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Overview of 4R Business Recovery’s Business Liquidation Advice

They provide a complete business rescue, insolvency, liquidation and business recovery process and advice.

If your business is under pressure from creditors, the Inland Revenue or your bank, and you believe your business is in jeopardy and at risk from failing then you should call  4R Business Recovery.

They can help with immediate advice and support. They will work with you to identify the appropriate solutions and help you move from Rescue to Restructure and Recovery and finally Reward.

If the business cannot be rescued then they can provide the appropriate insolvency or liquidation procedure.

In the first instance they provide simple and concise online advice via their video tutorials, which give you easy to digest access to information, and pdf downloads.

Give 4R Business Recovery  a call and they can discuss your business problems, and give you telephone advice as to your potential turnaround strategy.

The Directors

Kevin Pritchard

B.A [Hons]


Kevin was 34 when Amersham International appointed him in 1994 as the Managing Director of LAB M Ltd. Previously he had worked for Amersham as Divisional Sales and Marketing Manager in major blue chips like “Johnson & Johnson” in pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic’ and been responsible for major brands and sales and marketing.

By his own admission he was a nightmare to manage; “ I had far to much ambition and was arrogant enough to believe I was right most of the time. With the politics of corporate life and the under achievement all around me I rightly identified it was never going to happen for me in the “corporate” environment, and I looked for an opportunity to start my own business.”

In 1994 I had an opportunity to buy a small lab in Huddersfield, and establish The Food Technology Centre Ltd. “The first few years were very tough and a lot of sleepless nights later I felt I had earned my strips as an entrepreneur”.

Kevin grew this into a major UK testing business and sold the whole business in 2006 in a trade sale to Eclipse Scientific which was then sold within 12 months to 3i.

He understands the mechanism of building value and managing small and medium sized business to maximise shareholder value and preparing and presenting a business for the nest stage in its development. Kevin holds a number of directorships linked to the investments of Incubator Capital Partners.

4R Business Recovery Turnaround Process

There are a number of common themes as to why a business gets into trouble and at risk of failing. However the route or strategy for business turnaround is very specific to needs of your business.

When you are in the eye of the storm and under creditor and legal pressure it is difficult to see a way out [the sleepless nights do not help]. It does not have to be this way, [this we promise you]. By taking the first step and working with 4R Business Recovery you are making a conscious decision to turn your business, your life and your family’s fortunes around either by improved business profitability and cash flow or by repositioning. This could even be a precursor to the selling of your business for a significant cash sum.

Our team has considerable experience working with distressed SME’s and almost always either save the company or, if it has to liquidate, to shelter the company directors from more serious personal loss

Let us put a stop to creditor pressure and call us now and let us help Free Phone 0800 9020123

1. Restructure

…and Change Management

The reasons behind a business failure or insolvency have common themes, the solutions however are specific to your business and your individual needs. What ever you did before needs to be changed in order to ensure we affect real business recovery.

2. Recovery

…and “Enterprise Life” Membership Site

Lets assume we fix the business fundamentals or maybe they were never broken so how do we tune and prepare your business for income, capital gain and wealth creation.

3. Reward

…and exit strategies for wealth creation

The reward element of developing and building a business is in our opinion the most important part of the planning process. Let us show you how to create a wealth creation strategy that achieve yours and your families wishes.

Call us on

0800 9020123

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