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Everyone is so busy these days and catching the attention of the Managing Director or Financial Director of a potential acquirer is not easy. You must make it as easy as possible. Creating the potential buyers list is a big step forward – the companies on this list are not random they are highly likely to be interested in a company like yours. You will also work out who, in those companies, deals with potential acquisitions. ( Sometimes it is the M.D., sometimes the F.D., perhaps an M & A or Acquisitions Director. It may be the Chairman or the Marketing or Business Development/Strategy Director. ) You need to know precisely who.

The Teaser is a one to four A$ side document at most. When it lands on a person’s desk they will look at it and be able to gain a relatively rapid view of the company that is for sale. They should be able to see the opportunity for them ( because you could see it ) It is a clear, quality, easy to read document with a number of key sections in it. ( To be discussed further elsewhere ).

It is likely to have been put together by a combination of the M.D., F.D. and the M & A adviser, with input from the other Directors e.g. Sales, Marketing,HR etc.

It is going to include key selling points, a financial overview, market background, team overview, and the reason for selling.

It will also outline the sale timescales and deadlines. It is very important for people to know that there is a process in place which will result in the company being sold. If they are interested they need to allocate time and resource to a response or the opportunity will be gone ( If you snooze you lose !! ).

The Teaser will be mailed out to the target list and then followed up by telephone a short while after when interest will be registered on the prospect list.


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