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If you are looking for looking for Sales, Marketing, Administrative, Recruitment or Technology support anywhere in the world but based from the East Coast of America near New York then a social media phenomenon, Vincent Wright, is looking for a selected number of partners to work with – but if you want Vincent to help you then you are going to have to move FAST !!

I have know Vincent for years – since my first days on my first social network – Ecademy. We have kept in touch over the years and I am amazed that he has found time to make this offer to work with people.

He is the founder and developer of so many social media initiatives like Brandergy.com, MyLinkedinPowerForum, and BrandingVentures.com. He has huge networks on Linkedin.

I have copied Vincents messages to his community on this subject here:

“If you’re amenable to discussing a “Structured Partner Program” for Brandergy.com, I’m seeking 5 partners in the following 5 “S.M.A.R.T. ” categories:
  1. Sales (Includes prospecting, sales research, sales engineers, etc.)
  2. Marketing (includes branding, social media strategy)
  3. Administrative (includes all functions to keep run an enterprise such as legal, fundraising, accounting, management, coaching, training)
  4. Recruitment (includes sourcing)
  5. Technology (includes the full spectrum of software, including database, development, maintenance, graphic design, etc.)
For details, please contact me, as soon as possible. My contact information is below:”
“Below is an overview of my intended role + a basic outline of the 5 fee levels for the Brandergy Structured Partner Program:

We intend to work with only 5 partners to help our partners do business in one of the 5 “S.M.A.R.T.” categories.

Because, ultimately, doing business is a matter of building strong professional relationships, my role will be to serve as a hybrid between a business development consultant and a meeting facilitator between your company and my contacts while I continue to provide the Brandergy community with content and concepts to help them with their own social media objectives. It is from the Brandergy community that the overwhelming bulk of our joint business meetings for “S.M.A.R.T.” will originate…You may think of my role as a Professional Relationships Officer (P.R.O.)

  1. A.) $   500.00 annual retainer  +   B.) $100.00 per month fee  +  C.) 10% success fee
  2. A.) $1,000.00 annual retainer  +   B.)  $ 75.00 per month fee  +  C.)   5% success fee
  3. A.) $1,500.00 annual retainer  +   B.)  $ 50.00 per month fee  +  C.)   3% success fee
  4. A.) $2,500.00 annual retainer  +   B.)  $ 25.00 per month fee  +  C.)   2% success fee
  5. A.) $5,000.00 annual retainer  +   B.)  $    .00 per month fee  +   C.)  1% success fee
To get started and to retain the “Technology” section of the “S.M.A.R.T.” partner program, please make the appropriate deposit for the level of your choosing via PayPal.

In that there are only 5 slots for partners at the moment, the partnerships are on a first come, first serve basis…

Should you have questions and would like to discuss them immediately, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at either: +1-860-967-0931 or via Skype at MyLinkedinPowerForum  (I’ll be available for at least 5 hours more via both means…)

I look forward to working with you.”
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