Nobody should be ” cold calling ” these days. There’s no excuse for it anymore. The Internet provides so much information about people and companies.

The other day somebody asked me if I could get the Orange U.K. ( the mobile phone company ) Head Office address and phone number.

I set to work thinking it would be a 5 minute job. It wasn’t but here’s a little summary of what I did find. By the way – I was told that the Orange Head Office was in Bristol.

Obviously the first thing was to Google ” Orange UK  Head Office Bristol ” or similar.

This brought up a forum which highlighted the fact that actually Orange might want to make their Head Office address something of a secret !!

Orange had been bought by Everything Everywhere Limited so it’s ( registered ) office AND Orange’s were actually in Hatfield.

It was quite interesting to find the record for Orange which had the Bristol ( old ? ) Head Office address, phone numbers and even email addresses for the registrant.

The Worksmart website confirmed the ( old ) Head and Registered Office address and gave a lot of additional information.

Jordans again confirmed the Head/Registered Office address.

The whocallsme website gave some interesting information on phone and text numbers used by Orange.

Companies House also gave some good information about Orange – took a bit of working out which ones were Orange mobile though !!

One of the most interesting things to do was to Google ” how do you find orange phones head office address ” because that brought up a lot of the information above.