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If you need a makeup artist in the UK then we have some amazing Motives muas and beauty specialists for you

Motives Cosmetics and Beauty products are used by stars like JLo and Kim Kardashian and you can get similar looks at affordable prices here in the UK

There are Motives makeup artists and beauty professionals in many parts of the world – not all .. yet – but many of the main English, Spanish and Chinese speaking countries globally.

The celebrity and celebrity mua following is huge in the USA and growing in all other countries. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from and to afford Motives and you don’t have to be a celebrity mua to provide it to your clients.

In fact Motives is rapidly becoming the place where young, aspiring mua’s can learn how to become successful mua’s tutored and mentored by more experienced Motives Consultants.


If you are a client looking for a makeup artist then you might be looking for particular things aside from an ability to make you look and feel great.

You would probably like to buy the products that your mua uses on you with minimal fuss and time spent. An option to buy from you mua or online would be nice.

You may have strong feelings about animal testing and use of animal by products and want to ensure that no animals have been hurt in the making of the makeup you are wearing.

You also want to ensure that the products don’t clog your pores and definately are not cancer inducing as so many are.

You don’t want the pressure of sitting in a big store under false lighting to be made up – you want the privacy and comfort of your home or your mua’s.


You want an mua who is going to listen to what you want and not just sell you what they have to sell.

If some or all of these things are important to you then please contact me and I will put you in touch with one of our mua’s.

Contact me on :


skype chris.windley

mobile 07881 500002

facebook chris.windley
























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