I was reading something the other day about how this year’s volcanic eruption in Iceland had boosted video conferencing sales e.g.


and thinking back to the snow that we had early in 2010 which I posted about here


which was of course prompted by the current weather conditions which I am sure you all know about and are suffering from.

The objective is to be able to continue working and communicating when traffic, weather, terrorists or volcano’s try to stop you !!

Fortunately as traffic has increased, weather conditions seemingly worsened, terrorist’s become more active and imaginative and volcano’s got more volatile, technology has improved and become easier to use and more affordable.

The Cisco FutureLine Hosted Voip and Video solution ( http://www.futureline.net.uk/ ) may be combined with various Microsoft products to give a comprehensive communications solution that allows people to continue to communicate even when they cannot get to work or to thier customer appointments.

There is no need to risk dangerous travel conditions or to stop communicating in a catastrophe.