I have known Vincent Wright of Brandergy – The Brandergist – for many years. Probably around 8, when I joined U.K. based network Ecademy.com. We had communicated on and off for all those years but it is only in recent months that we have actually made money together.

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Making money together changes a relationship significantly.

We have both been on our own journeys. Ones that finally  brought us back together recently. In my case one of my main journeys was seeking the answer to ” How to make money online ? “. I have made £multi-Millions starting, building up and selling ” bricks and mortar ” companies but not
( yet ) a ” Virtual ” company.

As you may know ( or you can easily find out using Google ) I am on many social networks where I have significant ( quality ) global networks. I am on Ecademy, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and who knows how many more. I have 10’s of thousands of connections and I KNOW, LIKE and TRUST many of the people that I am connected to. There are actually a number of people around the world who I have met only in the ” virtual world ” but who I have done business with.

There is a common theme amongst all my virtual networks which derives from the fact that many people who my friends come across – as one of my friends eloquently says, are – FAKES, FLAKES, WEIRDO’s, LIARS, THIEVES and CREEPS. ( the girls have a particularly hard time with these it seems ).

Generally people say that Twitter is one of the best networks to meet people on who you can do business with ( I have certainly found that to be true ). Others would say that Linkedin is the best network ( not my top network but I can understand what people mean ).

Increasingly people are looking for a quality, curated, business network.

I did not think that that network would be Brandergy but it turned out to be the case. I think this is because everybody in the Brandergy network is someone that Vincent knows. He either met them somewhere else himself and invited them into Brandergy or someone he knows recommended them to Brandergy. He knows what they do and what they are looking for.

He has some 60,000 email addresses and a network that extends to 100’s of thousands of people. These people are all around the world.

Joining Brandergy is FREE and taking advantage of Vincent’s prospect identification and personal introduction services costs only a few 100 dollars.

I can only say that the Return on Investment of joining Vincent’s network is incredible. A few 100 dollars invested have brought in tens of thousands of dollars in business. I cannot think of anywhere where this level of return can be achieved.

Through mailshots, personal introductions, skype phone calls and branding on the Brandergy website I have met and done business with many people that I otherwise would not have known.

It is difficult to decide where to put your marketing and promotional dollars these days. I recommend that you talk to Vincent about what return he can give you for a modest outlay – I think you will be AMAZED with the results.