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TripAdvisor is a monster that is out of control and you know what happens to out of control monsters ??? They get shot !!

More and more people are joining the movement against TripAdvisor which allows people to post defamatory comments on it’s website and then denies any responsibility for them doing so.

Duncan Bannatyne is one of the more recent victims,


and it must have come as a bit of a shock to him to find that even with all his money you can do very little to move TripAdvisor when it is on the rampage.

In general the comments on TripAdvisor are polarised towards those that are either trying to damage the business in question or those that are trying to defend it.

People only actually take the time to write on TripAdvisor when they have something they really want to say – whether good or bad.

Blackmail is commonplace with TripAdvisor would be posters threatening hospitality venues with ” a bad review ” unless they get ( whatever it is they feel like demanding – a discount, a free meal etc etc ).

However, when everyone realises that the comments on TripAdvisor are worthless pieces of make believe then what is the value of TripAdvisor ??

I feel sorry for all the hospitality business owners who can do nothing against the TripAdvisor monster.

When they try to respond to defamatory posts TripAdvisor delays or fails to post these responses. ( This is implicitly giving control and ” right ” to the defamers ).

Complaining to TripAdvisor  ( as Duncan Bannatyne found ) is next to worthless as they simply defend themselves like cornered rats.

My advice is to invest in a blogsite that complements your main website ( or is part of your main website ) and to understand how to SEO your blogsite to get it ranked for e.g. Reviews about ( The name of your establishment ).

As a powerful website TripAdvisor will always get ranked high itself by Google etc but this does not mean that you cannot rank alongside or ahead of it for certain search terms.

With your own blogsite you can respond in detail and in the way you want to to any posts put on TripAdvisor in a timeframe that suits you.


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