Digital Experts Academy Franchise – Documentary due January 2013

Posted by Chris on January 4th, 2013

A documentary about the Digital Experts Academy franchise opportunity is due to be released in January 2013

This documentary about the Digital Experts Academy franchise opportunity will explain more about Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek’s vision for the D.E.A. and the way in which 1000 new Digital Marketers will be traind by 2015

As readers of my blog’s will know the Digital Experts Academy franchise opportunity is being taken up by forward thinking entrepreneurs around the world.

Let’s say up front that it’s low cost, low risk, high potential model is very attractive to a lot of people.

Also highly attractive is the fact that, as I have explained previously in some detail , it is really at least 3 opportunities in one package:

1. The opportunity to resell Digital Experts Academy Products ( Aswell as Six Figure Mentors and PRO U products ).

2. The opportunity to use ” the system ” in multiple businesses of your own.

3. The opportunity to become an ” integrator ” of the system into other businesses sales and marketing system’s.

No doubt the soon to be released documentary on the Digital Experts Academy opportunity will highlight Stuart and Jay’s view on what the opportunity is.

For certain the investment in the tools, support, mentorship and community is in marked contrast with other ” Internet Marketing ” Affiliate scheme’s which seem very ” short term ” by comparison.

We can expect a minimum ” life ” of around 5-10 years from the D.E.A. products and services but the opportunity outlined in 2. and 3, goes even beyond this.

We are building Centripetal Networks to support the main D.E.A. / S.F.M. / PRO U opportunity and Centripetal Consulting in particular to be a Global Digital Marketing Integrator that will use ” the system ” to support other businesses’s ( sales and marketing ) systems.

This opportunity has been described on this blog as being similar to being a Global Cisco Systems Integrator .  Similar but not exactly the same.

As one of the top 100 Hi Tech. investors in the world I recommend that you get yourself on the list of people who will see the Digital Experts Academy Documentary first ( sign up >>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<< ) and evaluate the opportunity for yourself.

I will tell you this…

There are many Internet Marketers and Social Media Marketers who are kidding themselves that there is a living in what they are doing. There are only a very small percentage of ( independent ) consultants that are making any money ( and they probably have at least one retained client ).

There is little to no money in this business BUT there is money in it IF it is allied to the Digital Experts Academy opportunity.

For those that understand what I mean there is also a realistic EXIT STRATEGY for D.E.A. Franchisees. If you don’t know or understand what I mean by this – ASK ME !!!!

Exit Strategy is one of my specialisations and at Centripetal Network we have worked out how YOU can build yourself an exitable business.

This means that while you are making money you can also be building yourself an asset to be sold in the future.





Peter MacLean drags MBI Coakley Limited into Fox IT Holdings 365iT plc scam

Posted by Chris on September 19th, 2012

Peter MacLean, some time Chairman of Fox IT Holdings Limited, until recently parent company of Fox IT Limited and previously 365iT plc – has now dragged Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, MBI Coakley Limited, into the great 365iT plc scam ( although they seem unaware of the chequered history of MacLean and 365iT plc ). MacLean’s long time mates at Moore Blatch solicitors in Southampton sent out a letter to shareholders on the 3 July 2012 saying that there would be a General Meeting of the shareholders on the 2nd August 2012 at which a proposal to wind up the company voluntarily would be put to the members i.e. shareholders .
( This means that MacLean would basically put his proposals to himself, Pieter Hooft  of LMS Capital and Derek King of South East Venture Growth Fund – as they were the majority shareholders before and after the sale of 365iT’s companies to themselves ).

So, a company ( Fox IT Holdings Limited ) which sometime earlier had sold nearly all of  it’s assets ( companies like e.g. 5i Limited )  to another company ( LMS Capital – where Pieter Hooft is M.D. UK Investments – he is listed as a Director of  365iT plc ) and the holding company of which MacLean was also a Chairman ( 365 it services Limited ) and a shareholder,  was now being put into Members Voluntary Liquidation despite the fact MacLean himself had been paid £millions out of it only recently, it had no creditors ( because they had all been paid off  when LMS Capital bought the companies ) and the Directors of Fox IT Limited had just done an M.B.O. of Fox I.T. Limited from Fox I.T. Holdings Limited( See Press Release below ).

In fact it turns out that ( according to Fox IT Limited ) the date of the Members Voluntary Liquidation was delayed firstly to allow the M.B.O. of Fox I.T. Limited to take place and secondly ( according to MBI Coakley ) to enable the preferential shareholders to do some fine tuning to the arrangements so that they could get nearly all of the money available in the company’s accounts leaving virtually nothing for the Ordinary shareholders.

The preferential shareholders are not listed but we can take an educated guess that they include LMS Capital, Peter MacLean and South East Growth Venture Fund. Yes folks, Peter MacLean gets even more money !!

Let’s summarise shall we ???? Most of the company’s that were in 365iT plc ( was Impera plc ) and became Fox IT Holdings Limited are now in 365 IT Services Limited which is a company owned by LMS Ventures ( Where Pieter Hooft is on the Board ) AND Peter MacLean ( who is Chairman of 365IT Services Limited ). It is run by Peter Howells, former M.D. of 5i Limited.

So basically, MacLean and LMS Capital sold these companies to themselves. ( Not sure if Derek King and South East Growth Fund is involved in LMS Capital or 365 IT Services Limited )

MBI Coakley have been presented with a nice neat set of accounts which show that everyone has been looked after except the Ordinary shareholders in Impera plc ( as was ) / 365iT plc /Fox I.T. Holdings Limited. There is virtually nothing left for them.

The terms of the arrangement to sell 365iT plc’s companies to themselves remain a mystery.

The people that got paid out when LMS Capital bought these companies remain a secret.

The terms of the sale of Fox IT Limited to it’s Directors are also a mystery.

I have been inundated with Ordinary shareholders calling me. Some of whom have been working with or for Peter MacLean since the early days. None of them have a good word to say about him.

The investigations continue.

Fox IT Limited MBO Press Release

Fox IT: Management Buy-Out

Fox IT Limited, the leading independent UK based IT Service Management specialists, has

been the subject of a full and exclusive management buyout with effect from 24th August,

2012. The current management team of Andrew Gray (Finance Director), Mike Darkens

(Consulting Director) and Ashley Bassett (Sales Director) have purchased in full the shares

from the parent company, Fox IT Holdings Limited (formerly 365iT Plc.) and will form the

new board and operational directorship of the business. The acquisition retains all current

operational and delivery UK based staff as well as its global partner network covering 25

countries and 125 accredited Service Management consultants.

Since 1981, Fox IT, formerly Ultracomp, has assisted over 500 organisations and 200000

individuals on their journey to transform IT Services in order to deliver greater business

value through accredited training reinforced with assessment and implementation tools and

services. This management buyout facilitates a strengthening of Fox IT’s core business

focus and portfolio in supporting organisations through all phases of their continual service

improvement journey.

Ashley Bassett commented “I believe this is great news for our Clients, employees and the

ITSM Industry. We’re genuinely excited and confident that the buyout provides the

opportunity for Fox IT to continue being the partner of choice for Service Improvement and

transformation programs. Since its involvement in the inception of ITIL® and ISO/IEC

20000, Fox IT has continually been at the forefront in establishing, the advancement and the

practical application of Service Management best practice through thought leadership,

content provision and service delivery. Whilst continuing to support organisations with their

core training needs a key focus and challenge for the new Board of Directors is to provide

our Clients with practical education, guidance and tools to accelerate the translation of their

significant training investment into tangible business benefits.

The Fox IT brand has already seen a shift from being purely a world leading ITSM training

company to one of supporting our Clients’ service improvement programs providing

consulting and resourcing services, process development tools, bespoke training offerings

and strategic mentoring and guidance for maintaining service quality. Therefore, Fox IT is

well positioned to meet this change in demand. Part of our new mission is to raise the

profile of ITSM to meet and deliver business objectives”

Mike Darkens added “The success of the business is based on the core attributes of our

people, their experience and energy. This has led to the positive results we have delivered

consistently to our clients and through adding to our strong relationships, we can continue

the current trend of business growth.”

ITIL ® is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office – Members Voluntary Liquidation Details.

LMS Capital capitulates to Rayne Concerty Party and seals 365itServices fate

Posted by Chris on December 9th, 2011

LMS Capital plc capitulated to the Rayne Concert Party demand to keep Robert Rayne on the Board of Directors and Head the ” Special Committee ”  tasked with winding down LMS Capital’s investments including 365itservices with the following announcement:

25 November 2011



LMS Capital plc (“LMS” or the “Company”) announces that its board of directors (the “Board”) has

agreed a process  to reconstitute the Board.  This process, which is intended to ensure that  the

Company has an independent Board in place to oversee its wind-down in the best interests of all

shareholders, and to reflect good corporate governance, has been established with the Concert Party

described in the Company’s circular to shareholders dated 7 November 2011.

A Committee of the Board (the  “Special Committee”) will be appointed to manage the reconstitution

and will comprise Richard Christou, Robert Rayne and Mark Sebba. Mark Sebba will chair the Special


The Special Committee will effect the search for two new independent non-executive directors with

the assistance of search consultants.

Upon the appointment of the two new directors, John Barnsley and David Verey will stand down from

the Board, and Robert Rayne will stand down as Chairman but remain on the Board. Richard Christou

will replace Robert Rayne as Chairman.

On the basis of these arrangements and the Board’s support of Robert Rayne, the Concert Party has

withdrawn its request that shareholders be  asked whether they agree that he remain on the Board.

Accordingly, the third resolution relating to Robert Rayne set out in the Company’s circular of 7

November 2011 will not be considered at the general meeting convened for 11.00 a.m. on 30

November 2011 and shareholders will only be asked to vote in relation to the two resolutions to

approve the Company’s proposed wind-down strategy. The Board is unanimously recommending that

shareholders vote in favour of this strategy.


Quayle Munro: 020 7907 4200

Colin La Fontaine Jackson/Andrew Tuckey

Matrix Corporate Capital LLP

This really seals the fate of 365 ITMS Limited  and 365it which will now be broken up and sold as soon as practicable.


Shareholders General Meeting – Poll Results

On 30 November 2011, LMS Capital plc held the Shareholders General Meeting requisitioned by the Rayne Concert Party. The results of the voting by poll on the resolutions

put to the meeting are listed below. All resolutions were passed by the required majority.


For* Against* Withheld**

Votes % Votes % Votes

1. Approve the new investment policy 242,375,643 97.79 5,474,039 2.21 50,206

2. Approve the orderly winding down of the Company 226,548,610 91.39 21,334,453 8.61 65,702

* The ‘For’ and ‘Against’ votes include those votes giving the Company Secretary discretion.

** The votes ‘Withheld’ are not counted towards the votes cast at the General Meeting

Resolution 3, as originally included in the Notice of General Meeting dated 7 November 2011, was withdrawn by the Rayne Concert Party on 25 November

2011 and was therefore not put to the vote at the Meeting.

The Company’s issued share capital, as at 30 November 2011, is 272,674,285 ordinary shares of 10p each.


Peter MacLean invites 365iT Impera plc shareholders to vote – finally !

Posted by Chris on December 7th, 2011

Peter MacLean, who sometimes refers to himself as a Director and other times as a Non-executive Chairman of 365iT plc, has called a General Meeting for Ordinary Shareholders on the 12th December 2011 at 10.00 in the company’s offices’s at 4 Cartel Business Centre, Stroudley Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8FW.

This is to change the name of 365iT plc to Fox IT Holding plc and to re-register as a limited company.

Now, 365iT and Impera plc shareholders must be asking themselves how it is that they are invited to discuss and approve a change of name and company status but they didn’t get to vote on the sale of most of the companies that 365iT plc owned to LMS Capital; didn’t get to vote on who got their loan notes paid off and who didn’t and also didn’t get to vote on the fact that the name of the company would need to be changed to keep LMS Capital happy.

They were also not informed that these companies were being sold to LMS Capital at a time when approximately 37% of the shareholders ( known as the Raynes Party ) were asking that no further investments be made and the company split up. ( There will be a blog on what has happened at LMS Capital shortly ).

We can assume that MacLean thinks that he was acting within company law, the articles of association etc etc when he made all these decisions. Time will tell about that.

One of the good things about this General Meeting is that it gives oridinary shareholders the opportunity to meet one another and to discuss the recent events orchestrated by MacLean.

Business Health Warning !!

My advice to you for the future is:

Don’t invest in any company run by Peter MacLean.

Don’t sell your company to any company that MacLean is involved in.

The other ” Directors ” ( albeit non-executive ) of 365iT plc at the moment are Derek King ( also a Director of North West Equity and South East Growth Fund Managers Limited ) and Pieter Hooft ( also a Director of 365 ITMS Limited and others ). Presumably Mr Gourlay of Sussex Place  ( and others ) has resigned ??

Presumably Hooft was the contact at LMS Capital that was agreeing to buy the 365iT companies that were sold whilst LMS Capital itself was being asked to stop investing and split itself up and sell each company. ( In fact this is now the agreed strategy for LMS Capital – no further investments and a split up asap ).

More as we get it ……

365iTservices, 365 ITMS, LMS Capital, Peter MacLean, Robert Rayne, 5i and shareholders chat

Posted by Chris on October 11th, 2011

If you are a shareholder in 365iT plc ( 365it )  , LMS Capital, South East Growth Fund or Sussex Place Ventures then it’s been an interesting few weeks for you. As you may or may not know LMS Capital just acquired 365iT companies 5i Limited, ImperaData, Dynax and Secure Networks at a time when The Honourable Robert Rayne ( until recently Chairman of LMS Capital )  has led the ” Rayne Concert Party ” ( who own around 35% of LMS Capital ) in a bid to break up LMS Capital.

Following an earlier blog of mine shareholders in 365iT ( 365it ) have been contacting me to try to find out what exactly is going on at 365iT plc. All that shareholders have received is a letter from Peter MacLean that raises more questions than it answers. ( Particularly in the light of what is going on at LMS Capital ! ) Interestingly long standing ( long suffering ?? ) 365iT shareholders have said to me that the letter sent out late last month is typical of the sort of ” say quite a bit  but say nothing ” communications that they are used to.

We are all waiting with bated breath to see what the new company that comprises 5i Limited, ImperaData, Dynax and Secure Networks is oing to be called. Maybe it will just be ” part of LMS Capital ” until , if the ” Raynes Concert Party ” have their way, the LMS Capital companies are sold off again. ( I know – you are having trouble keeping up with this already !! ).

Don’t worry ! – this blog will help keep you informed on events at 365iT plc ( 365it ) and LMS Capital as and when they happen. I will also report on the upcoming meeting of 365iT shareholders – it will be very interesting to hear more about the history of Impera plc. Some of the shareholders have known Peter MacLean since he was at Guardian iT.

From what we can tell 365iT is now a debt free company which owns Fox I.T.

Here’s the blurb for investors from the ( new ) 365iT website:


365iT website

365 iT plc

“365 iT plc was founded in 2005 and now employs over 120 people. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries (365 iTechnology Ltd, 5i Ltd, 7 Global Group Ltd and Fox IT Ltd), the group provides an extensive range of IT services and solutions that address ten strategic areas of IT operations and management: IT Managed Services, Unified Communications, Business Continuity, Data Backup, IT Security, Virtualisation, Networks, Storage Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions and IT Service Management.

365 iT plc designs and delivers information and communications technology (ICT) services that help organisations enhance their IT effectiveness and ROI, enabling them to better meet their business objectives. Headquartered in Basingstoke, the company works closely with its clients from SME businesses through to corporate and public sector organisations.

Peter MacLean photo

Commenting on the acquisition of Fox IT, Peter MacLean, 365 iT plc’s chairman and chief executive, said: “This is a very positive development for the 365 iT group and I welcome Paul Speers and his team. I look forward to working closely with them in and in particular to helping them grow their business model substantially in the coming years.

MacLean continued: “This latest acquisition represents yet another significant step forward consolidating the group’s position in the very competitive and rapidly developing IT services market.”

Paul Speers, Fox IT’s managing director, said: “The future is undoubtedly very exciting and I believe that Fox IT’s capabilities in ITSM and ITIL strongly complement those of 365 iT plc. The combined forces of both companies will establish a new benchmark in the IT Services Sector.”

This 5th acquisition in just 4 years demonstrates the strength of 365 iT and the group’s ability to exhibit continued substantial growth at a time when many businesses are doing quite the opposite. In September, 365 iT plc was ranked the 15th fastest growing technology company in the UK, according to the prestigious Tech Track league table.”

As you can see until very recently everything was Go, Go, Go at 365iT plc !!

Meanwhile whilst there is a lot about the ” Rayne Concert Party ” on the LMS Capital website

there is nothing about the acquisition of 5i Limited, ImperaData, Dynax and Secure Networks which is a bit odd when you consider that at the time the ” Rayne Concert Party ” were shouting for a break up LMS Capital were just spending a load of money acquiring new companies !!

At least all the creditors and Loan Note Holders of 365iT plc got paid out by the money from LMS Capital. Who were the Loan Note Holders – well you can probably guess ( !! ) but more on after the shareholders meeting 😉

Please bookmark and share this blog because THIS is going to be an interesting story!

P.S. More on the New Company that LMS Capital just funded here:

About Us

365 ITMS Limited is a new company formed by a management buyout, backed by LMS Capital plc, of a number of business divisions from 365 iT plc.

These business divisions deliver a range of technology solutions extending from unified communications to network and system infrastructure, security, business continuity and managed services.

The new company, 365 ITMS Limited is managed by Peter Howells who was the Managing Director and co-founder of 5i Limited, the unified communications specialist. Peter MacLean, Chairman and Chief Executive of 365 iT plc who also joins the board as Non-Executive Chairman will focus on corporate strategy and acquisitions.

Peter Howells, Managing Director of 365 ITMS said “Our aim is to become the trusted IT services supplier of choice for corporate businesses in the UK. Bringing together the separate divisions under one banner will provide us with one of the strongest portfolio of technologies and services possible and allow us to work closer with existing and new customers and business partners to achieve this goal.”

Howells added “Working with LMS Capital will not only ensure that we have the capital to fund organic growth but also provide access to a greater source of investment capital to acquire other businesses that will further strengthen our overall proposition in key areas of technology and services delivery.”

Commenting on the investment, Pieter Hooft, Managing Director UK Investments at LMS Capital, said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of 365 ITMS Limited. Our due diligence has confirmed that the individual businesses are held in high regard by customers and key suppliers and we are confident that their integration into a single new company, under a management team that has a proven track record of profitable growth, will create an outstanding company that will take advantage of the rapidly changing IT landscape.”

Cloud Computing floats high in U.K. Hi-Tech Mergers & Acquisitions in 2011

Posted by Chris on January 25th, 2011

Cloud Computing is destined to be one of  the most active Hi-Tech sectors for Mergers & Acquisitions in the U.K. in 2011 according to this article

which comments on Deloitte’s bi-annual survey of U.K. based Hi-Tech companies.

Within Cloud Computing Hosted Telephony and Unified Communications is one of the growth niche’s.

Innovative companies like FutureLine, which is being supported by Cisco Systems, are addressing specific market segments e.g. Highly distributed SMB’s.

A Cisco spokesperson said:

“We are seeing an increasing demand for managed and hosted solutions in the voice space and this is especially the case for smaller businesses with less than 20 employees. FutureLine have a refreshingly new approach by addressing the key fundamentals of quality, security and ease of use and deployment. This is all underpinned by partnering with Cisco who fully understand how to manage different media provided by the various consumption models.”

Andy Brocklehurst
RSM Cisco Small Business

Cisco Hosted Voip Partner gets award and then bought by Comcast

Posted by Chris on March 3rd, 2010

Hot on the heels of Andrew Sage, VP Small Business Systems in the U.S., tweeting that Cisco and Wholesale Hosted voip provider NGT had been awarded ” Product of the year ” from Internet Telephony magazine ” for Outstanding SMB Service Innovation in Collaboration with Cisco “

it was announced that NGT had been acquired by Comcast for an ” undisclosed sum “. ( The announcement was in the small print of the first release aswell )—buys-ngt.html

There’s a number of interesting aspects of this:

1. Some time ago Cisco started partnering with Hosted Voip providers in the U.S. and the U.K. Some of these partners used front ended Call Manager at the core but Cisco also partnered with ” competitor ” platforms. This seemed a little strange until you realised that a lot of Cisco endpoints were getting shipped by these customers – in NGT’s case ”  150,000+ IP endpoints under management ” and the bundle provided used ”  Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones “.  ” NGT is ( ??? ) the largest provider of wholesale hosted IP Telephony Communication solutions in the U.S. and NGT enables leading VARs, MSOs, Service Providers and Agents to provide nationwide, managed IP communication services to their customers through its proven channel ready solutions “. So NGT had an indirect model. It had sold to a number of ” Telcos “.

2. This might kick off a bit of a ” land grab ” as Telco’s realise that they have to have Hosted Voip in their portfolio. This applies to the U.S. and the U.K.

3. There are a number of Hosted Voip players in the U.K. – a couple using front ended Call Manager; others using a ” competitor ” core but Cisco endpoints and others using neither.

Watch this space because it is going to get pretty wild !!

Looking for SaaS companies that may want to sell.

Posted by Chris on February 12th, 2010

I have a client who is looking for SaaS companies that might fit into it’s Buy and Build Portfolio. They will deliver solutions for the public and private sectors.

If you know of any such companies please let me know asap.

Mergers and Acquisitions International

Posted by Chris on February 3rd, 2010
Useful site and book.

M&A Technology Reviews talks about 365iT

Posted by Chris on December 2nd, 2009

This is an interesting review from Icon Corporate Finance of Q2 M&A activity and mentions 365iT as being on the acquisition trail which it is for selected companies that fit the portfolio, such as the acquisition of 5i earlier this year and the very recent acquisition of 7 global.

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