Over the last couple of days Mike from Poundbury Systems in Dorchester, Dorset has been helping me with my PC ( & laptop & notebook ) performance .

We started out fixing a few problems but then got onto the subject of ” Bloatware ” ( unnecessary stuff that PC manufacturers put on to their PC’s that slows down the computer – especially boot up times – and takes up memory and disk space ) and then PC performance.

Mike was telling me that he spends a lot of time taking off ” Bloatware ” from computers before giving them to clients.

As this article says


Bloatware on Acer, Dell, Sony and HP computers just slows them down.

You would probably have assumed ( unless you are experienced in these matters ) that when you have a new computer it is going to be at peak performance and would go downhill from there because you have added more applications and probably acquired a few virus’s.

Actually to get to peak performance the Bloatware needs to be removed .

Mike and I spent some time ( after solving the main problems ) getting rid of applications that I didn’t really need.

Since then I have been going through the applications that I have and getting rid of any I don’t use myself ( although I feel safer going through them with Mike because sometimes you are not sure whether it’s ok to delete certain programs ).

Mike also advised me to take off any virus checking software that we were not using as one virus checker could contend with another – so we have done that aswell.

If you need some advice on improving PC performance give Mike a call at Poundbury systems:

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