Some of you will have read this blog.

and perhaps even earlier blogs on this subject.

What started as an idea using Marketplace listings has become much more flexible and powerful.

We  have had some great input from branding, copywriting,  internet marketing and SEO specialists. ( Thank you )

So our TITs are now graphically powerful, branded, well written and search engine optimised.

You don’t have to be a member of Ecademy ( although we recommend that you do become a member ).

This was our first fully formed TIT

here are 3 more TITs that are on Ces and Jays website where we plan to add more.

Although we started by looking at this from an Internet Marketing perspective ( How we make a really powerful testimonial or recommendation appear for certain searches ) we have also looked at it from a basic ” traditional marketing ” perspective.

You can start with a testimonial that is used to produce posters, flyers, brochure inserts etc and then migrate it onto the web later on.