The SEO girl launches guaranteed results in Birmingham UK

Posted by Chris on August 8th, 2013

Getting any guarantees of being found on the Internet through search results or otherwise is always useful when assurances are hard to get

The SEO girl brings a refreshingly different approach to a business proposition regarding being found on the Internet

I have always thought that the sign of a good SEO company was one that put it’s money where it’s mouth was and ranked for the things that it ought to.

The SEO Girl, Claire Taylor, who is Business Development Manager at UK search company SmartRank UK, is highlighting their offer to Midlands based businesses.  ( Note SmartRanks U.S. sister company Market Leader SEO also offers the same proposition in the U.S. ).

This announcement comes hard on the heels of Smartranks global Digital Marketing partner Centripetal Network Consulting – creators of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem making a similar announcement based on their partnership with Claire and Smartranks.

This market was long overdue a shake up and it is even more amazing that this announcement and guarantee has been made post the Panda and Penguin changes by Google.



VIDEO HERE >>>>>>>>>>

Centripetal Networks Nine Figure Mentor, Chris Windley, talks about the launch of this guaranteed SEO service – applicable to people in Birmingham UK, the West Midlands, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Cheshire, Mid Wales, Leicestershire, Herefordshire and Staffordshire.

Internet Marketing Strategy in Birmingham

Posted by Chris on January 26th, 2012

When I researched what advice and guidance was being offered in Birmingham in respect of Internet Marketing Strategy I realised that it was sadly lacking in all respects. It was massively outdated when compared with the views of the worlds leading Internet Marketers who I spoke to on a regular basis. My experience in the high technology world over the last 20 odd years has taught me that to be up to date you HAVE to be aware of what is going on in the U.S. ( Note that most of the major influencers in the Internet and High Technology world – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, eBay etc etc – have come from the U.S. ).

However not only was it outdated but it was over complicated ( probably because those people who were talking about Internet Marketing Strategies did not actually understand what was going on ) and not put in terms that could easily be understood by the senior management of Birmingham based business’s.

How difficult can it be to understand that building a website that cannot be found on the Internet ( for the things that you want it to be found for ) is a total waste of time and money ??

Is it really that hard to come to the conclusion that you need to understand what is happening to your existing website ( how often it is found; what people do when they find it etc etc ) so that you can judge whether the time, effort and money spent on Internet Marketing is actually producing a return ??



Whilst there are a lot of technical elements involved you don’t want to talk ” technically ” as a senior manager of a Birmingham based business you want to talk in simple, strategic terms about how you can drive the business forward.

I produced a series of  ” Letters from Marketing ” for some of the senior management of the companies that I was helping

but have become convinced that Birmingham based businesses need more, up to date information and guidance on this topic of Internet Marketing Strategy and so I will be looking at additional ways of getting the message across in the near future.








Contract and Civil Litigation Experts in Birmingham top Google search

Posted by Chris on January 20th, 2012

Contract and Civil Litigation Experts, Pegasus Legal LDP, are topping the Google search rankings for Consumer Law Expert searches aided by Birmingham news collection service My Birmingham News

A blog posted here

was picked up by My Birmingham News within hours of it being posted and both the M & A Rainmaker and My Birmingham News posts were ranking high in Google searches within 24 Hours.

Both posts demonstrate the power of WordPress based websites in achieving high rankings for users.

Pegasus LDP is a young and innovative legal organisation which complements high technology methods of marketing.

Building on the foundation of the WordPress post higher rankings were achieved by utilising social networks like Linkedin, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and digg to feed into and support the WordPress posts.

This advanced marketing technique utilises the 3 main drivers of high ranking websites

– On page SEO

– Relevant Content creation

– Links

added together with perceptive keyword selection in order to get the attention of relevant searchers.

For further information on Pegasus LDP go here:

Contact Ms O’Connor and Pegasus LDP here

Pegasus Legal (LDP) 

Tel: 0121 455 8347

Fax: 0121-455 6546 DX: 715586 Edgbaston

Somerville House 16 Harborne Road Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3AA






HubSpot webinar to U.K. sparks location,location,location analogy

Posted by Chris on January 25th, 2011

I was listening to  a HubSpot Inbound Marketing webinar, that was being transmitted to the U.K. and other countries around the world, the other day when the statement was made ” people spend loads of money and time on the look and design of their website when what they should be spending money on  is being found AND converting people that find the website into leads “.

As I was driving from North Wales to the Midlands today I was thinking how true that was and how pointless it was to have a great looking website that nobody found!

It was, I thought, a bit like having a great looking house in a very undesirable neighbourhood.

Which led me to that well known saying of Estate Agents and property developers ” Location, location, location “.

A definition of which might be :

” identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location “

which I found here

and we might translate that into:

” identical websites may be more or less valuable ( productive ? ) depending on their location ( position ) in search engine searches ”  .

Yes, if two websites were designed or looked exactly the same but one got found and converted visitors into leads whilst the other did not get found or even got found but did not convert visitors into leads then that would make the same website much more valuable.

Furthermore if we add this property view:

” Generally, buyers will get the best return for their money if they buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. ”

We might even say that if there were two websites and one had a much ” worse ” design/look than the other but that website got found in ( relevant ) searches and converted customers into leads it too would be more valuable than the other.

One of the reasons I had been thinking about an analogy was because I have to give my first HubSpot presentation shortly to people who are not Internet Marketing aware or probably not even very Internet aware.

There are probably more aspects of the property analogy that I could develop. e.g. that once you have got the right location for a property ( the right search position for a website ) one of the next most important things is that the key rooms are there and are right e.g. the kitchen, bathrooms etc etc.

more later ….

If you are looking for companies like BC Stockford and Co Ltd

Posted by Chris on May 15th, 2010

then please give me a call because I know some great accountants in the Midlands area who provide services like BC Stockford do.

If you are looking for advice on things like Taxation, VAT Returns, Payroll Services, Business Services and Inheritance Tax I have considerable experience in this area and many contacts in the Midlands.

Call me direct on 07881 500002

Tape Solutions Limited formerly Aardvark Engineering Limited

Posted by Chris on May 15th, 2010

If you are looking for Tape Solutions Limited which formerly traded as Aardvark Engineering Limited

then please give me a call as I am now looking at the future strategy of both companies and would like to talk directly with all customers and prospects.

It is vital that we get our future strategy right and to do that I need to talk directly with you.

Please call Chris on 07881 500002

Midlands based engineering company Aardvark Engineering gets new shareholder

Posted by Chris on May 15th, 2010

Engineering company Aardvark Engineering has a new shareholder

Who is Chris Windley, multi-millionaire entrepreneur and Mergers and Acquisitions specialist.

Chris wants to get in touch directly with all customers and explain his strategy for the company for the future.

Under Chris’s guidance Aardvark Engineering will set on a new course and before this strategy is outlined he wants to talk to all Aardvark customers.

Call Chris directly on 07881 500002 as he is keen to hear your views.

Pest Control Services Recommendation in Derby Derbyshire

Posted by Chris on January 21st, 2010

If you are looking for Pest Control Services in Derby,Derbyshire and the East Midlands then give GB Pest Control a call on 0800 135 7270 and ask for Gary Bullock.

I would like to introduce you to Gary Bullock from GB Pest Control based in South Derbyshire who is prepared to travel to service his clients.

Gary is a very active member of the local BNI chapter and I would like to recommend him to corporate establishments who require ongoing maintenance contracts to control vermin.

The types of businesses that Gary deals with are food processing plants, retail outlets, restaurant chains, in fact anywhere there’s people there are also rats!


For more information please go to:

or call 0800 135 7270.

M&A in Birmingham looking good for 2010

Posted by Chris on January 18th, 2010

The Birmingham post reports that M&A activity is looking positive for 2010 in this article:

Advice on Corporate Finance in Birmingham

Posted by Chris on January 14th, 2010

If you are looking for advice on Corporate Finance and M&A in the Birmingham area then take a look at the M&A Rainmaker website for practical help and information

Having started a Midlands based ICT business ( Voyager Networks ) in 1993 and sold in 1999/2000 Chris Windley went on to invest in a number of High Tech and other businesses with varying degrees of success. Last year he successfully sold one of these, 5i Limited, to Impera plc ( renamed 365iT plc ) which is currently on a buy and build strategy.

Following this sale, at one of the worst times in economic history and the earlier sale of Voyager ( at one of the best times for High Tech in history ) he documented the sales process used in both sales on the M&A Rainmaker website.

This has been added to with practical information about investing in businesses, marketing businesses and running the salesforces in businesses.

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