MilliOnAir Magazine London Launch 31st January 2017

Posted by Chris on February 24th, 2017

MilliOnAir Global Magazine held it’s first Launch Party in the World in London at Alfie Best’s fabulously refurbished Vinyl Bar on Tuesday 31st January.

Chris Windley and Millie Cooper .. Editor and Investor/Strategist/cofounder – there from Day 1.





The event brought together the MilliOnAir Team ( Investor and Strategist Chris Windley, Business Partner and Investor Mariett Ramm and Millie Cooper ) , guest speakers and inspirational people and brands from all around the world many of whom have appeared in the magazine and some have graced the front cover.

Photo Credit to Gibson Blanc for many of the photos included here. Contact Him.

Photo above: Millie with USA Business Partner and Charlie’s Last Angel – Lori Mixson – who writes the Mixsonitup pages in MilliOnAir.

This Launch party celebrated the release of the February issue 09, sporting a new logo, with cover star Tony Schiena – featured in Lori’s Mixsonitup pages.

Beginning with photograph’s in front of the sponsor board there was a champagne reception and canapes.

On to the speakers and Olympian and former MilliOnAir cover star Jamie Baulch praised Millie and the MilliOnAir Team for what they had achieved over the past 8 issues. Jamie and I have become firm friends since we met online a few months back.

Photo above: Jamie Baulch and Mark Llewelyn – who brought Channel 4 TV stars from SAS Who Dares Wins. Harry Reid from Eastenders was also amongst the guests.

The next speaker was International Speaker, Mentor, Success Coach and Business Partner of and Investor in MilliOnAir Global, Mariett Ramm who was followed by TV Personality Claire Smith who interviewed Millie. Claire did an amazing job of finding out where Millie saw MilliOnAir going in the future and controlling the excited audience !!

Photo above: Claire Smith and Mariett Ramm

On stage also was Jenny Lee Holt, Co-founder of sponsor Spectrum Telecoms.

Above pic: Jenny and Millie

Celia Sawyer is an inspiration and support to many .. certainly she is to Millie and Kira !!!

After the speeches came some fabulous singing by Liss Jones, star of The Voice, X Factor, Big Breakfast and Stars in their Eyes.

Above pic: Liss Jones

Liss was followed by another The Voice star Hannah Wildes who gave a brilliant performance. ( 2nd left below )

Photo above: Hannah Wildes

Of course the Vinyl Bar’s owner Alfie Best was there with World Champion cage fighter Tony Giles. Many thanks to Alfie for the use of the bar.

Photo above: Alfie Best and Tony Giles.

STOP PRESS !!!!! Over 6 Million views of #MOAGlobal as at 5th February ..

Another headline sponsor was Assil Skaiky, Fashion Designer, with Stephen Smith TV Celebrity stylist and author.( Below )

We want to give thanks to Canada based Melanie Layer – one of our International sponsors !!!!

Also at the launch was Amy Christophers, sports broadcaster and journalist ( below

left )

Adrian Silas award winning event planner to A listers, Metin Salih Artist ( below )

More amazing guests ..

Giles Cooper ( above )

Lucy Hall ( above )

The next planned #MOALaunch is the LA Launch in September.

All donations and funds raised went to Mending Kids which is a charity that Millie has supported for many years and intends to support in the future.

Millie and I want to thank – very much – the sponsors of the MilliOnAir Launch event – you are all awesome !!!

Wyldecrest Parks ( Alfie Best )

Vinyl Bar ( Alfie Best )

Spectrum Telecommunications. ( Jenny and Simon Holt )

Richtopia ( Derin Cag )

Bid-in ( Jamie Baulch )

Sandy Bay London 

Assil Skaiky

Mary Kurek 

Mariett Ramm 

Neil Tucker 

Maiya Designs

Melanie Layer

Chris Hill 

Sally Chiwuzie

Charity we are fundraising for – Mending Kids

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What made MilliOnAir Magazine take off so fast ??

Posted by Chris on February 24th, 2017

Article by Chris Windley .. cofounder/investor/strategist .. there from Day 1.


In the last few days I have been talking to various people about magazine launches and in particular online magazine launches and why most of them flop but MilliOnAir Magazine went global really fast.

The second issue was the Lori Mixson cover story – a key issue.

( Not appearing above ).

It is worth thinking back to before MilliOnAir was launched ( June ). Then ( from January 2016 ) we had been focused on building the Millie Cooper brand and The Branding Initiative network ( the Global Co-operative Network as I call it ).

From January when I met Millie until now we have been building Millie’s personal brand globally together.

The analysts that I spoke to said that this was a key factor because often ( typically ) magazines are launched by people with no personal brand and no network.

Both Millie and I had pretty strong personal brands ( Millie after I helped her with it ) and I already had a huge, global network.

The first issues in particular drew heavily from my network and were promoted by a combination of my huge network, Millie’s network and The Branding Initiative network.

There was no cover star on the first issue.

Above pic: Early version with May on it – see below for later version with June on it – both issue 01.

Or at least no ” known ” cover star.

In fact – as I am reminded now – I was the nearest thing that issue had to a cover star !! Along with The Rolls Royce Dawn.

We worked on that first issue closely together – Millie creating the design and content and me proof reading until we were both happy with it. Of course it had all of The Branding Initiative co-founders in it , Kelly Ann and Melanie MJ Jones and other friends.

Issue 02 was the one featuring Lori Mixson who was a long standing member of my global network. Based in Texas Lori wanted to be promoted globally and I told her that MilliOnAir was one way to do that.

I was a ” digital ghost ” for her Linkedin and twitter accounts while she was recovering from illness and looking after her children and family. It was a delight to see her pleasure at being on the front cover and she must have bought about 14 hard copies to distribute to her family and friends.

The analysts that I spoke to said that this was a pivotal point. Although at the time it didn’t drive huge amounts of views and shares.

Issue 03, Celia Sawyer came from my connection Derin Cag. Celia being our first big TV star,

Issue 04 Ange Loughran – again from my network.

Issue 05 – ahhh my friend Jamie Baulch from South Wales. Olympian and all round fabulous guy.

Issue 06 – Niyc Pidgeon – a connection from Ange.

Issue 07 – Mariett Ramm – an introduction from Mary Kurek and our second ” Business Partner ” after Lori and our first external investor. Mariett also part financed the launch party along with me and other people that we got to contribute.

Issue 08 came from an event that Millie went to.

Issue 09 came from Lori.

Around the 2nd issue I could see that a global franchise could be established and the way to do this was for the ” Business Partner ” or ” Country Manager ” to start to build feature pages in the main magazine to start ie ” The Mixonitup pages ” and then move on to e.g. MilliOnAir USA magazine.

I also could see multiple ways of generating revenue which I highlighted in business plans and investment proposals that I wrote.

Mariett in particular understood exactly where I was headed,

The media analysts and I have decided to produce detailed case studies on MilliOnAir as quite clearly the foundations have been laid for substantial future growth.

so .. more soon …

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