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rainmaker-logo02A meeting I had with someone from Investec in around 1997 led to the highly successful trade sale of Voyager Networks to RSL Communications in 1999/2000 – the height of the dot.com boom.

People on the outside were never quite sure if this was just luck or good planning and timing.

From my perspective there’s always an element of luck involved in these successes ( although people say that you make your own luck !! ) but also there was a lot of planning and hard work that went into the build up to the sale and the actual sale process itself has been proven in boom times and – more recently – in bust times.

Creating a valuable business and exiting from that business is a challenging but broadly speaking, repeatable and replicatable process.

This blog started as an attempt to document the business sale process and some closely related areas. It draws on real life experiences, both good and bad, gained in over 20 years of investing and working in start-ups and exiting from them.

As you can see from the categories listed on the right hand side of this blog, over the years it has strayed from it’s initial focus. One of the main areas has been ” Internet Marketing Strategy ” posts. These posts reflect my own interest in this area and the fact that Internet Marketing needs to be added to Traditional Marketing for a company to be successful. The Marketing emphasis has changed from ” Push Marketing ” ( advertising, mailshots etc ) to ” Pull Marketing ” or ” Inbound Marketing ” ( blog posts, social media use etc ). I hope you find these posts useful – many have !!

2013 Update

There’s more on this in the About Me section but I added tabs for Market America/Market United Kingdom/Shop.com who I work with on a global basis and the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Experts Academy – who I also work with.



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