but glad to hear that you made a physical and digital Will.

This blog was pointed out to me the other day by Thomas Power


It’s interesting to think that Thomas was having his ” Digital Will ” thoughts when I was starting to work with


It would seem that we have both had death on our minds.

I also came across this video


from Adele McAlear of http://www.deathanddigitallegacy.com/ which really covers a lot of the issues involved in Digital Death and talks about blogger Mac Tonnies death ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_Tonnies ).

One of my friends – Gary ” Photography ” Morgan also died last year and there were quite a few issues over some of his digital legacy ( http://www.footprints.me.uk/index.phphttps://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154988787849739 ).

I think Thomas is correct in highlighting that one of the main pieces of digital value that most ” Online ” people have is their email database. If you consider the successful internet marketers the cornerstone of their Internet Marketing efforts is their email database.

You will often find them emailing on behalf of a friend or business colleague.

If you are a Director or shareholder in an online business then probably this online business will become part of your ” Physical will ” but if you have, say, an eBay shop that you regularly sell things from and an associated PayPal account then these may need to be part of your ” Digital Will “.

As Thomas and Adele point out one of the keys to everything else is your primary email address and the password for this. It is is the key to your digital legacy.

Most people don’t get around to making a physical will, never mind a digital will so we are making it easy for people to get started.

It’s free and all you need to provide is your name, email and short address.