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Yesterday I was at my pub,  The Glan yr Afon Inn in North Wales, for the review of our sales over the Christmas and New Year period.

I was online using the BT OpenZone connection that we have in the pub when I heard the manager Ian guiding in some visitors ( if you follow your Satnav rigidly to CH8 8HE you just end up going up and down the A55 forever ! ). A couple eventually arrived with a young black labrador ( who was equally welcomed in ) and explained that they were travelling from Holyhead to London had been delayed between Holywell and Holyhead ( it looked as though there was an accident or something ) and had phoned thier son and asked him to find them a place to eat using the Internet somewhere near Holywell. He had found The Glan.

This was not a surprise as we come up on many different, relevant Internet searches eg




and we do so via Google maps and various other natural listings e.g. via our website itself ( which has been SEO’d to some extent ) and pub directories and social networks.

Also we now have about 40 reviews online some of which are fantastic like this one 

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Young couple11 Aug 2009
Positive: Wonderful reception when we finally arrived (not until midnight!!), friendly and helpful staff. Lovely location and peaceful. One of the best places that we have stayed.


so in many ways we expect to be found by people searching the .net but there is still great satisfaction in doing so.

When people register to stay with us we ask then how they heard of us so we know that we get a lot of people from the Internet.

The Booking.com website is a particularly useful source of customers for us


and we registered with this booking site after a global review of what websites came up when people tried to find eg bed and breakfast in Holywell from a foreign country like the USA.

We do use more traditional forms of marketing like advertising ( in local papers and magazines ) and we have particular success with postcards that we give away in the pub and are sent to people all over the world. We put up posters regarding events that we hold.

We also have a database of customers that we have collected over the years and we use this to send email and snailmail shots out. Here’s our latest newsletter which we send out by mail, post and have available in the pub:


We also have video’s on the Internet


an online historical society


a blogsite


a Twitter page ( with 494 followers )


and a Facebook page ( with 152 members ) 


The historical society page, blogsite, Twitter page and Facebook page all need regularly updating with fresh news and pictures.

All of this is certainly great for sales and surely makes us one of the most connected pubs in North Wales, the North West and the U.K. !!

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