WANTED !! Motives Mavens for the UK. Cosmetics Evangelists.

Posted by Chris on October 18th, 2013

We are looking for bloggers and makeup artists in the UK who are ready to replicate the massive success of the New York Motives Mavens

Loren Rodinger and LaLa Anthony have started a cosmetics and skincare range that is taking the world by storm

A  month or so ago some very special beauty and fashion bloggers were invited aboard JR and Loren’s yacht in New York to sample the Motives Cosmetics and Skincare range.

The blogs and posts on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest ( particularly ) that emanated from this short boat trip have become a Social Media, Beauty and Fashion phenomenon.

Demonstrating the unbelievable power of blogging, picture taking and social media the Motives message has been sent around the world resulting in more and more bloggers, makeup artists and other people involved in the beauty and fashion world sitting up and taking notice.

Here’s a video of that fantastic event:


You will be able to find the Instagram Addresses for most of the participants there.

Now, this trip was a follow on from an idea that Loren and LaLa had one night, late, when they were working at home in their P. J.’s ( Pyjamas to us Brits ). This idea was to reach out to the top 5 Instagramers and ask them for feedback on the Motives products.

Here’s another video where Loren and LaLa explain how they started what became known as ” The Instagram Project ” and what was the result of it. This includes some amazing pictures and posts which are being used by Motives representatives all over the world and have been replicated from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and many peoples blog posts.


As Loren says – by providing these leading Instagramers with product they have, very kindly, produced reviews, photos and blog posts.

We are looking for Instagramers, bloggers and fashion and beauty professionals to do a similar thing in the UK.

You don’t have to be a ” global phenomenon ” yourself ( although you may be one day ) you just have to be a dedicated, professional blogger or makeup artist ( or aspiring artist ).

When I hear the word ” Maven ” ( which you may not be familear with ) I always think of The Tipping Point ( a book written by Malcolm Gladwell ) who referred to the fact that some people have a particular, rare,  set of social gifts. They are predominantly either salespeople, connectors ( they know lots of influential people ) or mavens ( they know a lot about a particular subject ).

Fashion and Beauty bloggers are typically a combination of these – very knowledgeable about their specialist area, able to connect with people ( online ) and also able to sell.

These people can ” Evangelise ” about a product or brand.

If you think that you can do this please contact me by commenting here ( I will get your email address ) , Tweeting me @cwindley, skype me at chris.windley or phone or text me on +447881 500002. email: chris.windley@btinternet.com or chris.windley@gmail.com

By the way this is a global initiative but we are focussing on the UK and Ireland at the moment. Best Regards.


Stooshe Alex Buggs in a Motives Make Up Tutorial

Posted by Chris on October 14th, 2013

The following is an excerpt from Stooshe’s Wikipedia entry:

Stooshe was formed in May 2010 and signed to Warner Music in August 2011. The original concept was to create an urban and soulful Spice Girls. Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold were put together by writer and manager Jo Perry, following a series of auditions and scouting in UK fashion shop Topshop over a nine-month period.Perry explained to HitQuarters why she chose this unconventional location for talent spotting:

“I didn’t put an ad in The Stage because I didn’t want people that want to be in the music industry, I wanted people that are stars but don’t even know it.”

Using tracks from writing/production duo Future Cut, the group spent the next twelve months developing their look and sound. Anderson revealed that the band’s name originates from the word ‘Stoosh’, urban slang for something expensive, “a girl who thinks she’s nicer than she is,” or being stoned or stashed away. The contrasting meanings confirmed their choice. They then added ‘she’ on the end for female empowerment or girl power. The band’s name is pronounced like the Scottish word stooshie.

There are a couple of bit’s of information in there that I love – I didn’t know where the name ” Stooshe ” came from.

My absolute favourite Stooshe song is ” Black Heart “.



In Motives we want people who are entrepreneurs but don’t even know it !!!

I am also very happy to support female empowerment as best as I can.

So, being such a massive Stooshe fan it was great to see Alex in this Motives Tutorial:


Kristina Theodoris is the Make Up Artist working with Alex. Kristina works with many singers, models and actors and actresses. Kristina is using a number of Motives products including Motives for La La which is great for darker skin.

People like Alex and Kristina are using and promoting Motives and Shop.com products all over the world.

Motives and Shop.com provide Internet based shopping portals that you can add to your blogsite, website or – if you don’t have either BECOME your website or blogsite. Here’s my Motives site and my Shop.com site.

These shopping portals are ALWAYS there 24 hours a day 365 days a year and they allow YOU to separate TIME from MONEY. While you are shopping or lying on the beach or sleeping your shopping portals are there delivering great products to your customers. Your TIME is not required.

These portals have enabled Carlos Marrero to develop from being a Fashion and Beauty Illustrator to being a Motives Business Consultant and Entrepreneur Advisor:




For more information on the Motives and Shop.com business opportunity Tweet me at @cwindley , skype me at chris.windley or call me on +447881 500002.



A Top Digital Sales and Marketing Expert always wears braces

Posted by Chris on October 11th, 2013

You know that saying – belt and braces – well having a couple of blogs at the top of a 100 and something million search needs a bit of that

When my Pinterest page suddenly dropped out of the Google search for Sales and Marketing Expert post the Hummingbird revision I had already planned for it – thank goodness !!


You have to plan ahead in most things and certainly when it comes to protecting a top ranking position in Google for a competitive search term like Top Digital Sales and Marketing Expert you do.

The Centripetal Network Consulting blogs that are currently ranking at the top of Google are the ” belt ” and this blog is the ” braces “. I do actually have a 3rd ” back-up ” which is a Pinterest page which complements an older Pinterest Page   which has been ranking very well for searches on Digital Marketing Expert UK fort some time. However, as I mentioned it fell out of the rankings recently. It might return.


Why so important ??

Obviously it is important to be found for the things that you do and provide. When you are providing a service that includes being found in search engines then clearly it is important to be found and to be found easily and quickly.

The top 5 or 6 positions of the first page of Google are the sweet spot and that is where the current blog posts are. Around 40/50% of all the traffic goes to the top position and the remainder is spread between the rest – typically.

Of course the reason why we want to rank high in Google is because it is a major source if not THE major source –  of traffic to our blog and website.

Everyone that wants visitors to their web or blogsite needs to spend time working out what they want to rank or be found for and then how easy or difficult it is to do that. There are various tools that we can use to help with that task.

Of course Pay per Click is one way of getting found on Google but it is an expensive way and we always recommend that you build a strategy around ranking naturally for key words and phrases.




Professional Beauty Manchester Central – follow up from New York Show

Posted by Chris on October 10th, 2013

The ever popular Professional Beauty Manchester Show will be at the Central Convention Complex on the 13th and 14th of October

Motives Cosmetics and Beauty does not have a stand this year but Vice President Loren Ridinger is planning to be in Manchester for an event on the 28th October



Motives is planning to be at next years event ( 2014 ) but could not quite make this year. However, Loren is determined to get Motives and Shop.com known in the Manchester area and so she is planning to hold an event on the 28th October at 7.30 in Central Manchester ( details will be announced here soon ) where the Motives range can be seen. ( Please take a look at the Motives portal HERE for an overview of the products ).

Motives recently showcased at the New York International Beauty Show and here’s a great video showing how well that went:




Did you see how busy the stand was ???? 



We look forward to having a similar stand at next years Professional Beauty.


In the meantime we would like to meet people interested in Beauty, Fashion and Health generally and also Bloggers and shop and website owners who might be interested in integrating the Motives and Shop.com portals into their own websites. If you don’t have a blog or website – No problem !!

Other relevant people would be make up artists, salon and spa owners.


Please leave a comment here, Contact me on Facebook or Twitter ( @cwindley ) or skype me on chris.windley for further details. I will update soon.


THIS LADY HAS SPENT 22 YEARS at the Top of Market America – Which Lady will do the same for Market United Kingdom ??



Some work from home jobs are not quite what they seem – Shop.com and Motives UK

Posted by Chris on October 10th, 2013

In America, as everywhere else, people are looking for legitimate ways that they can work from home and earn a decent living but look out – the scammers are about !!

People will go to incredible lengths to manipulate real stories and turn them to their own advantage


Market America and Market United Kingdom ( which includes the Shop.com and Motives Beauty brands ) is a very substantial, fast growing, direct sales business.

Here’s a few facts:

Company Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1992 Market America Worldwide is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
  • Over $5.3 billion generated in accumulated retail sales
  • Individuals have earned over $2.8 billion in commissions and retail profits
  • Hundreds of exclusive Market America branded products and services
  • Over 50 million additional products/services through affiliates and direct partners
  • Operates globally in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United Kingdom

and with those facts you can imagine that it is pretty upsetting when real testimonials are doctered to support other, less legitimate businesses.

Take a look at this report HERE from TV Company NBC in Philadelphia, USA which talks about the way that this video



was taken and manipulated to promote another company.

So, it is very difficult to find truthful information about businesses that allow you to work from home.

The fact is that ALL businesses require hard work and dedication to make them successful. What you need to know is that the business model is real and can work.

In October and November 2013 the Founders of Market America , Loren and JR Ridinger and other senior management will be visiting the UK again giving you an opportunity to meet with them and discuss the Shop.com and Motives opportunity.

As I have pointed out in earlier blogs  such as this one  and this one  we are particular focussed on helping people with the digital marketing aspects of the Market United Kingdom home based business.

We are also concentrating our efforts, for the time being, on the fashion and beauty aspects of the product line as there are many people to whom this is relevant – fashion and beauty blog and shop owners ( with or without a website )  health spas, makeup artists etc etc

Contact me by leaving a comment or Google me and connect with me on Twitter ( @cwindley ) , Facebook , Skype ( chris.windley ) or whatever communication method suits you.


Becoming a Motives Cosmetics Digital Partner in the UK

Posted by Chris on October 3rd, 2013

How can you integrate the Motives Cosmetics line into your Fashion or Beauty blog or business ??

Are you a Beauty Blogger ?? Are you a makeup artist ?? Do you have a Beauty or fashion related business or website ??

Extending the success of Motives in the USA to the UK we are working with selected Fashion and Beauty bloggers to show them how to leverage the power of the Motives and Shop.com Internet Portals and integrate these into their existing business models.

Let’s just discuss the opportunity that exists for the fashion and beauty blogger and their network of related contacts – for example,  makeup artists, salon owners, health spa owners and fashion business owners.

Obviously bloggers have an Internet Presence ( web/blogsite and social media pages ) already. Their contacts may or may not have web or blogsites. It does not really matter whether they do or don’t. The Motives and Shop.com portals can be stand alone or integrated with existing web presences.

To get some ideas let’s look at some people already doing this ( this is just a random selection from Googling Motives Cosmetics ):

Here’s Lily & Vanessa Lewis  from Australia. Did you see the ” Shop in MY store button ” ??? What a lovely site.

Here’s another site from someone in America. See the advert on the right hand side at the top ?? Takes you straight to this person’s Motives Portal.

This one from Emily Eddington of the USA is a Blogger site and perhaps more typical of the ones that we have seen in the UK so far. Emily has written a review for Lauren Page so you’re are actually being directed to her Motives site.

So, the way you use the Motives and Shop.com portals is flexible and non-exclusive. – which means that you can carry on doing independent reviews and you can also carry on recommending other products from other companies.


What is important to understand is that these ladies have ” monetised ” their sites. This basically means that you are giving people the opportunity to buy the things that you like and recommend.

SO MUCH effort goes into reviewing and writing about products. Why not give them the opportunity to buy some of them from YOU ??

In this video here we are going to hear from Makeup Artists, Coach/mentors TO Makeup Artists and Salon owners and particularly from Ethnic, darker skinned ladies ( African American and Latino ) who love the line created specifically for them by La La Anthony 





Did you hear that phrase ” Trading Time for Money ” from Carlos ???? Your blogsite is on 24 Hours a day – people are looking at it from all around the world all the time. Why not have it so that, if they want to, people can buy from it all the time ?? Where will you be ?? Sleeping ?? On the beach ?? Shopping ??? When you get an email message saying that someone has bought one of your recommendations.

By the way – I know that most of the people that you are seeing here are in the U.S. ( Some of the web and blogsites I showed you earlier were, for example, in Australia ).

We are leading a Digital Marketing initiative into the U.K. but there are already people here that are doing great business as Shop.com and Motives partners and affiliates.

Here’s Kristina Thoedoris with Stooshe ‘s Alex Buggs:

Kristina is in London.

So,  Let’s see what else you can do with Motives by going to this website >>>>> HERE <<<<<<<.

If you are a blogger or journalist then we have a PRESS KIT for you here. This has this Autumn and Winters lines in it.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this information and if you have please contact me:


My Shop.com Shopping Portal is >>>> HERE <<<<

My Motives Shopping Portal is >>>> HERE <<<<

So please browse around them and let me know what you think.


Skype me : chris.windley

Call me : +447881 500002

email me: chris@mandarainmaker.co.uk

or just GOOGLE me and connect on one of the social networks.








Shop.com and Motives Team Help Beauty and Fashion Bloggers

Posted by Chris on October 1st, 2013

There are some amazing Beauty and Fashion bloggers online and they really work hard on building their followers on Social Media and driving traffic back to their blogs


I am working with a special team that wants to help bloggers – beginning with Beauty and Fashion bloggers – build their Online Presence and MONETISE their platforms


Loren Ridinger, Senior Vice President of Internet retailing giant MarketAmerica.com and SHOP.COM, Creator of the award winning cosmetic line, Motives® by Loren Ridinger and the uber-luxurious skincare line, Cellular Laboratories™, and Founder of the exquisite jewelery collection, Loren Jewels® and the fine jewelery line, Yours by Loren® which is available exclusively through HSN, has an AMAZING Internet Presence.


Of course she has had a lot of help with it. She is  recognised as an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty industry as well as Internet shopping for the last 20 years.



There is a huge amount of Digital Marketing and Sales knowledge within Market America/United Kingdom and it’s brands such as Shop.com and Motives. I am combining this with my team and I’s knowledge which – even taken alone is extensive.


We are going to help selected bloggers to ” Build their Online Presence ” as we call it. Essentially that means getting them more Social Media network followers, more traffic to their blogs and more MONETISATION opportunities.


Some of you may know me as co-founder of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem ( DME ) by Centripetal Network Consulting.  The DME is a system for getting anyone more TRAFFICVISITORS, LEADS and ORDERS ( CASH ).  Most of the bloggers I have spoken to clearly understand that increasing their Social Media networks and driving traffic from them back to their blogs is crucial.


Typically we see great blogs with beautiful, interesting posts on beauty and fashion topics. We see traffic counters to let people know ( up front ) just how big their networks are and how many people are visiting their blogs. This is wonderful to see. WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and it is the default platform for the DME. ( Other blog and web platforms work well – WordPress is just our focus ).


Sometimes the Social Media networks could do with some additional followers and in some cases there is a focus on one network over another. Clearly as a very visual subject Instagram and Pinterest are very popular with Fashion and Beauty bloggers. Facebook and Twitter are popular too.


Whilst e.g. Twitter combined with a WordPress blog will give a good traffic stream ( posts created on the blog and then posted on Twitter ) it is unlikely to be enough. Many sources of traffic need to be combined to get great results e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + and of course SEARCH traffic  ( i.e. your blog being found on Google for relevant words and phrases ).




When you get the visitors back to your website you need them to TAKE ACTION and , preferably BUY SOMETHING.


We will offer you your personalised versions of the Shop.com (  HERE’s mine )  and Motives ( MINE ) shopping portals so that you can lead visitors to great buying opportunities. ( I am not going to describe all the detail of the products here or the many ways that these portals integrate with your Online marketing strategy ).


We are going to help you build your own Digital Marketing Ecosystems and we are also going to add the power of our own DME’s to yours.






Our networks have hundreds of thousands of people in them from all around the world. If you contact me I will describe these networks in more detail to you.  Feel free to Google me and connect wherever we have common networks.


You can also skype me at chris.windley

You can Tweet me @cwindley

You can email me at chris.windley@mandarainmaker.co.uk

You can call or text my mobile +447881 500002.


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