Do you remember this blog???

Well, my client and I have been doing some more work on this. We reckoned that we needed to get down into a bit more detail and sub-divide some of these areas.



Here we had a discussion about what we think the activity targets should be.


Based around a week as follows, approximately:


1 day cold calling

1 day proposal writing

3 days meetings ( or if no meetings then calls to get meetings )



The target number of cold calling phone calls per week ( my recommendation is to go for researched, targeted phone calls rather than purely numbers based ) -should be say 30 per day? ( Any meaningful conversations to be followed up by a letter, so say 15 letters ? )


The target number of meetings per week – say 3 per day for 3 days = should be  9 ?? ( All appointments confirmed by email/letter )


The target number of proposals per week – should be, say, 6 ? ( All proposals to have summary of meeting, key needs and objectives, how we meet those needs/objectives, pricing and ideally ROI )




Here we divided knowledge up into various segments:


Company – ( The companies background/history, key philosophies and main strengths )


Products ( The top 3 – say, for an ICT company, 1. Telephony, 2. Computer Hardware – Switches, Routers, PC’s,

Servers 3. ????? TBD )


Services – ( The top 3 – say, for an ICT company, 1. IT Support, 2. Billing Services – Lines, Minutes 3. ???? TBD etc)


Competition ( The top 3 – say, for an ICT company 1. ABC Ltd. 2.  DEF Ltd. 3. GHI Ltd. 4.  JKL Ltd. 5. ???  We would highlight thier strengths and weaknesses ).


Suppliers ( The top 3 – say, for an ICT company 1. Cisco, 2. Microsoft, 3. HP )


Marketplace e.g for an ICT company – Hosted Computing versus Premises Based, Virtualisation trends, Cloud computing trends ( SaaS etc )




Here we divided skills up into seperate areas:


Meeting structure ( as before )


Proposal structure ( eg summary of meeting, key needs and objectives, how we meet those needs/objectives, pricing and ideally ROI )


Presentation structure ( eg Intro, summary of needs/objectives, how we meet them, discussion, agreement on way forward )


Demo structure ( eg Understand what we need to prove, prove it, next step )


Questioning skills


Closing skills


Objection Handling


Negotiation Skills


Psychometric profiling ( this is an advanced selling skill )


With each of these areas we can either record achievement as a percentage of the target or mark each area out of 10 as before. 

Now we had some way of focussing on the areas that needed to be addressed.

We could sit down amongst ourselves and give our own targets and also agree these with the salesperson.

Then we could write an action plan to address any areas of weakness or shortfall.