Just came across these on my fried Peter’s Blog here:


Plymouth Marathon 1982 – I am number 086 and Peter is fifth from right.

024 is Jim Guy (a lecturer at Manadon at the time )
The guy behind him with hand to nose is, I think, John Burnip.
004 is Alan Lamb.
?31 is Ian Paley.
1723 I can’t remember
13?? is (I think) Paul Scivier

All those in Black tops with White stripes ( and some others – names to follow ) are from the Royal Naval Engineering College Manadon ( R.N.E.C. Manadon ) Running Club. We trained, ran X-Country and some marathons – for fun !!

Seven Sisters Marathon February 1982 – Peter and I are near the front ( stupidly ) with the police car behind us.


More on this some other time ..