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IT and Recruitment companies are not always the first to use IT ( strangely ) and Twylah’s ” Featured Twylah Page’s ” makes you think that you have either got to be a pop star, rock band or fashionista to become a ” Twyp “. However a closer look reveals some technology specialists, media and recruitment companies using Twylah.

Hot off the press !! ucexpo put’s up a Twylah page for  it’s 6-7th March Expo. at


Website at: http://www.ucexpo.co.uk/

Robert Scoble , http://www.twylah.com/scobleizer , is a well known U.S. tech. news commentator who also works for Rackspace ( the hosting company ). The Next Web ( TNW ) are also on Twylah at http://www.twylah.com/tnw and Buffer App. ( the smarter way to share Twitter and Facebook posts ) is at http://www.twylah.com/bufferapp.

Closer to home we have CRN ( Computer Reseller News ) UK’s magazine  http://www.twylah.com/CRN_UK on the IT media side.

As an example of a Recruiter using Twylah we have Ask the Recruiter at http://www.twylah.com/ask_the_rctr.

I am talking with a number of ICT Media and Technology companies about adopting the use of Twylah pages and becoming ” Twyps “. So whilst some of the earlier Twylah customers were pop and fashion stars ( mainly from the U.S. ) and whilst pop and fashion stars globally will be adopting Twylah pages they are now being used by ” ordinary ” people and businesses like Lichfield based Coco Meli Bakery    http://www.twylah.com/CocoMeliBakery .

A pioneer of Twylah usage in the U.K. is Still Safe https://twitter.com/#!/stillsafe and http://tweets.stillsafe.com/ uses Twylah power Tweets almost exclusively now. Why ?? Well a Twylah Landing Page is produced for each Tweet and when connected to Still Safe’s domain this is acting like a blog ( one of the most powerful content generation actions you can take ) by producing page after page of Twylah pages.

In their own right the Twylah pages will come up on Google and other search engines for relevant searches. The Twylah platform will become very powerful very quickly ( consider how Google treats websites that generate lots of rich content ) and currently it’s Alexa ranking is increasing dramatically.

This is only the beginning for users of Twylah pages though.

The Twylah page is ultimately about the monetisation of Twitter Tweets. This means getting visitors to the Twylah page to sign up for something like buying GaGa’s latest download at http://www.twylah.com/ladygaga . ( In the trade this is known as a Call to Action ).

Once you have people taking actions like this then you are generating income from your Internet Marketing efforts.

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