Lets look at how the “boiler room stockbroker”  Anderson Munro achieves a veneer of respectability on the Internet to prospective investors .

If we Google Anderson Munro as follows


we can see that the website comes up at the top followed by the use of various press release sites which promote different investment themes like investing in Verizon, A.T.&T, o2, Intel or car battery manufacturer BYD.

Anderson Munro selects these ” bait ” themes because of thier brand and respectability.

BYD, they will tell you, was invested in by Warren Buffett – which is actually true.

As we know most people only look at the at the first page of Google and mainly at the top few natural listings. So the aim of the person at Anderson Munro who is posting all of these themes on press release sites is to dominate the front page and as many following pages as possible and to get free, natural listings as far as possible.

There are no Adwords posts so this is a possible area for someone else to get on the front page of Google and interrupt Anderson Munro’s false veneer.

This was pointed out as a possibility in the stumbleforward blog here


So, the Anderson Munro internet promotion approach is to set up a website and then surround or support it with Press Releases via Free Press Release sites. These Press Releases will pick up the various themes promoted by Anderson Munro’s cold callers when they call the database of prospects that they have.

The Anderson Munro press releases can also be further promoted through sites like Digg.

This is a simple but effective Internet promotion technique. Promote the name Anderson Munro and then the theme.

Other companies employing a similar approach include

Westernfield Holdings who are discussed here:





for example or just Google


and also check out