Understanding the Cisco Opportunity Incentive Program ( OIP ) and Value Incentive Program ( VIP )

Close and detailed planning and monitoring of the performance of a Cisco Partner’s participation in the various programs (such as OIP & VIP) ensures maximisation of return from involvement.

The success of Cisco’s VIP (Value Incentive Program) in providing large and recurring rebates to Partners is an example of how Channel Intellect can work with Partners to ensure maximum returns.  The ability of a Partner to sell more of the product qualifying under the SKU issued for each period determines the actual size of the rebate.  The monitoring, measuring and planning achieved by a Channel Intellect relationship ensures that all sales and technical assets are designing and selling solutions that, wherever possible and appropriate, ensure maximum VIP returns.  Channel Intellect works to identify how best to map success in these programs into compensation plans and incentive schemes for Partner sales teams.

Channel Intellect offers guidance to Partners to allow them to more easily embrace the requirements of SIP (Solutions Incentive Program), a process which is often resource-intensive and focused around larger solutions that have the ability for multiple deployments to generate rebates of significance.

When bearing in mind that these programs constitute almost everything available to a Cisco Partner in terms of securing funds from Cisco, the necessity of ensuring absolute focus to generate maximum return is put into sharp perspective.


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