Hens Party Packages Dublin

Posted by Chris on January 4th, 2014

If you are having your hen party in Dublin then we have a great makeup package for you

Dublin is an amazing place to have your Hens Party and we will make sure that you look great for your special night out


Hello Beauties! due to the increased number of enquiries Decadent Beauty have had regarding their Hens Party Packages, we decided it was high time to dedicate a blog to it. We all know that getting married is one of the most important days of a girls life! But lets not forget the wonderful opportunity the bride to be has, to gather all the lovely ladies in her life together and celebrate her impending nuptial’s. Why not let us get your evening off to a sparkling start?




Decadent Beauty will come to your hotel/venue of choice and give you ladies a stunning make over that will add that extra touch of glitter and glamour to your night!! If you have a themed hen night in mind, for example vintage look, they can cater for you. Just contact them and tell them your idea and they will work with you to create the look you wish for.


Package prices vary depending on numbers, they offer discounts for larger groups, however no group is too small.  If you are travelling to the UK for a hens party, we have top make up artists over there that are also offering hens party packages so please don’t hesitate to contact us:  contact@decadentb.com, Tel: 087 3869021 and ask for Debbie.


Focus on your strengths it’s the best solution……..

Posted by Chris on January 10th, 2010

A team is a group of two or more people working together to accomplish a task. With the explosion of knowledge in the information age and the greater interdependence of different work groups, it has become clear that team members need to work together more effectively to accomplish tasks

In the past, many organisations have emphasised the interactions between managers and employees; the challenge for the future lies in the interactions among employees as equals (i.e., on teams). These teams may be cross-functional in nature and will operate without the benefit of a built-in hierarchy. Thus, team members may be less certain of their respective roles. The challenge is to help team members manage these roles and contribute to the team using their own unique strengths.

Individuals and teams need to know their strengths – do we prefer to analyse, organise, socialise or conceptualise, most of us have two or more preferences. We are all motivated and stimulated by engaging our preferences.

Focus on your strengths and have plan to manage your weaknesess if they affect the productivity of the group.

For example: how many of us know the stalling speed of a Jumbo 747 ?

“I guess if you are the captain or the first officer it’s important – however for most of us it’s a knowledge weakness that if it dosn’t effect the productivity of the group then the strategy would be to ignore it”.

Much time, money and effort is spent every year on training on peoples weaknesess with very little permanent improvement in productivity.

Focus on your strengths and you will be well rewarded.

Richard Spooner – Sales Coach

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