Avid followers ( are there any ? ) of this blog will have noticed the recent blog


On Monday morning I decided to post this blog with the objective of getting exposure for The Glan to those people who were Googling for a ” dog friendly pub near Holywell, in Flintshire, North Wales “.

Between us ( you and me ) we have made this blogsite pretty authoratitive and known to Google. Quite frankly I am sometimes amazed at the speed that Googles spiders find new blogs that I post and how well they rank in Google searches.

I can only guess that the reporters at the Daily Post were thinking about ” Dog Friendly Pubs ” that morning because, I promise you, 2 hours after the post went live the phone rang at The Glan and a Daily Post reporter said that she wanted to send a photographer around.

The photographer wanted dogs in the picture and so a mad rush ensued – phoning customers and asking ones that were in to bring in their dogs.

Photos taken the photographer stated that the article would be in The Daily Post the following day – sure enough


there it was.

The TV and radio stations obviously trawl the papers websites so it was not a huge surprise when Radio Cymru


called and asked Cerys if she could do an interview ( in Welsh ) around 4 p.m.

This also happened and so in 2 days we had gone from Dog to Superstar !!