I always wondered how it was that Lichfield Trent Valley Railway Station was a portacabin and there was no cafe for refreshments !!  I sort of assumed that somehow the London to North rail line used to go through Lichfield City Station somehow but recently learnt that the old Lichfield Trent Valley Railway station burnt down in the 1990’s ( Apparently most of it was made of wood ) ?? Well I should remember that as I was around here then …..


Apparently this ( above ) was the first station built in 1847 and the photos below were taken in 1962. Now either of these looks more like the sort of railway station that Lichfield should have !!


Coffee and cakes from Coco Meli Bakery now available at Lichfield Trent Valley Station



See a steam train passing through Lichfield Trent Valley Station in 1955 here:


See a trainload of troops at Lichfield Trent Valley in 1954 here:


Instead we have the portacabins that you see on the left here ( looking North )

Lichfield Trent Valley

and in the photo below ( looking South ) you can see the ” High Level ” line that goes to Birmingham via Lichfield City Station.

As can be seen from the railmap below Lichfield Trent Valley Station is a stop for Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

from: http://www.virgintrains.co.uk/routes-stations/ltv/

Local Bus Routes:


Parking at Lichfield Trent Valley ( N.B. Parking is limited – Don’t leave it until the last minute to park here. Might be best to get a lift/taxi !! )


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Full National Rail Map ( You can get to and from Birmingham via Lichfield City Station – which is just down the road – walk up to the High Level crossing at Lichfield Trent Valley for this)


To get to Derby ( by train )  you have to go to Tamworth or Burton on Trent ( preferred I think ) .

Little known fact:

The train line that passes over the top of Lichfield Trent Valley merges with the Tamworth – Burton line near Alrewas. So Lichfield and Burton are directly connected by rail.

More on Lichfield Trent Valley Train Station here: