Professional Makeup Artist recommendation for Dublin

Posted by Chris on December 30th, 2013

I would recommend professional makeup artist Debbie O’Brien for special occassions like weddings

Debbie works in and around Dublin, Ireland and is a Motives cosmetics specialist


Here’s Debbie’s introduction to herself:

Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at my website. I feel that to be a really good make up artist you have to have two things, a creative flair with cosmetics and also a really good rapport with people. Since make up artistry was not my first love,  it was however something I always said I would get involved in at some point. Having spent many years in the hospitality industry, I built up a fantastic work ethic, key qualities, such as always being punctual, pride in my appearance, attention to detail (slightly OCD at times to be honest) and most importantly I pride myself at being really good with people.The many years of experience from that industry, built the foundations I needed, to do what I really always wanted to do, and that was to become a make up artist. It’s not a job for me, in the sense that I don’t dread going to work!! I spend hours looking at new make up trends, new fashion trends, browsing from make up counter to make up counter, ensuring that I’m not limiting my knowledge in any way.

Its also really important to me that I don’t allow myself to be slotted into any one category when it comes to age brackets and make up styles. I really believe it’s important to teach girls from a very young age, how precious their skin is, and how important it is to look after it properly. So if its a young lady wishing to have her first make up experience, or a lady that wishes to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary, its my job to make every woman feel fabulous!!!

Here’s some testimonials from happy clients:


Tweeting-GoddessOfficial Make-Up artist for the Tweeting Goddess – Sam Kelly
Winner of Tweetie inspire award and star of RTE’s Dragons Den and ‘She’s the Business’

Debbie did my make up for the Tweetie awards in October. I was delighted and felt beautiful after she worked her magic!! Debbie is a professional and also puts you at total ease and I put total trust in her. I will be using her as my make up girl from now on! Highly Recommend!!! – Sam Kelly


Helen-300x230After being disappointed with my original bridal make-up trial, Debbie(Decadent Beauty) came recommended through a friend.  I was quite fussy about what kind of make up I wanted for my big day, Debbie really listened to what I wanted done but she gave a few suggestions too which worked out perfect. Debbie was so professional and insisted on getting my make up just right, she wanted to be 101% sure I was happy with the end result on my make up trial. On the big day, she kept me calm and stayed right up till I was ready to leave my house to touch up any last minute lippy etc. I would recommend Debbie to any Bride that is looking for hassle free make up artist to do their make up on their special day. I would definitely use Debbie again for any future events. Helen

I could not recommend Debbie enough. She graciously agreed to do my makeup on my wedding day. I have never felt so beautiful. The look she created for me was exactly what I wanted (although I actually didn’t tell her what I wanted) & it lasted all day. This photo is taken hours after I had my make up done and it stayed this fresh all day long, bearing in mind I got married in Greece and it was also hot. Honestly, Debbie is such a professional & highly skilled, everyone commented on how amazing my make up was. Susan.

Contact Debbie at:

Decadent Beauty


See her full website HERE 


How to become a successful Motives Makeup Artist in the UK

Posted by Chris on December 26th, 2013

Being successful with Motives®,  understanding the Brand and the Business Opportunity in the UK

Motives® Cosmetics was an innovation of Miami and New York based Loren Ridinger the wife of Market America CEO JR Ridinger.  She has done an amazing job of  branding Motives® Makeup and  has been incredibly successful on social media, particularly FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitter, and Google+.   Motives® is just one of the divisions of Market America  and country organisations like Market United Kingdom. This multi-billion parent company, which is now 21 years old, has had over 20 years of growth without a down quarter.  Market America’s strength and diversity of products gives Motives’ makeup consultants distinct advantages over any other makeup business opportunity.  Amongst these advantages are the fact that there are many related beauty, health and wellness products that can also be provided to clients and that Motives is part of the  “go-to” shopping destination for cash-back and over 3,000 partner stores, .

Motives Fast start Full Distributor Kit

Loren has numerous accolades including Entrepreneur of the Year, and is very influential. One of  her greatest assets is her ability to foresee the trends, choose the right products and get the right PR for Motives Cosmetics.   She partnered with her best friend, LaLa Anthony to create Motives by LaLa for women with darker skin and when the two product lines are combined Motives offers  beauty for every skin colour.  When everything is taken together Motives is a business opportunity that is fun but with all the ingredients required for a successful business.

The steps that you will need to take are detailed below, however, you don’t need to do this alone because we have created a support organisation and  network to help you through each of these steps. More on that HERE .

I personally think it is important to understand that this product line was developed and is being continuously updated and added to by people that are at the forefront of beauty and cosmetics innovation. Loren and LaLa are friends with many celebrities who include the Kardashians and Jay Lo and these people will not wear inferior products and they want value for money. They can afford to buy anything but they will not buy, use or recommend  poor quality product.


Become a Motives Makeup Artist by following these Easy Steps

1.  Learn the  product philosophy and culture  – What makes Motives Cosmetics products so great ? :

  • Customizable cosmetics line that complements every age, skin tone and skin type
  • Perfect formulas for easy and foolproof application
  • Powders are micro-pulverized for a smooth, flawless finish
  • Fully pigmented cosmetics for photo shoots and fashion shows
  • Award-Winning Cosmetics Line with Proprietary Formulas
  • Highest Quality Ingredients, Hypoallergenic & Non-comedogenic
  • Desirable , Attractive Packaging and Affordable Pricing ( Dior or Chanel quality at less than the price of MAC )
  • No animal testing
  • Try the products – buy a few and use them
  • Find out about some of the celebrity makeup artists from the US and UK that are using Motives

2. Learn about the business opportunity – What makes the Motives business model so attractive for beauty advisors, makeup artists, and business entrepreneurs?

  • Get your own personalised website (mine is HERE ) – each product is detailed with why it works, why we love it, and the ingredients. Each product also has a unique – to you – web address/url so that you can post it in blogs and on social media and bring people directly back to your site to purchase.
  • We provide training (basic to advanced), tools (kits, downloads, viral), marketing and support to ensure your success
  • Be your own boss and make your own schedule
  • Work from home, online or in-person
  • This is a proven business system with residual income (more on residual income later but basically this means it comes in while you sleep or play and it also lasts beyond your lifetime as it can be willed to your partner or your children). Find out more about seperating time from money HERE .

3. Learn about the money that you can make as a Motives® Beauty Advisor

  • If you are a Makeup artist already add to your appointment money with product sales
  • Earn 30% or more in retail profit from your sales at appointments or with Makeup 101 Workshops and Skin Care Clinics
  • Earn approximately £300+  profit per Beauty Event ( could be much more )
  • Hold two events per month and earn £600+ in retail profits alone ( or more )
  • Build a team of just 2 partner Beauty Advisors ( One to hold your left hand and one your right )  to earn more in commissions ( residual income)

4. Apply, Create, & Qualify your New Motives business with a Fast Start Kit for £199 ( Get £550 worth of product for £199 )

  • Motives Consultant FastStart Kit.
  • Apply to become a Motives Consultant HERE .  Enter Distributor Code #211114939.   Follow the instructions on the application.   When it comes to the transfer buy ( this information can be autofilled ) or if you have questions on the products that you might use monthly, take the Home Advisor.  The Home Advisor system was built to help you discover products that can enhance your daily life, and save you money in the process.  Therefore another benefit of being a Motives Makeup Artists  is that we are able to save hundreds of pounds monthly on our home purchases ( Depending on household it could be more ).
  • After your application is complete, open your kit and sample each product.  Check out the brochures and start completing your 90 Day Getting Started Guide.

5. Follow the Getting Started Guide that will start your business off in the right direction.  This is an education and you will have to learn your new business the right way.

Get started following the 90 Day Getting Started Guide and Building your Business with Motives.  Both guides will take you step-by-step through the process of starting a Motives business.  The guide and the business builder will allow you to chart every next step.   One of the most important steps is setting your goals.  Whether you want £300 a week or £2,000 a week, you set your pace of your business, based on what you want to achieve.

6. There is no special secret about becoming a Motives Make-Up Consultant, but building the business, if you are not already a makeup artist with appointments,  requires that you use a calendar and arrange time for events.  Holding Makeup and Skin Care events builds your Motives business.

The real fun of building a Motives business, whether you are a make-up artist, or a “mom-preneur” or a business woman looking for the ability to build a million dollar business, is holding your first Makeup ( Beauty )  101 and Skin Care 101 event.    Makeup and Skin Care events, workshops, or parties are the key to building a successful business.  Gather a group of friends or co-workers and hold at least two events a month.  From each event you want to book your next workshop, so plan on offering a hostess gift and follow the Motives Makeup 101 Event  format.  When you hold the event, simply read the information about each product and it is very important to demonstrate each product.   Remember that people love excitement, so if you are monotone, your event will be monotone.  Create excitement and your event will be memorable.

Becoming a Motives Make-up Consultant can provide you will the ability to build a business or utilize the fabulous make-up as an artist.  

Best Online Cosmetics Shopping Site

Posted by Chris on December 25th, 2013

There are many online cosmetics websites but this Motives site has the latest fashion forward products from New York and Miami

Motives cosmetics is the quality of Chanel or Dior at less than the price of MAC


Adopted by some of the most famous celebrity makeup artists in the world, Motives cosmetics is sweeping the world but is as yet unknown to the mainstream buyer.

Eminating from New York and Miami based Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony – friends of celebrities like the Kardashians, Jay Lo and Alicia Keys – Motives Cosmetics and Motives for LaLa ( designed for women of colour ) is a cutting edge cosmetics line that was designed by women who wore the best for women who want the best but at an affordable price.



The reason that so many celebrity makeup artists are adopting Motives is that it is amazing quality at really low prices.

Motives can be obtained from selected makeup artists and discerning salons in the UK but it can also be obtained easily online >>> HERE <<<< n.b. this is a U.K. site for U.K. purchasers there are alternative cosmetics sites HERE for the US and HERE for the rest of the world.

Please contact me if you have any problems buying cosmetics from any of these sites. I am on twitter @cwindley on skype at chris.windley and on mobile +447881 500002.

If you need assistance identifying the right cosmetics for you I have makeup artists that can help you. We don’t have people everywhere in the UK at the moment – and in fact if you would be interested in representing Motives in your area please ask for more information.



Alicia Keys




Motives Makeup Business Partner Fast track to Director in the UK

Posted by Chris on December 9th, 2013

We are announcing a scheme to fast track 20 selected individuals to Motives Business Director level by the end of 2014

Behind this initiative are $Million earners, startup specialists, small business development experts and digital marketing moguls

The Motives by Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony Cosmetics range has taken the world by storm not only for the quality, fashion forward nature and affordable pricing ( typically you get higher quality and more product at half the price of high end cosmetics ) but also for the innovative promotional and marketing techniques utilised.


Loren and LaLa.


The ” Instagram Project ” as it is known within Motives is probably one of the most successful promotional efforts in the world. Avoiding advertising and paying for promotion Loren and LaLa provided product to beauty bloggers and Instagramers and they produced pictures and blogs that generated 100’s of leads within days and carry on doing so.

It is this marrying of Digital promotion with what is quite clearly a product range that needs personal attention and face to face selling that is so powerful.

A Motives Business Director will earn around £144,000.00 ( £144K) a year ( NB A Director earns between £12K and £18K in a 4 week pay cycle ) but to get to that level you have to get through about 10 Business Levels. There are a number of examples of people getting to that level in around 11 months so to get there by the end of 2014, for the right person, putting in the right activity, with the correct level of knowledge and skills, this is entirely possible.

As the C.E.O of Motives parent company, JR Ridinger, says .. what you need to provide is the PASSION !!!!


Photo: Motivational Monday: Wise words from our CEO.


YOU are going to be someone that is PASSIONATE about the beauty industry. You might be – but don’t have to be – a Makeup Artist, a salon or spa owner, a Nail technician, a hairdresser or a skincare specialist.

You KNOW that the beauty, health and wellness industry is a multi-billion opportunity. You also know that although you love the industry, meeting people and making them look and feel beautiful you are NOT getting properly compensated for the time, skill and effort that you are putting in.  The shop or salon you work in is making some money and the Directors and shareholders of the product company are also making money but YOU are NOT.

If you are a shop or salon owner then you know that you need to MAKE MORE MONEY but you might not know exactly how to do it.

Most people that become millionaires, multi-millionaires or billionaires have done it because they started a business of one sort or another and they either stayed with it until it grew into a big company or they ” exited ” from it – sold or floated it on the stock market.

Some of the ingredients to a successful business are … great products or service, attractive brand, scalability and replicate-ability and some element of divorcing time from money.

You will probably know about the need for a business to have great products, service, branding and marketing.

You might not quite understand the need for scalability ( ability to grow ) , replicate-ability ( repeatable model ) and how to divorce time from money.

They are all tied together and the fact that the Motives business is both an online ( Internet based ) and offline ( face to face ) business is highly relevant here.

So, let me just tell you some of the key people that we have in the team here ( excluding for the moment JR and Loren Ridinger and LaLa Anthony themselves ) :

Lisa and Don Martin – Million Dollar earners with Motives and Market America.



International Business Development and Motives Specialists – Rob and Joyce Jenkins



Small Business Marketing Advisor and former Advisor to the White House – Michael Nelson



Me !!!

and Marketing and Event Management specialist Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Over the next few weeks we will be identifying the 20 people that we want to work with in the U.K. and Ireland to help to build in the UK and beyond ( eg Europe and the Middle East ).

Some of these places have already been filled and we have already started working with these individuals.

Please make contact by twitter @cwindley, skype – chris.windley or mobile +447881 500002 asap.






I Join Bloglovin’ for beauty and cosmetics reasons as Maninmakeup

Posted by Chris on December 7th, 2013

Just a very quick blog to show Bloglovin’ that I joined them 🙂

As I have been in conversation with lots of beauty, fashion and cosmetics bloggers I thought it would be a good idea.




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