M&A Rainmaker and Google and Linkedin Top Digital Sales Expert, Chris Windley, is excited to be working with the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre and Business Resilience International Management to build a unique and powerful fusion of around 400 east Midlands businesses and organisations in the next year or so.

This aligns perfectly with Chris’s work with LuJam Cyber Security.

Both organisations work really closely with #GCHQ #NCSC and #IASME and both are determined to improve the business and cyber resilience of all businesses but in particular SMB and Micro businesses.

The Main Board and the Advisory Panel are being built at the moment  – see


and the Main Board will comprise of senior members of the local #Police #Academia #BigBusiness and #Government.

There has probably never been such a meeting of these organisations in a Board other than in the existing Scottish, Manchester and North East Business and Cyber Resilience Boards and centres,

See here the latest #CyberSecurity advice from the Head if NCSC and above