Motives Makeup Business Partner Fast track to Director in the UK

Posted by Chris on December 9th, 2013

We are announcing a scheme to fast track 20 selected individuals to Motives Business Director level by the end of 2014

Behind this initiative are $Million earners, startup specialists, small business development experts and digital marketing moguls

The Motives by Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony Cosmetics range has taken the world by storm not only for the quality, fashion forward nature and affordable pricing ( typically you get higher quality and more product at half the price of high end cosmetics ) but also for the innovative promotional and marketing techniques utilised.


Loren and LaLa.


The ” Instagram Project ” as it is known within Motives is probably one of the most successful promotional efforts in the world. Avoiding advertising and paying for promotion Loren and LaLa provided product to beauty bloggers and Instagramers and they produced pictures and blogs that generated 100’s of leads within days and carry on doing so.

It is this marrying of Digital promotion with what is quite clearly a product range that needs personal attention and face to face selling that is so powerful.

A Motives Business Director will earn around £144,000.00 ( £144K) a year ( NB A Director earns between £12K and £18K in a 4 week pay cycle ) but to get to that level you have to get through about 10 Business Levels. There are a number of examples of people getting to that level in around 11 months so to get there by the end of 2014, for the right person, putting in the right activity, with the correct level of knowledge and skills, this is entirely possible.

As the C.E.O of Motives parent company, JR Ridinger, says .. what you need to provide is the PASSION !!!!


Photo: Motivational Monday: Wise words from our CEO.


YOU are going to be someone that is PASSIONATE about the beauty industry. You might be – but don’t have to be – a Makeup Artist, a salon or spa owner, a Nail technician, a hairdresser or a skincare specialist.

You KNOW that the beauty, health and wellness industry is a multi-billion opportunity. You also know that although you love the industry, meeting people and making them look and feel beautiful you are NOT getting properly compensated for the time, skill and effort that you are putting in.  The shop or salon you work in is making some money and the Directors and shareholders of the product company are also making money but YOU are NOT.

If you are a shop or salon owner then you know that you need to MAKE MORE MONEY but you might not know exactly how to do it.

Most people that become millionaires, multi-millionaires or billionaires have done it because they started a business of one sort or another and they either stayed with it until it grew into a big company or they ” exited ” from it – sold or floated it on the stock market.

Some of the ingredients to a successful business are … great products or service, attractive brand, scalability and replicate-ability and some element of divorcing time from money.

You will probably know about the need for a business to have great products, service, branding and marketing.

You might not quite understand the need for scalability ( ability to grow ) , replicate-ability ( repeatable model ) and how to divorce time from money.

They are all tied together and the fact that the Motives business is both an online ( Internet based ) and offline ( face to face ) business is highly relevant here.

So, let me just tell you some of the key people that we have in the team here ( excluding for the moment JR and Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony themselves ) :

Lisa and Don Martin – Million Dollar earners with Motives and Market America.



International Business Development and Motives Specialists – Rob and Joyce Jenkins



Small Business Marketing Advisor and former Advisor to the White House – Michael Nelson



Me !!!

and Marketing and Event Management specialist Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Over the next few weeks we will be identifying the 20 people that we want to work with in the U.K. and Ireland to help to build in the UK and beyond ( eg Europe and the Middle East ).

Some of these places have already been filled and we have already started working with these individuals.

Please make contact by twitter @cwindley, skype – chris.windley or mobile +447881 500002 asap.






I have 4 Boss Ladies now !! Girl Power !! Motives Mavens

Posted by Chris on November 24th, 2013

Since working with Motives Cosmetics in the UK I have not one but four lady bosses – all of whom are based in the US but have visited and are coming over here shortly

They talk about there being a shortage of female bosses – there’s no shortage here though!!

Having one female boss would be a new thing for me but having four is pretty amazing !!

Also I didn’t get your average lady boss – I got 4 pretty amazing ones !!

My BIG Boss is

Loren Ridinger who you can read more about here:


She is a marketing and social media genius. She is friends with the Kardashians and my other boss…..


La La Anthony


These two ladies came up with the Motives and Motives for La La range of cosmetics products and they have guided the sales and marketing strategy behind the Motives brand.


Working with Loren and La La are Lisa and Joyce:


Lisa Martin connected with Market America in 2002 and has particularly made her name in the Motives cosmetics division of Market America and Market United Kingdom.

She has inspired women across the globe to take control of their lives back and make an impact. She is now a certified trainer for the Motives Division of the company teaching and training both domestically and Internationally and is proud of the fact that she is empowering women to create a lifestyle for their families that most only dream of. She has become one of the most sought after educators of the Motives Brand of cosmetics in the world and works with top celebrity make up artists across the United States and the United Kingdom. Lisa was also the recipient of the very prestigious Motives Trainer of the Year award for 2012/13.



Joyce Jenkins partnered with Market America in Feb. Of 2009. She has since gone on to become a senior Motives Consultant and a Certified Motives Trainer.

Joyce and her husband Rob have achieved many successes with their Market America Business, including TNT ( A special Market America Team ) international business builder for 2012 and 2013.

Joyce is passionate and committed about empowering women to achieve success through their Motives Cosmetic Business.


Hey – it’s a tough job but someone has to work with these lovely, talented women. !!!!!


How Makeup Artists and other Beauty professionals can break the time-money connection

Posted by Chris on November 20th, 2013

I have recently talked to a lot of Makeup Artists ( MUAs ) and what a hard working, talented bunch of ( mainly ) ladies they are.

It’s a great job – making people look great – but it is also a very time consuming job. One MUA I know was recently up at 1.30 in the morning to drive to London to get a bride ready for her wedding then back to Birmingham to attend an event and then another private client. She didn’t finish until the evening of that day. A long day and while the pay is reasonable as a freelance MUA it is not brilliant.

Time and money are definitely connected in a strong way.

I personally feel that the objective should be for an MUA to get to the point where he or she can work with the clients that they want to – not the clients that they have to.

The way to do this is to .. Add ( Income )  and Separate ( Time from Money )..

Dealing first with ADD..

At the moment most MUAs only charge an hourly rate or a rate for their art/handiwork. Of course top MUAs can and do charge premium rates.

MUAs have a collection of product that they have assembled over time and know work. This might be in a suitcase or makeup carrier or at their salon. The client might not be aware of the products used – only the end result. If the client is inclined to buy the products that the MUA uses and recommends then it probably means a trip to the shops.

Whilst such a trip might not be an issue it might also be inconvenient and would have a cost to the client in time and money. ( Whether that matters to someone who can afford an MUA is another matter).

It could be that the easy provision of the products used to the client is actually an enhanced service.

pro artist

If the client goes and buys those products from the shops then there is nothing in that for the MUA in financial terms.

If on the other hand the MUA could make say 30-50% profit on the products sold then this will have added to the income from any particular client appointment. In fact the product profit might be more than the hourly or set rate.

The MUA would need to have the product on hand in order to sell it or have some sort of online shop ( <<<Link here ) where the client can go. Having the product on hand is ok if you have a salon ( although stock is an overhead ) but means that you have to carry it around if you are mobile.

An online shop ( <<< Link ) is definitely preferable especially if it has rapid delivery times ( eg 24-48 hour delivery ).

Talking to MUAs recently I noted that many of them gave the client a summary of what they had done for them during that appointment and what products they used and also kept a record for themselves.

I took this idea and developed the idea of the Online Beauty Prescription ( <<< Link – thanks to a friend who is a Beauty Blogger for that description ) which is a blog post that can be written up afterwards and can be anonymous or name the client and will direct them straight to the place in the online shop where they can buy these products. ( Posting a blog actually has many potential benefits to the MUAs online marketing but I will not go into that now ).

Now, at the time that the client purchases these products the MUA may well be working with another client i.e. the MUA has begun to separate time from money or multiply the effect of that time.

We can imagine the client coming back again and again and the only time that the MUA will be aware of this is when they get an email saying ” You have another order placed from ( whoever ) , Value £x “.

Here’s another great thing about this.. If you have not already got the clients email address you will have when they register and buy from your shop.

That email address can be used to communicate with the client on an ongoing basis. The MUA can email them ” special deals ” or ” new products or services “. Such communication can be automated in an appropriate and tailored manner.

Once you have your own shop you will obviously be able to buy certain products at a ” Wholesale ” price yourself. With some companies ( e.g. Motives and ) you can buy more than just beauty and cosmetics products at wholesale prices, You could for example buy multivitamins and isotonic products. Such purchases represent a clear saving to you on products that you are already going to buy. This is the online equivalent of having a Costco or Makro account in the UK.

Lets add another dimension to this.. Some of the MUAs friends, business contacts and work colleagues e.g. Hairdressers, Nail Technicians, Manicurists, Masseurs also recommend products off of the MUAs’ online site that are relevant to them. Again these sales come in without any direct effort from the MUA and they come in alongside the MUAs other work.

One or two of the MUAs friends decide that they would also like to have their own online shop and the MUA helps them set that up and guides them on it’s use. The MUA and the friend both get commission on the sales.

Time goes on and more and more friends are selling products off of the websites or have their own websites. The result is a substantial income for many of them that is independent of the number of hours that they put in and which allows them to select which clients they actually want to spend their time with.

Take a look at this video:



Which is about a product range that originated in the U.S. ( in 2010 ) and was conceived by Loren Ridinger and enhanced by LaLa Anthony ( if you are fans of The Kardashians then you may of heard of them ).

This is a high quality, affordable cosmetics and beauty product range which is endorsed by many Celebrity MUAs globally. ( <<< Link )  It is being sold direct via MUAs, Salon and Spa owners and other beauty related professionals. The reason that you can have high quality product at mid range pricing and give high commissions to resellers is that NO money is being spent on advertising or corporate fatcats – the profit goes to the people that deserve it – the MUAs and their business partners. There is a sophisticated 24 -72 hour global delivery system to support sales from the Online sites though.

The Motives business system is a turnkey system that accomplishes EXACTLY what I have said above. Retail profit is added to time for money ( the appointment itself )  and in addition there is profit sharing for group sales.

N.B. We have built a financial model spreadsheet ( mini business plan ) to support this blog. See what happens when you add this to your normal MUA income !!!!

Contact me @cwindley, skype chris.windley email  or phone 07881 500002 to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.




The Motives Cosmetics packaging tells a bigger story

Posted by Chris on November 17th, 2013

I really had not thought about it much until a beauty blogger friend of mine put pictures on facebook of how her cosmetics had arrived recently.


This box arrived with this product wrapped up in all this packaging….


Photo: I think the packer who put my items into a loose bag and made my nail varnish explode on everything was feeling slightly sarcastic when I ring up explaining the situation and asking for a replacement. So they've give me this box rammed full of bubble wrap and brown paper for that one item... Really?! I'm awfully sorry you've got shit packer skills, lol.


To replace this bottle that had been delivered earlier.


Photo: This is what happens when someone doesn't bubble wrap your god damn orders. It smashes everywhere!


and I just thought … after carefully selecting the cosmetics product that you wanted from a catalogue or online you would actually be waiting in anticipation of that product arriving at your doorstep. We all know that logistics/delivery companies can be a nightmare and – aside from selecting the ones that you use carefully and monitoring the service that they provide – as a manufacturer or retailer/etailer you don’t have that much control of them.

There are things that you can control though e.g. the time you take to deliver products ( Motives ships in 24 hours typically and arrives within 2-3 days ) AND the quality of the packaging and what you put in the box’s to protect the product.

That’s when it hit me that I had been taking the deliveries, that regularly arrive home from Motives and, a little too much for granted.

They all come in nice box’s like this ( I have already had this one open and the product out ) ….




which are padded with brown paper like this…..




and the products themselves are wrapped in bubble wrap …




and when you open them the actual product casings are very high quality and you get an itemised list of the products that you ordered together with a couple of brochures on other products from that you might be interested in.




To achieve this actually takes a lot of planning and care and I think it really is a reflection of the planning and care that goes into everything that Motives and do.

Of course there is a lot of experience behind this with Motives’ parent company Market America having shipped product like this in America and globally for 20 years.

For more information about Motives and connect on twitter @cwindley , skype me on chris.windley or call me on +447881 500002




Celebrity MUAs and other Celebs using Motives Cosmetics and Skincare

Posted by Chris on November 15th, 2013

UK Makeup Artists, Spas and Beauty Salons have celebrity endorsements to ensure confidence in using Motives products

It is really important to have assurance from professionals both here and in the USA that Motives products are both high quality and affordable



The Motives Cosmetics and Skincare range is very high quality but affordable product. Advertising and Corporate Overhead costs have been avoided in favour of direct, global sales and word of mouth marketing ( word of mouth marketing includes electronic word of mouth marketing  like this blog ).

Editorial copy has been obtained in many well known beauty and fashion magazines purely because the writers have tested and loved the products so much that they decided to write ( blog and Instagram ) about them and then these same products have won ” Best in Category ” to add yet more evidence to the story of quality at a reasonable price.

Clearly some people will know Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony – the founders of the Motives Cosmetics range – especially those who are watching, for example, Keeping up with the Kardashians, where Kim and Khloe are often to be found using and wearing Motives and other products.

As I talk with professional Makeup Artists one of the things that they are impressed with – aside from the quality of the products that they are testing – is the use of the Motives range by celebrity makeup artists like Claudia Betancur.. ( who counts Loren among her clients )





Scott Barnes



Watch this video here:


Go to Scott’s website here:


in the US and


Kristina Theodoris in the UK…


Her website here..




and see my previous blog on Kristina doing Stooshe’s Alex Bugg’s makeup.





These makeup artists have very famous clients of course.


Not only can professional makeup artists in the UK be confident about the products but so too can amateur makeup artists, spa owners and ladies who just want to use the best.


We will be announcing other Celebrity Makeup Artists who endorse Motives makeup in the US, UK and other countries soon.


Here’s just a few Celebs that love Motives ..


Celebrities That
Love Motives:

Paulina Rubio
Marisol Nichols
Jennifer Lopez
Eva Longoria Parker
Kimora Lee Simmons
Alicia Keys
Leah Remini
Stephanie Jacobsen

Contact me on +447881 500002, @cwindley or chris.windley on skype to discuss how you can get to use these amazing products.


The UK Launch of Motives with celebrity guests is HERE 





Stooshe Alex Buggs in a Motives Make Up Tutorial

Posted by Chris on October 14th, 2013

The following is an excerpt from Stooshe’s Wikipedia entry:

Stooshe was formed in May 2010 and signed to Warner Music in August 2011. The original concept was to create an urban and soulful Spice Girls. Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold were put together by writer and manager Jo Perry, following a series of auditions and scouting in UK fashion shop Topshop over a nine-month period.Perry explained to HitQuarters why she chose this unconventional location for talent spotting:

“I didn’t put an ad in The Stage because I didn’t want people that want to be in the music industry, I wanted people that are stars but don’t even know it.”

Using tracks from writing/production duo Future Cut, the group spent the next twelve months developing their look and sound. Anderson revealed that the band’s name originates from the word ‘Stoosh’, urban slang for something expensive, “a girl who thinks she’s nicer than she is,” or being stoned or stashed away. The contrasting meanings confirmed their choice. They then added ‘she’ on the end for female empowerment or girl power. The band’s name is pronounced like the Scottish word stooshie.

There are a couple of bit’s of information in there that I love – I didn’t know where the name ” Stooshe ” came from.

My absolute favourite Stooshe song is ” Black Heart “.



In Motives we want people who are entrepreneurs but don’t even know it !!!

I am also very happy to support female empowerment as best as I can.

So, being such a massive Stooshe fan it was great to see Alex in this Motives Tutorial:


Kristina Theodoris is the Make Up Artist working with Alex. Kristina works with many singers, models and actors and actresses. Kristina is using a number of Motives products including Motives for La La which is great for darker skin.

People like Alex and Kristina are using and promoting Motives and products all over the world.

Motives and provide Internet based shopping portals that you can add to your blogsite, website or – if you don’t have either BECOME your website or blogsite. Here’s my Motives site and my site.

These shopping portals are ALWAYS there 24 hours a day 365 days a year and they allow YOU to separate TIME from MONEY. While you are shopping or lying on the beach or sleeping your shopping portals are there delivering great products to your customers. Your TIME is not required.

These portals have enabled Carlos Marrero to develop from being a Fashion and Beauty Illustrator to being a Motives Business Consultant and Entrepreneur Advisor:




For more information on the Motives and business opportunity Tweet me at @cwindley , skype me at chris.windley or call me on +447881 500002. and Motives Team Help Beauty and Fashion Bloggers

Posted by Chris on October 1st, 2013

There are some amazing Beauty and Fashion bloggers online and they really work hard on building their followers on Social Media and driving traffic back to their blogs


I am working with a special team that wants to help bloggers – beginning with Beauty and Fashion bloggers – build their Online Presence and MONETISE their platforms


Loren Ridinger, Senior Vice President of Internet retailing giant and SHOP.COM, Creator of the award winning cosmetic line, Motives® by Loren Ridinger and the uber-luxurious skincare line, Cellular Laboratories™, and Founder of the exquisite jewelery collection, Loren Jewels® and the fine jewelery line, Yours by Loren® which is available exclusively through HSN, has an AMAZING Internet Presence.


Of course she has had a lot of help with it. She is  recognised as an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty industry as well as Internet shopping for the last 20 years.



There is a huge amount of Digital Marketing and Sales knowledge within Market America/United Kingdom and it’s brands such as and Motives. I am combining this with my team and I’s knowledge which – even taken alone is extensive.


We are going to help selected bloggers to ” Build their Online Presence ” as we call it. Essentially that means getting them more Social Media network followers, more traffic to their blogs and more MONETISATION opportunities.


Some of you may know me as co-founder of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem ( DME ) by Centripetal Network Consulting.  The DME is a system for getting anyone more TRAFFICVISITORS, LEADS and ORDERS ( CASH ).  Most of the bloggers I have spoken to clearly understand that increasing their Social Media networks and driving traffic from them back to their blogs is crucial.


Typically we see great blogs with beautiful, interesting posts on beauty and fashion topics. We see traffic counters to let people know ( up front ) just how big their networks are and how many people are visiting their blogs. This is wonderful to see. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and it is the default platform for the DME. ( Other blog and web platforms work well – WordPress is just our focus ).


Sometimes the Social Media networks could do with some additional followers and in some cases there is a focus on one network over another. Clearly as a very visual subject Instagram and Pinterest are very popular with Fashion and Beauty bloggers. Facebook and Twitter are popular too.


Whilst e.g. Twitter combined with a WordPress blog will give a good traffic stream ( posts created on the blog and then posted on Twitter ) it is unlikely to be enough. Many sources of traffic need to be combined to get great results e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and of course SEARCH traffic  ( i.e. your blog being found on Google for relevant words and phrases ).




When you get the visitors back to your website you need them to TAKE ACTION and , preferably BUY SOMETHING.


We will offer you your personalised versions of the (  HERE’s mine )  and Motives ( MINE ) shopping portals so that you can lead visitors to great buying opportunities. ( I am not going to describe all the detail of the products here or the many ways that these portals integrate with your Online marketing strategy ).


We are going to help you build your own Digital Marketing Ecosystems and we are also going to add the power of our own DME’s to yours.






Our networks have hundreds of thousands of people in them from all around the world. If you contact me I will describe these networks in more detail to you.  Feel free to Google me and connect wherever we have common networks.


You can also skype me at chris.windley

You can Tweet me @cwindley

You can email me at

You can call or text my mobile +447881 500002.


Watch this Quick Video on How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle and divorce time from money








Isotonix UK Vitamins and Supplements

Posted by Chris on August 11th, 2013

This blog aims to be the best source of information and opinion on Isotonix products in the UK

We provide a balanced view of the pros and cons of Isotonix along with how to buy these products from Market United Kingdom and

You can take vitamins and minerals in a number of forms e.g. Pills, powder and liquid. The global market for vitamins, minerals and supplements is huge. In 2011 global sales were $85 Billion.

Leading categories globally in 2011 were multivitamins ($16.12 billion), tonics and bottled nutritive drinks ($7.53 billion), combination supplements ($7.4 billion), calcium ($5.19 billion), vitamin B ($4.5 billion), vitamin C ($4.19 billion), minerals ($3.55 billion), fish oils/omegas ($3.08 billion), probiotics ($2.7 billion), and ginseng ($2.5 billion).


The fastest growing category, however, is vitamin D. Sales in 2011 were $897 million, a 24.8% jump over 2010 sales of $719 million—and a 284% skyrocket over the $234 million in 2006. This catapult is likely because scientific studies and recent media reports have touted that vitamin D bolsters bone health by improving calcium absorption.     Other growth category leaders inlcude protein powder, probiotics, ginseng, omega 3s, eye health and combination supplements. Omega 3 sales are powered by consumer knowledge of the oils’ scientific evidence for heart health. Widespread product advertising with digestive health claims and scientific backing bolster probiotics. Busy, stressed consumers embrace combination supplements with two or more ingredients in one product for their convenience and cost-effective, targeted therapeutic effects. Aging populations, especially the huge U.S. Baby Boomer market, drive purchases of eye health supplements. The robust Chinese and Indian markets boost protein powder, a supplement to the food staple of rice; and ginseng, a long-standing traditional supplement.  ( Source and See more at: )

Growth rates were around 6% per year although as noted above some categories have grown much faster.

You can buy them in loads of places – chemists, supermarkets etc etc and many places online.  Is it better to buy them in a bricks and mortar shop  than online ??? Is it better to buy from a supermarket chain than a network marketing company ?? You can argue this any way you want to.

As the article referred to above says with regard to the Chinese market ” In marketing to this ever-rising middle class, the multilevel marketing (MLM) groups continue to enjoy tremendous success. They are the ultimate social network to promote sales because the Chinese people trust the referrals and recommendations of family and friends regarding health information over doctors, the Internet or government restrictions. Approximately 50% of revenue generated for supplements is through direct sales and conference sales. ”

If you want to buy vitamins, supplements and minerals then, to a large extent, where you buy them is immaterial. You will buy them in one place in preference to another because of convenience, price, availability or some other factor. It makes no difference to you if they come from a shop or a network marketing company or it may make all the difference to you because of the reasons I mention.

Is it better to take them in pill form than powder or liquid. You can argue that one either way aswell. Solid or Liquid ?? ( Obviously powder mixed with water is a liquid ). What is your preference ?? If you want ignore all the facts pointing to the advantages of liquid or powder and and water and just buy what you prefer – solid or liquid ?? Don’t debate it and don’t worry about it. You decided to take minerals, supplements or whatever so take them !!!





Market United Kingdom and is the primary source of  the Isotonix brand of nutritional supplements in the UK. Isotonix has a state-of-the-art isotonic delivery system to maximize absorption of your supplements. The word “isotonic” means “same pressure,” which in this case is referring to the fact that it has the same osmotic pressure as bodily fluids. This includes tears, plasma in the blood, sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids, which are all isotonic with one another. Everything you ingest must be made into an isotonic solution before it can be absorbed by the small intestine. This is a time-consuming process that involves gastric acid being secreted into the food. Contractions of the stomach muscles combine the contents of the stomach until a uniform isotonic solution is created.  This proves that digestion takes quite a while because this is only the first step!

Isotonix® OPC-3®

What Makes Isotonix OPC-3® Unique?

Isotonix OPC-3® is an isotonic-capable food supplement that is made from a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine and pine bark extracts, and citrus extract bioflavonoids, all found to be powerful antioxidants. Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are bioflavonoids (complex organic plant compounds) found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks that provide exceptional nutritional benefits to the human body. Studies have shown OPCs to be up to 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals. Isotonix OPC-3 contains the only isotonic form of Pycnogenol® in the world. Pycnogenol is a natural plant extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree and the most clinically researched and potent bioflavonoid.*

Isotonic, which means “same pressure,” bears the same chemical resemblance of the body’s blood, plasma and tears. All fluids in the body have a certain concentration, referred to as osmotic pressure. The body’s common osmotic pressure, which is isotonic, allows a consistent maintenance of body tissues. In order for a substance to be absorbed and used in the body’s metabolism, it must be transported in an isotonic state.

Isotonix® dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution. This means that the body has less work to do to in obtaining maximum absorption. The isotonic state of the suspension allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. With Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.


If you decide that you want to BUY online please go >>>>>> HERE <<<<<<

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