This morning I woke up thinking about the ” share ” facility that you see on so many websites and blogs now. ( Who invented this ??? ). It’s a really powerful thing to be able to share your content so quickly and easily.

This got me wondering about how Synnd and Traffic Geyser were doing. I will explain more about them shortly. As you know we are working with HubSpot on the FutureLine website attracting and converting traffic and monitoring how we are doing over time.

As we know you have to be found on the Internet – for relevant searches. Google is always trying to give people what they want when they type something into the search box.

Yesterday I was sitting in a car service reception waiting for my son’s car to get some new wheels and also they were investigating a problem with the windscreen washers. One of the service managers had a Mini whose keys were not being recognised so he had to get it over to the Mini garage in Derby. We all ( I was eavesdropping and contributing! ) thought that Mini had seperated from BMW and although it was on the same road it was a different garage. So, the receptionist was Googling for the Mini garage NOT the BMW garage. The answers coming back were not clear but the phone number for the garage was found anyway. This led the receptionist and I to a discussion about when Mini was taken over by BMW; who Mini was originally built and owned by and who owned Mini now ?? Googling did not produce all the answers.

We want the best answer to our question or the best result for our search and Google tries hard to give us that.

In our HubSpot trial we have been thinking hard about what people will search for when they want more information on small business phone systems and the we have been trying to ensure that our content, titles, metatags etc are all aligned with those search terms.

When I have produced content e.g. a blog I will share it and post it on various websites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit etc etc because I know that 1. People that are on those sites and connected to me will see it and 2. That I may gain some benefit to my blog and blogsite by linking back from very highly ranked sites to my own. ( there’s a lot of deep techie debate around this area that I will not bore you with ).

The ” Share ” and ” Like ” facilities are getting easier and I can ” Share ” and ” Like ” to many different sites.

Essentially though what I am doing is a manual process.

Synnd ( see  video on or go to ) and Traffic Geyser ( or       )    are about automating this process and creating massive distribution of content or ” Content Syndication ” as it is known.

Mike’s Traffic Geyser is predominantly about the content syndication of videos. Charles’s Synnd covers all content – e.g. blog posts, web pages, pdf’s and video’s .

Traffic Geyser’s focus on video’s derives ( basically ) from the fact that ” a picture or a video tells a thousand words ” and that Google is treating well tagged videos very favourably in search results.

I recommend that you explore all of these facilities and websites – ” Share “,  HubSpot  , Synnd and Traffic Geyser – and watch the videos.

I have subscribed to all of these facilities although I don’t necessarily use them all the time.

One of the things to remember is that once you understand the requirement to distribute content, url’s through ” sharing ” you can automate and scale this up massively if required.