in 365iT plc ( was Impera plc ) and became Fox IT Holdings Limited are now in 365 IT Services Limited which is a company owned by LMS Ventures ( Where Pieter Hooft is on the Board ) AND Peter MacLean ( who is Chairman of 365IT Services Limited ). It is run by Peter Howells, former M.D. of 5i Limited.

So basically, MacLean and LMS Capital sold these companies to themselves. ( Not sure if Derek King and South East Growth Fund is involved in LMS Capital or 365 IT Services Limited )

MBI Coakley have been presented with a nice neat set of accounts which show that everyone has been looked after except the Ordinary shareholders in Impera plc ( as was ) / 365iT plc /Fox I.T. Holdings Limited. There is virtually nothing left for them.

The terms of the arrangement to sell 365iT plc’s companies to themselves remain a mystery.

The people that got paid out when LMS Capital bought these companies remain a secret.

The terms of the sale of Fox IT Limited to it’s Directors are also a mystery.

I have been inundated with Ordinary shareholders calling me. Some of whom have been working with or for Peter MacLean since the early days. None of them have a good word to say about him.

The investigations continue.

Fox IT Limited MBO Press Release

Fox IT: Management Buy-Out

Fox IT Limited, the leading independent UK based IT Service Management specialists, has

been the subject of a full and exclusive management buyout with effect from 24th August,

2012. The current management team of Andrew Gray (Finance Director), Mike Darkens

(Consulting Director) and Ashley Bassett (Sales Director) have purchased in full the shares

from the parent company, Fox IT Holdings Limited (formerly 365iT Plc.) and will form the

new board and operational directorship of the business. The acquisition retains all current

operational and delivery UK based staff as well as its global partner network covering 25

countries and 125 accredited Service Management consultants.

Since 1981, Fox IT, formerly Ultracomp, has assisted over 500 organisations and 200000

individuals on their journey to transform IT Services in order to deliver greater business

value through accredited training reinforced with assessment and implementation tools and

services. This management buyout facilitates a strengthening of Fox IT’s core business

focus and portfolio in supporting organisations through all phases of their continual service

improvement journey.

Ashley Bassett commented “I believe this is great news for our Clients, employees and the

ITSM Industry. We’re genuinely excited and confident that the buyout provides the

opportunity for Fox IT to continue being the partner of choice for Service Improvement and

transformation programs. Since its involvement in the inception of ITIL® and ISO/IEC

20000, Fox IT has continually been at the forefront in establishing, the advancement and the

practical application of Service Management best practice through thought leadership,

content provision and service delivery. Whilst continuing to support organisations with their

core training needs a key focus and challenge for the new Board of Directors is to provide

our Clients with practical education, guidance and tools to accelerate the translation of their

significant training investment into tangible business benefits.

The Fox IT brand has already seen a shift from being purely a world leading ITSM training

company to one of supporting our Clients’ service improvement programs providing

consulting and resourcing services, process development tools, bespoke training offerings

and strategic mentoring and guidance for maintaining service quality. Therefore, Fox IT is

well positioned to meet this change in demand. Part of our new mission is to raise the

profile of ITSM to meet and deliver business objectives”

Mike Darkens added “The success of the business is based on the core attributes of our

people, their experience and energy. This has led to the positive results we have delivered

consistently to our clients and through adding to our strong relationships, we can continue

the current trend of business growth.”

ITIL ® is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office – Members Voluntary Liquidation Details.

Recommended Oil Boiler Installation and Service Engineer Lichfield & Tamworth

Posted by Chris on September 13th, 2012

If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable Oil Boiler Installation and Servicing Engineer in the Lichfield and Tamworth area of Staffordshire then I highly recommend Wayne Watkins of:

Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd

For Oil Boiler Servicing and Repairs

Established in 2008, Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd is owned by qualified and experienced OFTEC Engineer, Wayne Watkins.

A reputable company that services and repairs all makes of oil boilers, Wayne Watkins works in homes throughout Lichfield and surrounding areas.

If you have an oil-fired boiler that requires professional servicing or repair, call Wayne Watkins today for a FREE no obligation quotation!

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What They Do

Did you know that having your oil boiler serviced annually will not only reduce the risk of a breakdown but it can also save you money on your fuel bill?

Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd provides a full range of services and no project is too big or too small.

Servicing and repairing many makes of boilers including Aga, Alpha, Efel, Esse, Rayburn, Sandyford and Stanley, their full range of services includes:

  • Oil boiler servicing;
  • Breakdowns & Repairs;
  • Fault Finding;
  • Oil Boiler Installations using A rated condensing boilers;
  • Oil tank installation
  • Rented property checks on boilers
  • Annual boiler servicing;
  • Oil tank sensor installation;
  • Oil storage tank – spillage and risk assessments (domestic & commercial sites).

For an honest and reliable service, call now!

01543 401188

Why Choose Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd for oil boiler repairs and servicing including:

  • They offer a 24 Hour call out;
  • A commissioning service is available;
  • The service is honest, reliable and professional;
  • They turn up when they say they will;
  • No job is too big or too small.

Book your annual service by calling Wayne Watkins Oil Boiler Servicing Ltd today!  Mobile: 07832 225036.

Pinned Image

HubSpot is brilliant but you can’t afford it

Posted by Chris on September 13th, 2012

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing system is amazing. Started by ex-Venture Capitalist Brian Halligan and web architect and blogger Dharmesh Shah who basically saw that startups and growth companies needed a new way of marketing, HubSpot is a truly revolutionary concept ( Inbound Marketing ) and system.

As a business angel and sales, marketing and business strategy specialist with startups and growth companies I have recommended HubSpot to a number of my clients. Some have installed HubSpot and I have been privileged to be involved in the installation and operation of the system. One has changed from HubSpot to WordPress. This was a change that I resisted as I was sure that HubSpot style Internet Marketing was the future and would, eventually, lead to great results for my client  but as I debated the pros and cons of HubSpot and WordPress with my client I could see that it just was not going to work for them. It was too expensive and required skills that they and I did not have. Neither did they have the skills required in their partners.

In fact it turned out that HubSpot was moving upmarket -away from S.M.B.’s and towards larger companies and enterprises. I don’t think that it is any mistake that HubSpot’s pricing page’s – – highlight a professional package that’s going to cost $600 per month plus, potentially, $1000’s in setup and consulting fees. You would probably be looking at $20,000 per annum as a typical spend. I think HubSpot are being very fair in highlighting that on top of the licensing fee there are other costs aswell. If you don’t have certain skills in house e.g. Landing Page and Call to Action design skills and analytical skills then you will need to find a partner for this and pay them aswell.

Despite all this I am STILL going to recommend that you look at HubSpot and understand what it offers and can achieve before making any decision not to use it. You HAVE to understand what the HubSpot system is trying to achieve ( Visitors, prospects and customers ! ) and you have to understand most of the ways that it achieves this. The HubSpot mantra ” Get Found, Convert and Analyse ” should be burned into your brain in the same way that it is burned into mine.

You must understand that a website is virtually useless if it is not FOUND, if it does not CONVERT visitors into prospects and customers and if you cannot ANALYSE how you managed to get FOUND and CONVERT  visitors to customers.

I can tell you that it is very exciting watching the traffic building to your website which results from the creation of great content and the distribution of that content through social networks.

It is also fantastic to watch how many visitors converted to leads and how many of those converted to orders.

Unfortunately when you are spending around £250 a month ( as my client was doing ) you are not getting the Professional package and you do not get much support so if you can’t do a number of things in house then you are never actually going to achieve the results that you need which means that you will never actually pay for the cost of HubSpot.

This is why I have spent months and months developing the WordPress based Internet Marketing Ecosystem which I believe is more suited to the average SMB and even large business. Of course in the last year or so HubSpot has developed the HubSpot plugin for WordPress and also Dharmesh has emphasized the importance of the WordPress world by investing in WPEngine ( the WordPress focussed Hosting company ).

STOP PRESS !!! January 2013 – The Internet Marketing Ecosystem ( mentioned below ) has now been incorporated into Centripetal Network Consultings’ Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Watch this video >>>> HERE <<<< to see how a system that provides all of the functionality of a HubSpot system at a much lower cost has evolved over the last couple of years.

BeachCherry helps pianist Van-Anh crowdfund with WordPress website

Posted by Chris on September 8th, 2012

The simple story is that Costa Rica Headquartered BeachCherry Corporation wrote a WordPress website for Australia based pianist and producer Van-Anh Nguyen. This might have been news some time ago when it was unusual for a company thousands of miles away to produce your website but these days it is accepted that it does not matter where you are based relative to your client – what matters is the service and support that you provide. It happens that BeachCherry also has offices in India and Europe but not, currently, Australia.

Van-Anh needed this website quickly and it had to meet an important deadline. That deadline being the launch of her ” crowdfunding project ” on Australian and U.K. Crowdfunding site

Crowdfunding ( raising finance online from people who donate or invest )  has become a disruptive force in the world and one that has emerged from the global recession to take the place of banks and to some extent Angel and Venture Capital investment. It is certainly disruptive for the music industry. No longer do artists have to chase managers and record labels ( who previously would have provided the capital to produce and market a new cd ) now they just need to raise money on one of the many crowdfunding platforms that exist around the world. ( Crowdfunding mainly emerged in the U.S.A. but has quickly spread to the U.K. and Australia ).

Here’s Van-Anh’s Budget :


I’d like to raise $4,000 for this project which will be split up into:
$1000: Recording studio time
$1000: Mastering of the 10 tracks
$2000: artwork and pressing of 1500 CDs
Of course if we are able to hit more than the goal, the money will go into the launch events (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast).
In fact she raised over A$5000 and this allowed additional promotion:
Thank you to everyone who has pledged and donated so far! I love you and thank you for your incredible support. I’ve set my MINIMUM goal of $4000 as to enable me to hit my target. Of course, pledges are still accepted after that and if I hit $5000-$6000, it which will assist me in:
1. Producing 50 limited edition 1st single CDs of the ‘Libertango’.
2. employing a lighting designer for my launch show to create a reflection of colors, projections and video mapping for an experience you will not have had with a piano concert.
3. Add Adelaide to my official launch tour (and open to suggestions for any other cities)

How did she promote this project ???

Of course she used social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter aswell as her WordPress based website and the site.

No doubt friends and family were amongst the people that helped Van-Anh to get to her goal of A$4000  but there were also many people who did not know of Van-Anh directly. What do they get for their ” donations ” ??? Well everything ranging from posters to cd’s and concert tickets but for A$ 1000 you could have got:

* a 45 minute concert of myself as well as 2 string players and a DJ (just provide me with a great piano and I’ll have the DJ and string players sourced from within the city you are in).

but nobody took her up on this offer !!!!!! ( FOOLS 😉

Many of the people were happy to be known and others donated anonymously.

Best wishes to Van-Anh !!


BeachCherry Corporation is offering WordPress web and/or blogsites starting from $250 with a variety of themes available. Included within the pricing is guidance on how to get your website found on Google and other search engines for your products and services. Telephone: +1
(202 )
436-9487 2)and ask for Vick or email to discuss your particular requirements.

Silicon Crossroads Technopolis

Posted by Chris on September 8th, 2012

The Silicon Crossroads Technopolis is a private High Tech. facility that supports Silicon Crossroads VCT investee companies globally. It also supports companies advised by M & A Rainmaker and the Silicon Crossroads VCT.

The Technopolis is currently supporting companies in ( for example ) London, San Francisco, Israel, New York, Costa Rica and India. the list is continually changing and evolving so this is just a sample of cities and countries supported.

The Silicon Crossroads VCT does not invest in all the companies it supports, it may simply provide advice and guidance. It is particularly interested in assisting startup and growth companies who want to expand from the U.K. to, for example, the U.S.A. and vice versa and also from other countries around the world into the U.K. and Europe. It is one of very few companies in the U.K. to provide these sort of services.

Lichfield Cathedral at night across Stowe Pool.

Managing Partner, Chris Windley, has established global networks via social media networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook and Chris is regarded as one of the most influential people in the world by Internet Influence measurement companies like Klout, Kred and Peer Index. These companies operate mainly from e.g. London, New York and San Francisco. Since his days at Optical Fibre Network company Fibernet, Chris noted that U.S. companies tended to lead the European market by between 6 and 18 months and therefore it is vital to maintain contacts with High Tech. industry leaders there; especially the West Coast ( Silicon Valley etc. ) which remains the frontrunner when it comes to angel and venture capital support.

It is no surprise that some of the most important High Tech. companies in the world have emerged from the Silicon Valley/San Francisco area.

Chris maintains contact with Angels, Venture Capitalists and Founders via Internet networks like Linkedin, Google + and AngelList.

Support The African Child

Posted by Chris on September 6th, 2012
Please Note: This is a temporary page until  a full website is launched – which will be shortly.

Support the African child is so much blessed to have you visit our
site and indeed even as you navigate through our pages, we pray that
may the Lord touch your heart and use to have a difference brought by
you towards the life of the many disadvantaged children and
impoverished children, vulnerable children and widows facing welfare
At Support the African child, children are the major reason and focus
we exist and therefore our main objective is to serve them in the form of
humanity like the provision of food, shelter and so many more as you shall
read in our pages
Support the African child is a community based organization which was
founded in August 2011 by Aida Kagoya. Aida Kagoya is a 21 year old
lady pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management science at Kyambogo
University on government sponsorship. Aida was raised by a single
mother and six of her siblings in Wairaka village in Jinja district
after she lost her dad at the age of nine in primary four. She was
enrolled in an organization that paid her fees from primary six until
senior six where she excelled highly and qualified for government
scholarship. Aida is facilitated with a sum of sh.800000 per semester
at the university as a privilege for government sponsored students
which she is using to help six disadvantaged children to achieve their
dreams. I have the children enrolled in affordable schools, two in
senior 3, two in primary 4 and one in primary two and primary one. I
provide food, clothing and accommodate the children in my late
father’s second home in Mafubira, Jinja Uganda. I was inspired by my
past status as an orphan to start up this organization so that I can
help children who are just like I was. I rely on the university
government allowance and little funds from my friend as the only
support. I have 2 more years of university education and the support
shall be stopped as soon as I am out of university. With support from
helpers and anyone willing to donate for the well-being of the African
child, I hope to set up a spacious children’s home and school for the
disadvantaged children.
Though started as a community based organization, STAC soon shall be
upgraded to a nongovernmental organization to better handle the
anticipated future characterized by abject poverty and the unending
spread of poverty and HIV/AIDS. STAC is a fully independent registered
CBO with headquarters in Mafubira zone ‘A’ and 3 kilometers from Jinja
town along Kamuli road, and 80 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s
capital city.
Ecc 11:1 tells us to do good wherever we go and after a while the
good we do shall come back to us.
May the God Lord enable you to go through all our pages
2.    ABOUT US

Support the African child (STAC) is a registered non- profit
indigenous community based charitable organization registered under
charity registration number 1808. The organization was started in 2011
by Aida Kagoya who was later joined by other members of the community
to respond to issues facing disadvantaged children including but not
limited to orphans, HIV/AIDS orphans and widows facing welfare
problems in Uganda so that care and support is given to them.
The plight of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda inspired the
formation of Support the African Child. Issues of poverty, health such
as HIV/AIDS and malaria, malnutrition, neglect, abuse and
exploitation, poor education and illiteracy, conflict in families,
water, sanitation, and housing that have ravaged our country were at
the forefront in the formation of this organization. We work with
children so they have a voice and are involved in the
deinstitutionalization process. We raise awareness, in the UK, in the U.S.A.
and across the globe, so that, one day, children won’t be locked away,
so they can enjoy their childhood.
To uphold the sanctity of human life and endeavoring to meet the
physical, spiritual and emotional needs to the disadvantaged children,
including but not limited to orphans, HIV/AIDS orphans and widows
facing welfare problems.
To ensure the well-being of disadvantaged children through the provision
of education, accommodation and upholding the status of widows facing
welfare problems
STAC works in;
•    Assessing welfare needs for disadvantaged children including but not
limited to orphans, HIV/AIDs orphans and vulnerable children whose
families are affected by AIDs.
•    Providing formal education for disadvantaged children including but
not limited to orphans, HIV/AIDs orphans and vulnerable children whose
families are affected by AIDs
•    Providing accommodation to disadvantaged children including but not
limited to orphans, HIV/AIDs orphans and vulnerable children whose
families are affected by AIDs
•    Providing spiritual care and support

STAC does not discriminate in regard to religious or tribal background
in its mission to serve disadvantaged children including but not
limited to orphans and vulnerable children, and our community members
living with AIDS.
•    Providing formal education to disadvantaged children including but
not limited to orphans, HIV/AIDS orphans, and vulnerable children
whose families are affected by AIDS
•    Assessing child welfare needs for disadvantaged children including
but not limited to orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children and
coordinating resources for their care
•    Providing psychosocial care to widows and children and spiritual
care and support
•    To set up projects intended to enhance the cultural educational and
economic development of all children without any form of
discrimination based on religion, tribe, sex, region etc.
•    To carry out intensive advocacy campaigns to enhance the rights and
equal opportunities of all the children in the country.
Our Core Values
In order to realize our mission, vision and objectives, support the
African child believes that certain values and principles must be
upheld. These include;
•    Transparency and accountability
•    People centered organization
•    Creative, innovative and learning organization
•    Efficiency and sustainability of interventions
What we believe in;
•    We believe that children should be raised in a safe and caring environment.
•    We believe that poverty, disability or tribal background should
never be a reason to lock a child away.
•    We are dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children
by facilitating the end of institutional care for good.
Board Members
Kibumba Augustine – Board chairperson
Wakasadha Fred –    Vice chairperson
Kagoya Aida – Executive director and also board treasurer
Kulyani Ronald – Managing director
Kagoya Rachael – organization coordinator
Nampiina Lydia – Board general secretary
Ataliba Eron – Administrator
Muwereza Percy – Community representative
Executive Committee and Staff
Kagoya Aida – Executive director and also board treasurer
Kulyani Ronald – Managing director
Kagoya Rachael – organization coordinator
Kibumba Augustine – Board chairperson and Human resource manager
Nampiina Lydia – Board general secretary
Ataliba Eron – Administrator


There are opportunities in all aspects of STAC’s operations for anyone
with a heart to reach out and serve disadvantaged children and widows
facing welfare problems in Uganda to find exciting projects to bring
God’s love to these deserving people.

Construction workers, Doctors, pastors, administrators, managers,
evangelist s etc. your time and skills will be put to great use! Some
specific areas of need are listed below but STAC is open to whatever
your interests as you desire to support the children of Uganda.

Support the African child Children’s Home

We intend to construct a big and spacious children’s home, big enough
to accommodate the increasing number of disadvantaged children. The
children are currently accommodated in a 3 bed roomed house making it
hard to extend great and voluntary services to the needy, who are
impoverished and those who have lost their parents to AIDS. Groups or
individuals with engineering, plumbing, construction, carpentry, or
electrical skills are needed to make this dream come true.

An integrated school

We need to set up a school for the children where they can acquire
free education and free scholastic materials. The school shall provide
subsidized education facilities to the community where fees got from
the local community can be used to pay for the teacher’s salaries and
other basics needed at school.
Basic school supplies are always needed and are appreciated.

A community hospital

We need to set up a hospital for the community where the disadvantaged
children and other people in the community will get medication at a
subsidized amount. The little money paid will be used to cater for
medical requirements and to pay the hospital staff.

You Can Pray

Would you join us, first and foremost, in praying for a solution to
the crisis? We have real confidence when we approach the Father in
Christ’s name, knowing that He is able to do immeasurably more than
all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within
us (Ephesians 3:20, NIV).

Please pray:
•    That the organization would respond with the compassion of Jesus
Christ to all those in need including but not limited to orphans,
HIV/AIDS orphans and widows facing welfare problems
•    That God would use the related projects of Support the African child
to give eternal hope to those who are hopeless.
•    For Support the African child Volunteers around the world who are
giving their hearts and their lives to care for people affected by
HIV/AIDS Orphans & Vulnerable Children
HIV/AIDS provides an opportunity for the community to share the love
of Christ with those who are suffering from the disease. Your gifts
will support programs that provide care to people with AIDS and their
families, including home-based care and hospice programs. A $30 gift
per month can provide the resources, including food, medication, or
hygiene items, to care for one family with home-based assistance.
HIV/AIDS Medical Programs
With about 42 million men, women, and children infected with HIV/AIDS,
the medical needs facing mission hospitals and other medical
facilities are enormous. Your gifts will assist programs that provide
medical care, including medications and counseling to prevent
mother-to-child transmission, for those infected with HIV. A gift of
$15 can supply medication and post-natal counseling to prevent one
HIV-infected mother from passing the virus on to her child.


There are many ways that you can support the needs of children
affected by HIV/AIDS and disadvantaged children in Uganda
•    Raise awareness in your community – Give a presentation to your
child’s class or school, a civic group, or your faith-based community.
Contact us for outreach materials.
•    Volunteer – Show your support for Support the African child or
another organization working to address the pandemic by giving your
time, talents, or expertise. If you are interested in volunteering at
STAC, please contact our office for more information.
•    Host a house party – Invite your friends and family to your home and
educate them about the challenges of disadvantaged children and
HIV/AIDS vulnerable children in Africa.


Community Placement of Orphaned Children
As we identify children that have lost their parents, we trace the
next of kin to try and place them there, so as to keep that unique
semblance of familial attachment going. In the absence of relatives,
we try to absorb them into our children’s home and then place them
there and treat these orphans as though they are our own children, by
providing them with whatever their families would: food, shelter,
medical care, education, clothing, but above all, love without
peripheral qualifications.
Support the African child Children’s Home
In the absence of a suitable home for orphaned and vulnerable
children, STAC provides a home to care for them as they can meet that
need. Children’s needs are complex and require physical, social,
developmental, and spiritual care to raise them with a sense of self
confidence and self-worth. Support the African child Children’s Home
currently serves six children but with hope of expanding and
accommodate more.
Widows Economic Empowerment Projects
It is women who assume much of the responsibility for orphaned
children ultimately. The income generating capacity of these
households is profoundly constrained by numerous dependent children;
lack of opportunity to accumulate productive resources like cattle,
goats, and farming implements; and difficulty in gaining access to
credit. They are further constrained by limited education and training
which limits their employability.  STAC has countered this trend by
organizing widows in groups, and then offering them training in
different skill sets such as tailoring, crafts, agriculture and
farming. The women work on skills of their own choice and demonstrable
ability for sustainability. STAC raises support for sewing machines
for groups of two widows, supplies for crafts, and livestock.

Support Care Groups
Our activities include widows groups and households affected by
HIV/AIDS. We have 40 active grass root inter-denominational community
based groups, called Support Care Groups (SCG’s). Each of these groups
has a leader, treasurer and secretary.

Community Based Health Education
Throughout Africa, thousands of community-based organizations are
addressing the needs of disadvantaged children and families made
vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. These organizations are strengthening the
traditional safety net of the extended family through a range of vital
programs and services. Often operating with minimal funding and with a
great deal of volunteer support, community based Social Care Groups
are the front line response to the needs of disadvantaged children and
vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS. Very few funds are reaching
this grassroots level.
We walk down to the people, deep in the remotest of villages, and
teach the basics; what HIV/AIDS is, what it is not, ways and means of
protection from infection, and how to treat and care for the victims
without discrimination. In vicinities where there is electricity we
show videos about HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and other sexually transmitted
diseases. At times, when we deem it practicable, we mobilize a parish,
using the local political leadership of the area, in concert with
STAC’s own registered community based volunteers as a mass approach.
We also use the home-to-home approach where we reach out to those who
cannot make it to the collecting centers for one reason or the other.
This is where we also reach out to the chronically ill, assess the
vulnerability rate of the children and take appropriate corrective
measures, commensurate with our capacity.
Education for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
Education is such a vital ingredient of a country’s development, as it
is known to furnish the tools with which children and young people
carve out their lives, and is a lifelong source of comfort, renewal
and strength.
While Uganda currently has a free primary education system, many
barriers stand in the way of children accessing a school, which has
greatly  increased the overall dropout rate. The implicit costs of
building fees, feeding, uniforms, books and pens and other scholastic
materials are alone financially impossible for many families to
provide. Added are the complications of AIDS and other health
epidemics as children are required to stay home to care for their
terminally ill relatives. Household resource bases experience
shrinkage, as medical care, funeral costs, loss of work, and the like
take their toll.
We at STAC realized that it was our duty to plug this gap in helping
non-school going children access formal education through the
provision of the stringent scholastic requirements necessary. To ease
the burden of looking for the requisite materials necessary for
schooling, we are planning on building a primary school.

Beyond Primary School
As a child progresses beyond primary school STAC pays school fees at
the middle and high school level in public school as our international
partners and community members provide support.


“Your sponsorship will make a difference in the life of a child”

Going beyond the concept of mere donations, sponsorships with Support
the African child offers you an opportunity to build a true
relationship with the organization and the sponsored child as well as
various stakeholders of the project through a proven system of
correspondences and exchanges.

“Educating a Child” sponsorship:

Millions of children in Africa live in absolute poverty and are out of
school. Education is one of the most efficient solutions in trying to
end the cycle of poverty. Through this sponsorship module, your
contribution will give a child an education! It also allows you to
build a personalized relationship with your sponsored child. You will
receive your sponsored children’s photographs and they write to you 3
times a year to tell you about themselves and their lives.

With a contribution of 87$/term, a primary school child is guaranteed
an education (school fees, books, pens and pencils, geometry set and
uniform). There are three terms in a year and you can choose to pay
the whole year at once or three times a year.

Communication and reliability

You’ll be given the opportunity to personally connect with your
sponsored child — building a relationship that could change both your
lives. Immediately, after you have made your donation, we will send
you an email confirming that we have received your donation. Shortly
after, we will send you a welcome-letter and at the end of each school
term we will send you school reports and a letter from your sponsored

In the welcome-letter, our project coordinator and her team will help
you understand the specific context; they will inform you about the
Uganda, its culture and tell you about the various developments that
are taking place. You will receive your first letter immediately after
your sponsored child has started school and a letter at the end of
each school term. You can also send letters to your sponsored child
through our organization. As an organization we believe in fostering
communication and regular exchanges between sponsors and stakeholders;
we strongly feel that your letters as sponsors encourage communities
and local authorities in their developmental efforts. And yes, your
letters to children nurture them and offer them moral support as they
reflect your interest and concern for their education and their life
in general.

Get started
1.    For becoming a sponsor, please fill in an online registration form
or contact our sponsorship desk in our office. To register online,
Please click here

First Name:
Other Names:
Date of Birth:
Marital Status:

Mobile Contact:            Office contact:
Postal Address:             Zip Code:
E-mail address:             Street:
State:                           Country:
Gender:                     Male
Preferred School:     Day School
Boarding School
No of Children:            Payment Preference:

How did you hear about us?

Add details below (e.g. the name of the child you would like to sponsor):

Contact: +256 782879412, +256 776879412 or +256 775165991

2.    Have a look at the profiles of children who are in need of
sponsorship and click on the profile of a child you would like to
sponsor. Click here

3.    Pay through PayPal on our website.

4.    Wait a couple of business days and receive an email confirming we
have received your donation.

Please, see Frequently Asked Questions on this link click here for
more details concerning sponsorship.

Frequently Asked Questions
+ Qn: Who are you and what exactly do you do?
Support the African child-STAC is a non-profit CBO that is dedicated
to finding and providing opportunities and hope for disadvantaged
children who are victims of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and other natural
+ Qn: Do you sponsor Children?
Yes we do. STAC has “Educating a Child” Sponsorship program through
which we are striving to restore the dignity stripped from these
innocent children that are suffering through poverty and the orphaned.
By supporting these children, we can offer them a foundation of a
bright future.

+ Qn: How does, “Educating a Child” sponsorship help children?
Millions of children in Africa live in absolute poverty. Education is
one of the most efficient solutions in trying to end the cycle of
poverty. According to UNICEF, educating children helps reduce poverty,
promote gender equality and lower child mortality rates. At school,
children stay in a safe environment, with support, supervision and
socialization. They learn important life skills that can help them
prevent diseases, such as how to avoid HIV/AIDS.
In addition, they may receive life-saving vaccines, fresh water and
nutrient supplementation at school. Moreover, educated girls are more
likely to marry later and have fewer children, who in turn will be
more likely to survive and be better nourished and educated. Educated
girls are more productive at home and better paid in the workplace,
and more able to participate in social, economic and political
decision-making and thus make a difference in their societies.

+ Qn: Why should I sponsor with Support the African child?
Support the African child has continued to be recognized for their
fiscal accountability and programmatic responsibility. Support the
African child has consistently earned a good rating from Charity
Navigator, an independent rating service, as one of the efficient and
effective international humanitarian organizations. Our “Educating a
Child” sponsorship program is transparent and reliable. You will
receive receipts of school fees and other purchases that are made with
your donation. You will also be able to build a personal relationship
with your sponsored child by exchanging letters.

+ Qn: How does sponsoring through Support the African child work?
Support the African child works with impoverished communities in
Uganda. We work with disadvantaged groups in Jinja district in eastern
Uganda. We have formed women’s groups in the communities and know the
members and their children personally. The children to whom we are
looking for sponsors are selected in cooperation with the women
themselves, allowing them to strengthen their sense of community and
empowerment. We make sure that the child you have chosen to sponsor
receives the support in the most efficient way.
When you have made your donation, our team pays the child’s school
fees, purchases the necessary items and enrolls the child to school.
We create a folder for your sponsored child, save the receipts (and
the possible balance remaining from the purchases). To add to our
reliability, we will send you copies of the receipts of school fees
and other purchases alongside with a welcome-letter. This will enable
you to track how your donation is spent.

+ Qn: How much does sponsorship cost?
For only $87/term you can become a sponsor and help change the lives
of children in need around the world.
+ Qn: How will my donation be spent?
Donation of 87$ / term covers the following:
•    School fee 30$
•    Books 5$
•    Shoes 12$
•    Pens 2$
•    Pencils 2$
•    Uniform 12$
•    Lunch 8$
•    School bag 8$
•    Administrative charges 10% (letters, photocopies, printing, bank charges) 8$
Total: 87$

+ Qn: How do I pay my donation? Can I get a receipt from my donation?

You can pay online through PayPal. Just click on the PayPal link on
our website and enter your credit card details. The money will reach
us in a couple of business days. We will then confirm by email that we
have received your donation. Shortly after, we will send you receipts
by post. This may take several weeks depending on where you are

+ Qn: How long will my sponsorship last?

That’s entirely upon you. Sponsorship is voluntary and ongoing
contribution. Many of our sponsors have supported all through and we
certainly hope that our relationship with you will be long-term too.

+ Qn: Can I give a gift sponsorship?
Yes! You are free to share the gift of sponsorship with a loved one’s
or colleagues

+ Qn: Who can I contact if I have questions about my sponsorship?
You may email us at, or contact an associate at +256 782879412, +256
776879412 or  +256 775165991

6.    DONATE
Donate and Change a Child’s life
Working with disadvantaged and vulnerable children is a concerted effort.
It needs a lot of hands to be put together, and a lot of ideas.
The orphan problem does not only belong to people with orphans.
It is everybody’s problem
We invite you to join us in addressing this funding gap, and to become
part of our growing network of supporters!
•    Donate by cash, check, or credit card – Support the African child
accepts cash and checks made payable to the Support the African child.
•    Honor friends and family – Make a donation to Support the African
child in honor of someone’s birthday, as a holiday gift, or to
highlight other celebrations. Support the African child will advise
the honoree of your gift.
•    Request a company match – Many companies have a corporate giving
program that will match your donation. Check with your employer
Make a Cash Donation
You can donate by cheque or bank draft. For money donations, please
make it payable to


For more information; Contact us directly by Telephone or below
TELEPHONE: +256782879412, or +256776879412

Make In-kind donations:

Due to the growing number of children in our programs, we welcome
in-kind donations. This can include anything from books, children’s
toys, videos, game kits; computers, clothing, shoes, and any gifts to
children are very welcome.

Make an Online Donation:
To donate online please fill the form below:
And pay with your debit or credit card

Contact Us
BY MAIL – Please address all gifts and donations to:

P. O. BOX 1232 JINJA

Make checks payable to “Support the African child- Uganda”

For inquiries, please contact us as noted below.

BY BANK WIRE – Please address all gifts to:

Support the African child

Please fill the form below
First name                                  Other name
State/country                            District
Gender: Male                              Date of birth
Physical address
Please put your inquiries/comments below


Internet Marketing Ecosystem – Update, Clarification and Future

Posted by Chris on September 3rd, 2012

The Internet Marketing Ecosystem ( I.M.E. ) has been producing some great results recently even when only partially implemented. You can find previous blogs on the I.M.E by searching on that term here. ( Use search box ). The I.M.E. is a strategy and a process rather than being absolutely rigid about the specific brand of product used. e.g. I recommend the use of WordPress for websites and blogs but websites and blogs based on other technologies and brands may also work using the strategy and process.

It should also be noted that if a website is already in place ( of whatever technology or whoever it is supplied by ) I.M.E. recommended products can be added and the strategy and process employed.

To summarise the recommended components ( products, brands etc ) are:

– A WordPress based website.

– A WordPress based blog.

– A Twylah page.

– Various Social Network pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin , Pinterest, digg etc. etc.

The WordPress website and blog and the Twylah page form the ” core ” of the I.M.E. Typically fresh, relevant ” content ” is produced on the blog and the Twylah page ( using the Twylah Power Tweet facility ) and then shared to the Social Network pages ( I use the Twylah share facility which I call Power Sharing ).

If we bear in mind that our overall objective is to get FOUND ( via Google etc. for relevant words and phrases ) to CONVERT visitors into prospects and customers and to ANALYSE how we did it ( basically noting what particular efforts produced the best results with the help of e.g. Google Analytics ).

If we also remember that producing a high ranking ( easily FOUND ) web and blogsite is dependant on ( amongst other things ) – It having relevant, frequently updated content; having on page S.E.O. and also having authoritative backlinks. Whilst conversion relies apon ” channeling ” the visitor through a sales funnel via relevant headlines, landing pages and Calls to Action.

The I.M.E. fulfills all of the above criteria. It would take a long time to explain all of the ways that it does but we can take a few  examples:

A blog posted on the WordPress Blogsite ( or page ) can then be Power Tweeted via the Twylah platform ( initially placing the Power Tweet into your Twitter community ). It can then be ( power ) shared to Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest and Digg. This creates backlinks from all of these places to your domain ( the WordPress web/blog and Twylah page are all in your domain ).

It is worth remembering that Google is now looking at the whole picture rather than simply relevant keywords and phrases and backlinks so the fact that a piece of content is being shared ( liked, ReTweeted etc. etc. ) around multiple social networks is a powerful indicator to Google.

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