My old company Voyager Networks is up for sale again. The financial results over the last few years have got steadily worse and according to The Channel  recently turnover was down to £4.5 Million and losses up to £0.5 Million. When I left the company we had a turnover of around £13 Million.

Peter Howells of 365iT Services – the troubled IT Partner that is now part of the LMS Capital portfolio but subject to all sorts of legal challenges to it’s Managements decisions to sell off key assets without informing shareholders – is apparently in contact with Nigel Williams about acquiring what’s left of Voyager Networks. The headquarters building in Warwick Science Park, Coventry is also up for sale ( This may well be in Nigel Williams’ and Jonny Shaw’s Pension Fund ).

A sale of Voyager Networks to 365iT Services would probably be a case of  ” out of the frying pan and into the fire ” for Voyager’s customer’s and staff. The problem is that there is very little of any value at Voyager Networks. A few customers and a maintenance book. Some experienced staff. That’s about it. Voyager had become increasingly a ” me too ” reseller over the years having sold off it’s National IP network along with the opportunity to provide Managed IP services.

Once a leader in Voice over IP it failed to migrate into full blown Unified Communications services. My other company 5i Networks Limited had the leadership in this area but this was lost when it became part of 365iT Services.

Peter Howells never had a good word for Nigel Williams, Jonny Shaw and Voyager Networks after he left there so one can only assume that a temporary truce has been made for serious business reasons.

I have been contacted by a number of very concerned ex and current Voyager Networks staff and really would like to do something to help them avoid the disaster that waits them in 365iT Services.