If you are looking for consumer law experts in Birmingham, Midlands, U.K. then I highly recommend that you contact Pegasus Legal LDP and in particular ask to speak to Ms Portia O’Connor who was the first barrister to become a partner in a Legal Disciplinary Practice. For more details see


Ms O’Connor took HSBC Bank plc versus Brophy to the Court of Appeal


Pegasus LDP are a firm of mainly Barristers with some Solicitors.

They are the first LDP in the UK.

They differ from the ordinary firms of Solicitors in that they have Barristers and Solicitors as part of their team. However, their team is made up predominantly, of Barristers.

The traditional approach is that, you instruct a Solicitor who then instructs a Barrister, if the matter is complicated or, if the matter needs to go to Court. Barristers are specialists and focus exclusively on particular areas of Law. The thought there was no reason why their clients should not have the benefit of a specialist from the outset.

At Pegasus your case is dealt with by a specialist Barrister as soon as they are instructed. They specialise in three specific areas of law; Consumer Law; Contract & Civil Litigation; to ensure all their resources can be focused on these particular topics.

They rely on thier own employees and members and where necessary they instruct other specialist Barristers at an early stage to advise you on your case. Barristers as well as being specialist in their fields are tacticians; they look at the case from every possible angle and advise on the best way to proceed to a fast and effective conclusion.

You should go and talk them; they pride themselves in providing straightforward advice in simple language.

Contact Ms O’Connor and Pegasus LDP here


Pegasus Legal (LDP)

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