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Network Sunday’s Elite Networker™ social business development system is designed for senior Business to Business (B2B) professionals responsible for the growth of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

Our clients promote high value products or services with strong market demand and propositions which can be differentiated from the competition.

Network Sunday evaluates the marketability of its prospective clients’ propositions via a detailed questionnaire and consultation process, only taking on companies we believe we can help.

Please contact us if you would like us to evaluate your suitability for Elite Networker and receive a written assessment.

How does Elite Networker™ work?

–          Creation Of Engaging Content – we translate your value proposition into engaging personal communication which works within the context of LinkedIn’s social network and will resonate and establish rapport with your audience. Gone are the days of corporate brochure-style writing techniques – people want honest, jargon-free and concise information which is enjoyable and easy to understand.

–          Proactive Online Networking – with our networking experience we help you personally engage with others, quickly raise interest and awareness and seek referrals.  But these exciting ‘digital encounters’ are not enough –  it is ‘human interaction’ which counts and this means speaking to people and moving the relationship forward.

–          Lead & Referral Follow Ups – we’ve learnt that senior professionals are not the greatest when it comes to following up prospects and referrals. Having someone specifically tasked with this is essential. If you don’t have anyone to support you we can help. (See our Elite Networker™ Plus service). Whoever is responsible for follow ups will receive full guidance and support needed to maximise the number of qualified meetings which will evolve.

Learn more about Elite Networker™ and how it’s helping Network Sunday’s clients build their business and become more profitable.

Watch 4 short videos of Tim Bond explaining the fundamentals of social business development (sign up)

Download and read further information on our Elite Networker™ system and our Rate Card.

Why purchase Elite Networker™?

Get Social: Implement a successful social business development strategy supported by experienced practitioners who know what works and how to do it.  In a world where almost everyone is claiming to be a Social Media expert, Network Sunday has an enviable track record with over 120 very happy clients.

Extend reach & visibility: Reach more senior professionals in your industry and raise awareness of your personal brand and company proposition.

Engage Others: Discover hundreds of professionals interested in your business but only speak with those who are most interested and when it makes business sense to do so.

Save Time: Leave the time consuming administrative tasks to us, enjoy the freedom to continue with your business priorities without the necessary but distracting task of building a pipeline.

Accelerate new business and ROI: Rapidly increase new business opportunities, get ahead of your competition and experience incredible tangible and intangible return on investment.

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