Wow !! Fantastic Health Club Membership Offer in Burton on Trent

Posted by Chris on March 14th, 2010

I found a fantastic Health Club Membership offer at the exclusive E3 Fitness club

that seems to beat all the other Health and Fitness Club Membership offers that I came across in Burton.

They are doing Memberships from £29.95 per month AND there is no Joining FEE !!

Now I don’t know if you have been down to E3 but this is a rather special health and fitness club anyway and getting a membership for this price is really just amazing !!

It’s run by Jason Stennett who is a really experienced personal trainer and health and fitness club manager and just a really nice guy. I guess it helps ( with the girls anyway ) that he is pretty good looking although of course I wouldn’t know about that. wink

Anyway him and Mike ( who is completely mad ) run a really fun operation and everyone is not only talking ( revelation !!!! ) but also having a laugh.

Don’t know about you but if I can get fit, lose weight and have a laugh at the same time it’s a bonus !!

Anyway, I don’t think they will be doing these special prices on memberships for very long so probably best to swing by E3 and have a chat to Jason or Mike.

Might even see you there sometime ..

Finding a great personal fitness trainer in Burton on Trent

Posted by Chris on March 13th, 2010

I was looking for personal fitness training in Burton on Trent

on the instructions of Doctor Rob in Alrewas and decided to finally respond to Jason and Mike at E3 Fitness who had been gently pestering me since late last year.

Jason had been providing personal training to me at home for a while but after an illness I had let it drop off and it took a while and a lot of prodding from various people to realise that I needed to get myself on a weight loss program somewhere near to Burton on Trent area.

The great thing about E3 Fitness is that they offer free consultation and free health checks and they open at 6am week days and 7am weekends which suits me because at the moment I am waking up early in the morning.

Now instead of Twittering, Facebooking and other social networking I can actually get myself a tailor made program to help me with steady and healthy fat loss and improved fitness levels.

Having a personal fitness trainer work with me at E3’s studio is both motivating and fun ( as they are a pretty crazy bunch ! ) and the music is great aswell.

E3 also have health and fitness club Memberships from £29.95 per month at the moment with No Joining FEE. So, I can get fit, lose weight and all for not much money !!

Jason and Mike run a great health and fitness club in Burton on Trent

Posted by Chris on March 13th, 2010

If you are trying to get fit and keep fit in Burton on Trent then I recommend E3 Fitness

Congratulations to Jason & Mike at E3 ( and Paul in New York and Dr Rob in Alrewas )  for working together to finally get me to do some keep fit.

Health and fitness has not been top of my agenda over the last few years although I am pleased to say that I have cut down on the old alcohol and watch what I am eating.

Since joining E3 Health and Fitness Club in Burton on Trent I have been pretty useless at getting down there but Jason and Mike have gently persisted using email, social networks and all sorts of other devious means to persuade me to come down.

It’s going to be a long haul back to a 3.07 marathon but with Jason and Mike’s help I will get fit and stay fit and healthy.

There was a plan to run The Great North Run this year with my friend Paul from New York but my slow start to getting fit in 2010 has probably meant that I will not make it. Having said that with Jason designing me a great fitness regime and him and Mike watching over me like mother hens you never know what is possible!

The thing about most fitness clubs is that they usually spend about five minutes when you first join making you welcome and then you never see anyone else for the next few years.

In fact my secretary recently resigned from her health club in Tamworth, having not been spoken to about her health and fitness aims or goals for over 3 years and they did not even talk to her when she gave them her 3 month resignation !!

E3 adopt a completely different attitude and keep a regular check of your health and fitness progress. In fact I have had more tests and assessments than I can remember – but at least they were all fun. I mean that Mike is completely nuts – singing and laughing as he beasts his customers 😉

Great job guys !!!!

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