Aida Kagoya of Support the African Child uses the Internet to reach out to the world

Posted by Chris on October 20th, 2012

I have never been to Jinja, Uganda where Aida lives but of course we can Google it and look at it on maps. ( See short History at the end of this article NB the connection between the U.K. and India ) I do know that it is to the North West of Lake Victoria at the source of the Nile. I first came across Aida on Facebook. Now many of you reading this will have been approached by numerous people from Africa and other countries on Facebook and your first reaction is ” This is probably not who they say they are ” and ” They are going to rip me off or at the very least ask for money ” . With Aida it was different. She had some mutual friends and this helped and when she messaged she was calm and friendly and not pushy.




After chatting for some time on Facebook she let me know that she wanted to get a website established for Support the African Child and would I help ??? I said that I would do my best and kept her in mind when I was talking to various business connections that I had.

There are 3 places where Aida can access the Internet – her mobile phone, the local Internet Cafe and her University. Using these locations, mobile phone and computers, her intelligence and belief that God would provide a solution to the needs of the African Children that she supported, Aida went onto the Internet and started a journey that I think will one day lead to her being one of the most experienced social media marketers in Central Africa.




Aida’s  Picture



The vision I have is of Aida using her mobile phone when at home and the computer at her University when she is there and the Internet Cafe when she is not. Often she said to me that she needed to get to the Internet Cafe or University in order to provide certain information.




When we first chatted I explained to her the Internet Marketing Ecosystem, which was probably a bit ambitious but she understood most of it by getting her to draw a picture on a piece of A4 paper of a WordPress web/blogsite at the centre, a Twylah page alongside and surrounded by various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I explained how you would post on the WordPress website and then distribute that post around the social networks sites. This ensures maximum awareness and also helps to drive the website to the top of Google for selected keywords and phrases.

I duly talked to a number of contacts and Costa Rica Headquartered BeachCherry Software Corporation, headed by Vick Gandhi, volunteered to provide the website ( this was very kind of them ). BeachCherry have wide – ranging software development skills which include WordPress web/blogsite design. Aida provided Headings and Content in Microsoft Word. BeachCherry’s WordPress designer in India did an amazing job of building a WordPress website that captured the theme of STAC perfectly despite having no design guidance at all  ( I have actually seen this done by BeachCherry a number of times ).

So this website was being built across the globe with me co-ordinating from the U.K., Aida and STAC, being the customer, in Uganda and Vick and some of his team being based in Costa Rica – the others in India. Sounds like a recipe for disaster ???? Not if you are BeachCherry Corporation who took the whole thing in their stride !! We organised a domain using GoDaddy ( ) and hosting with Wiser Hosting in Devon, England.

Initially the website was built on the website and then it was moved across to it’s own domain.

Aida was able to access the website while it was being developed and she sent in regular check lists of things to be done which were actioned by BeachCherry developers.

Mainly the communication was by Facebook Message and email. Aida had to report progress to her Board Members and Executive Committee.

The website has only just gone live and there is much work to be done but Aida has provided the Testimonial below:


Aida’s Testimonial

Thank you very much for your kindness and love that has brought
abundant joy and hope in the world’s neglected and disadvantaged
children more so in Uganda. Words can neither say it all nor action
express my gratefulness because at this point I know that you are
aware of the challenges we face at Support the African Child (STAC) but
you chose to stand in and go all way with us. I do not take you for
granted but live to cherish and treasure every MINUTE you take to
think about us and consider us.

From my very first contact with BeachCherry to the final website
launch, I found they provided an outstanding service and were an excellent
company to work with. The process, from contacting you to receive the
information to be posted, proposed concept designs through
finalization of design and the launch of the website was TIMELY and
EFFICIENT. Every question was answered quickly and they went above and
beyond what was asked of them.The website and logo they designed for
STAC is exactly what we want and their service made every step of the
process simple.


The support and help that was given to STAC is first class,and I am
thankful to have such a great relationship with Chris Windley ( U.K. BeachCherry Strategy Advisor )  and Vick
Gandhi (CEO BeachCherry). We look forward to the continued
relationship between STAC and BeachCherry and wish to thank you for a
job well done.
Thank you for your willingness to help STAC make a difference in the
lives of these children and I would not hesitate to recommend BeachCherry
to anyone looking for a professional website design

CEO, Support The African Child.

History of Jinja ( extract from Wikepedia,_Uganda )

Before 1906, Jinja was a fishing village that benefited from being located on long-distance trade routes. The origin of the name “Jinja” comes from the language of the two peoples (the Baganda and the Basoga) that lived on either side of the River Nile in the area. In both languages “Jinja” means “Rock”. In most of Africa, rivers like the Nile hindered migration, this explains the ethnic boundaries along the Nile as one moves north from the river’s source on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.

However the area around Jinja was one place where the river could be breached due to the large rocks near the Ripon Falls. Here, on either bank of the river, were large flat rocks where small boats could be launched to cross the river. These rock formations were also accredited with providing a natural moderator for the water flow out of Lake Victoria. For the original local inhabitants, the location was a crossing point, for trade, migration and as a fishing post.

This might explain why, despite this barrier, the two tribes have very similar languages, and the more powerful Baganda had an enormous influence on the Basoga. The area was called the ‘Place of Rocks’ or ‘The Place of Flat Rocks’. The word for stones or rocks in the language of the Baganda is ‘Ejjinja (Plural Amayinja), and in the Basoga dialect this became Edinda. The British used this reference to name the town they established – “Jinja”

In 1954,with the building of the Owen Falls Dam, (later renamed Nalubaale Power Station, the Ripon Falls were submerged. Most of the ‘Flat Rocks’ that gave the area its name disappeared under water as well. However a description of what the area looked like can be found in the notes of John Hanning Speke, the first European to lay eyes on the Source of the Nile:

“Though beautiful, the scene was not exactly what I expected, for the broad surface of the lake was shut out from view by a spur of hill, and the falls, about twelve feet deep and four to five hundred feet broad, were broken by rocks; still it was a sight that attracted one to it for hours. The roar of the waters, the thousands of passenger fish leaping at the falls with all their might, the fishermen coming out in boats, and taking post on all the rocks with rod and hook, hippopotami and crocodiles lying sleepily on the water, the ferry at work above the falls, and cattle driven down to drink at the margin of the lake, made in all, with the pretty nature of the country—small grassy-topped hills, with trees in the intervening valleys and on the lower slopes—as interesting a picture as one could wish to see.”[2]

Cotton-packing, nearby sugar estates, and railway access all enabled Jinja to grow in size. By 1906 a street pattern had been laid out, and Indian traders moved in starting around 1910. The Indians were Catholic Christians and English-speaking, and originated in the former Portuguese colony of Goa on the west coast of India.

The town was founded in 1907 by the British, as an administrative centre for the Provincial Government Headquarters for Busoga region. This was around the time that Lake Victoria’s importance in transport rose due to the Uganda Railway linking Kisumu, a Kenyan town on the lake, with Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, 900 miles (1,400 km) away. British-American Tobacco Uganda (BATU) established a tobacco processing factory in Jinja in 1928.


Internet Marketing Ecosystem – Update, Clarification and Future

Posted by Chris on September 3rd, 2012

The Internet Marketing Ecosystem ( I.M.E. ) has been producing some great results recently even when only partially implemented. You can find previous blogs on the I.M.E by searching on that term here. ( Use search box ). The I.M.E. is a strategy and a process rather than being absolutely rigid about the specific brand of product used. e.g. I recommend the use of WordPress for websites and blogs but websites and blogs based on other technologies and brands may also work using the strategy and process.

It should also be noted that if a website is already in place ( of whatever technology or whoever it is supplied by ) I.M.E. recommended products can be added and the strategy and process employed.

To summarise the recommended components ( products, brands etc ) are:

– A WordPress based website.

– A WordPress based blog.

– A Twylah page.

– Various Social Network pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linkedin , Pinterest, digg etc. etc.

The WordPress website and blog and the Twylah page form the ” core ” of the I.M.E. Typically fresh, relevant ” content ” is produced on the blog and the Twylah page ( using the Twylah Power Tweet facility ) and then shared to the Social Network pages ( I use the Twylah share facility which I call Power Sharing ).

If we bear in mind that our overall objective is to get FOUND ( via Google etc. for relevant words and phrases ) to CONVERT visitors into prospects and customers and to ANALYSE how we did it ( basically noting what particular efforts produced the best results with the help of e.g. Google Analytics ).

If we also remember that producing a high ranking ( easily FOUND ) web and blogsite is dependant on ( amongst other things ) – It having relevant, frequently updated content; having on page S.E.O. and also having authoritative backlinks. Whilst conversion relies apon ” channeling ” the visitor through a sales funnel via relevant headlines, landing pages and Calls to Action.

The I.M.E. fulfills all of the above criteria. It would take a long time to explain all of the ways that it does but we can take a few  examples:

A blog posted on the WordPress Blogsite ( or page ) can then be Power Tweeted via the Twylah platform ( initially placing the Power Tweet into your Twitter community ). It can then be ( power ) shared to Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest and Digg. This creates backlinks from all of these places to your domain ( the WordPress web/blog and Twylah page are all in your domain ).

It is worth remembering that Google is now looking at the whole picture rather than simply relevant keywords and phrases and backlinks so the fact that a piece of content is being shared ( liked, ReTweeted etc. etc. ) around multiple social networks is a powerful indicator to Google.

Social Media, she said, is full of fakes, flakes, weirdos, liars & creeps !!!

Posted by Chris on August 11th, 2012

This morning I was talking to a good Twitter friend of mine ( we have not actually known one another for very long ) and I found myself defending a social media related company to her for the SECOND time. The first time it was and the second time it was global professional network

She basically said that Social Media networks ( particularly Facebook and Twitter ) were full of fakes, flakes, weirdo’s, liars and creeps and that there was no room in her life for any more social networks ………UNLESS there was a clear benefit. Now, this is a straight talking lady that talks a lot of sense. There was that chink of hope .. UNLESS there was a clear benefit !!

The only network that she thought was ( relatively ) safe AND produced business was Linkedin.

It is interesting that Facebook is suffering from many rumours about ” Fake accounts ” and it’s share price is plummeting whilst Linkedin is seen as a much better bet . Twitter is still a private company but everyone knows that you can buy Twitter followers for a relatively low price. e.g. .

I think there is a change coming . People want to network and they want to do business – they just don’t want the hassle that comes with social networking – particularly if it does not actually produce business.

Linkedin is pretty safe but I have noticed a number of connection requests from decidedly flakey looking accounts. So far I have connected to nearly all of them as I am an Open Networker and there is an unwritten agreement that Open Networkers connect to anybody.

Personally I don’t find Linkedin very intuitive, easy to communicate with others or productive from a business point of view. Twitter is my most productive business network and well ahead of both Facebook and Linkedin. I don’t think I have had a single business conversation on Google + despite having an extensive network there and being a Google + Beta user.

Twylah and Brandergy have at least one thing in common – they both have great ” Community Managers ” ( Kelly Kim in the case of Twylah and Vincent Wright in the case of Brandergy ). Community Management does not happen in e.g. Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter – unless you are talking about Group managers. Good ” Community Management ” is a new skill and a hard one to carry out effectively.

I dream of a global, positive, supportive network that actually achieves business for it’s members. I have ” sub networks ” on Twitter and Facebook ( Twitter particularly ) which comprise of ” Internet Influencers ” who are “engaged ” with me and supportive.

However, it is one thing to have a global, positive, influential, engaged and supportive network and entirely another to have that network produce results.

Producing results requires that you step from the virtual world into the real world of actual products and services, phone calls, meetings, presentations, proposals and orders. In other words that you monetise your network.

Where most social networks are focussed on increasing numbers what is required is a social network that has ” barriers to entry ” – a Quality over Quantity network.

I actually had a conversation this afternoon with someone who had joined Brandergy and they were ” worrying ” about who they should introduce into Brandergy themselves. They wanted to maintain the ” Quality ” of the network. This ” elitism ” is what is required to contrast with the ” fakes, flakes, weirdo’s,liars and creeps ” that are on other networks. You want the ” SAS ” or ” Seal Team ” of networkers.

You know pretty instantly when you meet them on other networks. ( I always think it is amazing that people’s character comes across in 140 characters ). They slot into the ” team ” instantly and become part of a well oiled machine.

Internet Marketing Strategy – Lichfield – Update using IME

Posted by Chris on July 23rd, 2012

When it comes to dominating the search results for Internet Marketing Strategy Lichfield the Internet Marketing Ecosystem ( IME ) is clearly working really well. A search on ” Internet Marketing Strategy Lichfield ” today shows that we have FREE ( natural ) listings for 5 of the results on the first page.

The M&A Rainmaker ( WordPress ) blog – this one – heads the listings. Followed by a Pinterest listing, a Digg listing and a Twylah listing. The Pinterest and Twylah listings mirror their growth in the Alexa rankings ( just read this morning that Pinterest is now the No 3 social network ). Despite Digg’s problems it remains a solid way to get a Google ranking and in my estimation is a key component of the IME.

My IME is now benefiting from years of continuous content updating and posting. Remember that in the IME the WordPress website/blog and the Twylah page are the ” core ” of the IME. Often ( but not always ) content is generated via this WordPress blog and then posted to Facebook, Twitter ( which automatically generates posts to Twylah ) , Linkedin, Google + and Digg. Posts to Twylah can be re-posted to Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and Digg ( to name a few ) if required.

In addition to building our networks on each of these social networking platforms we are also creating links from e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Twylah, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and Digg back to the M&A Rainmaker WordPress blogsite.

Each of these systems are powerful in their own right but when combined in the Internet Marketing Ecosystem they are virtually unbeatable – as the Google search results show.

Remember that some of the keys to a high ranking website ( one that gets found for the searches that you want it to be found for ) is that it has relevant, continuously updated content; that it has on page SEO and that it has authoritative links from websites that are regarded as having authority. All of these criteria have been completely satisfied. Mostly though we have to make sure that our posts talk about the subject that we want to be found for in an appropriate way. Google ALWAYS tries to give searchers the results that they want.

Talking about individual performance on specific networks there have been some wonderful comments on Twitter lately from friends in the U.S.A. ( you will remember that a key part of my success with the IME has been knowledge of systems like Twylah and Pinterest – which eminate from the U.S. ).

Here’s a comment from Mike Martino

LICHFIELD England – Many great philosophers have come from the City of Lichfield yet none have mastered the art of  like Chris Windley.

who has been very kind and generous in his praise of my activity on Twitter.


Chris Windley is now a Six Figure Mentor. Find out how to get more traffic, visitors, leads, orders and CASH from your website. Turn your Internet presence from a liability into an ASSET !!! Click >>>>>>>>>>>>HERE <<<<<<<<<<<< for more information.



What can a small San Francisco startup do for London’s Hottest startups ??

Posted by Chris on July 10th, 2012

Well it depends who that startup is doesn’t it !! When Eric and Kelly Kim  – founders of San Francisco based Twylah found out about the Guardian’s list of the Hottest 20 East London startups   ( ) they immediately responded with Twylah pages for most of them.

Twylah pages are only given to those companies who fulfill a certain set of criteria. Mainly around the quality of the content produced ( on Twitter ) rather than numbers of followers or numbers of tweets.

What would a Twylah page do to help these startups ??? Well rather than go into great detail here this

is a great blog about Twylah and how it might help. For Pinterest users videos and blogs have been collected here

Of course there is a lot of controversy about ” Silicon Roundabout ” with some people saying that no such thing exists; some saying that the area has been a High Tech. area for years and years; some saying these companies are not proper ” High Tech. ” companies – they are ” Media ” development companies etc etc etc

Of course there is considerable controversy in San Francisco aswell – Rents are going through the roof; Talent is difficult to find in these ” boom times ” ( Startup’s must look beyond the U.S. to other countries like e.g. the U.K. , Spain, South America etc ) ; Investors are desperate to invest in the right startups.

Twylah has already become very popular amongst London based Twitter users and it might not be long before Twylah becomes a neighbour of some of the East London startups that it has just supported. Probably a good move then !!

Some of the East London based startups who received Twylah pages:

My blog needs a good f***ing sort out !!

Posted by Chris on July 8th, 2012

I get loads of comments on my M & A Rainmaker blog. ( ok lots of them are just link spammers – I know ). I read them all and I value them all ( well except the link spammers that write horrible, incomprehensible, inane things and then expect me to approve them ! ).

It has gone way beyond being a place where I wanted to write down my experiences of starting, building and selling companies. In the main it has become a place where my journey through Internet Marketing has been documented. This was a journey that started in the early 2000’s. It was a journey that was driven by a desire to understand how to get found on the Internet. My firm belief was that people would search for information about nearly everything on the Internet – and then, sometimes, they would actually buy. In other words whatever you sold you needed to have a presence on the Internet and you needed to be found for the services and products that you supplied.

Now there are many blogs posts on this website that are meant to be found for certain ( Google ) searches. For example if you search on
” Internet Marketing Strategy Lichfield ” you will find that a couple of blog posts from here rank at at the top and that further down there is a Pinterest link, a Digg link and then a Twylah link. Yes, some social networks will give you search results aswell !!

But I digress, this post was supposed to be about my blog needing a really good sort out.

Actually I think it is a mother beautiful blog. It was designed for me by Nikki Pilkington and I love the colour and the ” clean lines “. It is uncluttered by, well anything really.

What does it need though ??

Well there are a few things that I plan to add sometime:

1. I need links to all my Social Network pages. ( At the moment these are just on the ” Contact Page ” ).

2. I need you to be able to share all my blogs easily on your Social Network pages.

3. I need to put ” Call to Actions ” on my blog posts e.g. at the bottom of this one.

4. I need an email sign-up section ( but this assumes that I am then going to start emailing my email database ).

5. I am thinking about adding ” Skimlinks ” and have actually signed up for it and been approved.

I could put adverts on my blogsite – not sure if I will but I could.

6. I should have some sort of comment spam filter – at the moment I just approve or not comments.

Actually that’s about all I am thinking about.

( Maybe – mobile friendly ?? )

Yeah , I know I should have some pictures here aswell !!

If you have any thoughts then please let me know 🙂

With Twylah as in life pictures and videos are better than words !

Posted by Chris on April 22nd, 2012

We all know the saying a picture tells a thousand words. I can’t remember where I saw it but apparently it has also been proven that a video tells a million words ( or more ) !  So what you want in online content is some great pictures and videos.

During the recent XeeMe Xweek review of Twylah that I attended ( online ) the discussion turned to the SEO value of Twylah and I was saying that my Twylah was now ranking quite well for a Google search on e.g. ” internet marketing strategy lichfield ” ( well at least it does from the U.K. ) and that as we were still in early days ( beta ) for Twylah this boded well for the future.

I also pointed out that in addition to having SEO value the pages looked great and someone said  that they loved the fact that pictures and videos were highlighted in Twylah so prominentlyand clearly. A great example of this I said was the Vanilla Chef Twylah page:

The food products on this Twylah page looked really great – – e.g. see below


One of our favourite products at Vanilla Chef and the only olive oil that can boas… more»

one of my favourite products fresh green peppercorn from Madagascar

and this was a great aspect of Twylah.
The Vanilla Chef Twitter and Twylah accounts were run by a creative ( graphic designer/marketer ) and that she knew how to post a great Tweet which would resolve into and make up a great Twylah page. ( I think there’s much more to be achieved in this area ).

This discussion also reminded me of  a term that we used to use  on a Social Network called This term was ” Posting into the search ” which basically meant that we would write an Ecademy post that we knew would get picked up by Google for a relevant search. It could actually have been text and pictures and videos but I mainly used to use text.  We now have the opportunity to ” Post into the Twylah  search ” which will in turn create a Twylah page that will be posted into a Google search. ( Sorry if this is a bit confusing – it is quite hard to explain ). What will happen when you do a relevant Google search is that the Twylah ( landing page ) will come up resplendent with it’s beautiful pictures and videos.

XeeMe and Twylah point the way to Internet Marketing Ecosystem

Posted by Chris on April 22nd, 2012

When I wrote the blog recently it was my view on the ” state of the art ” in terms of creating what I call an Internet Marketing Ecosystem.

Last Week I was involved in the XeeMe Xweek chat about Twylah. This was a great event where Kelly Kim, co-founder of Twylah got to answer set and spontaneous  questions about Twylah. Based on this online chat session ( my first such XeeMe chat ) I highly recommend these chats.

Participants in the chat included Mindy Koch ( ) and Irene Kimmel ( ) and I was quite fascinated to see their XeeMe profiles ( the first time I had really seen anyone’s XeeMe profile ). As per my Internet Marketing Ecosystem philosophy they have a web/blogsite ( both WordPress ) which are themselves pretty state of the art and then multiple social media accounts, bookmarking sites and Internet Influence summaries ( Klout, Kred, PeerIndex ).

XeeMe has little ” How active am I on this site ” indicators which I quite liked and it’s sort of good to see that Mindy and Irene are not as active on some as they are on others ( because I have no idea how they would maintain all these presences !! ).

Some of my influences in coming up with the description of the Internet Marketing Ecosystem include a number of ” auto-posting systems ” whereby a piece of content ( text, picture or video )  can be automatically posted to 10’s or even 100’s of social media and bookmarking sites automatically thereby creating 10’s or 100’s of powerful backlinks to e.g. a blog post almost immediately. I signed up to at least 2 of these auto-posting systems but I never actually used them in anger for loads of reasons including the fact that I thought Google would probably blacklist them at some point.

The objective of these systems always fascinated me though.

At that time I was focused on being FOUND on the Internet i.e. getting a high ranking position for a particular search word or phrase. Later on, with the help of HubSpot I became more interested in not only being found but also converting visitors to the content into long lasting subscribers and hopefully revenue generating customers.

Mindy’s ( WordPress ) Blog at reflects her XeeMe profile in having Subscribe areas, Influence areas and Twylah trending ( Twitter ) topics.

The CONVERSION of visitors through appropriate Landing Pages and Calls to Action is an area that Twylah helps with. ( e.g. Posts on Twylah automatically convert into Landing Pages ).

The other area that I have not looked into is what Mindy and Irene are using to ANALYSE where visitors to their web/blog sites are coming from ( there are a lot of possible sources bearing in mind the extent of their ecosystems ).

It is also not obvious what systems they are using to MONITOR relevant conversations.

I also thought it was interesting that Mindy had XeeMe and Twylah as her ” summarisers “. Here is her Twitter summary:

Mindy Koch

Mindy Koch


~SEO, Social Media, and Brand Positioning Strategist~ My entire social presence:  My tweeting presence: 

Maryland ·

WordPress then Digg then Twylah top Lichfield Internet Strategy Search for Chris Windley

Posted by Chris on April 7th, 2012

Key components of the ” Internet Marketing Ecosystem ” by Chris Windley are a WordPress based web or blogsite; the Twylah page ( derived automatically from Tweets on Twitter ) and the use of ( Alongside Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter itself, Linkedin and Google +.)

WordPress currently ranks as 18th in the worlds most ” powerful ” websites. Digg ranks 186. Twylah ranks 10,935. ( ).

Google is the top website, Facebook the 2nd, Twitter the 9th and Linkedin the 12th. So, when you post something on a WordPress web/blogsite
( like this one ) then re-post on Digg, Twylah and all four Social Networks mentioned it is not particularly surprising that a search on ”  Internet Marketing Strategy Lichfield ”  reveals that the WordPress post itself is at search position  3, the Digg post at position 4 and the Twylah position 8 on the first page of a search that has some 244,000 results.

As we know getting Found for a particular search term or phrase is a function of a web or blogsite having relevant content, on page SEO, high quality links and a powerful platform. All of these ingredients are present in the ” Internet Marketing Ecosystem ”  that I have created.

The core or epicentre of the Ecosystem is the web/blogsite and the Twylah page the other websites mentioned are supporting players to the content posted on the web/blogsite. The Ecosystem is extraordinarily powerful when it comes to achieving a high ranking position for a particular word or phrase.

This is a content driven strategy – it is not an SEO driven strategy and therefore it is complimentary to Googles recent announcement that it will penalise over-SEO’d websites.

N.B. Chris Windley’s Brandyourself profile can be found >>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

IT, Media ( like ucexpo ) and Recruitment companies start using Twylah

Posted by Chris on February 25th, 2012

IT and Recruitment companies are not always the first to use IT ( strangely ) and Twylah’s ” Featured Twylah Page’s ” makes you think that you have either got to be a pop star, rock band or fashionista to become a ” Twyp “. However a closer look reveals some technology specialists, media and recruitment companies using Twylah.

Hot off the press !! ucexpo put’s up a Twylah page for  it’s 6-7th March Expo. at

Website at:

Robert Scoble , , is a well known U.S. tech. news commentator who also works for Rackspace ( the hosting company ). The Next Web ( TNW ) are also on Twylah at and Buffer App. ( the smarter way to share Twitter and Facebook posts ) is at

Closer to home we have CRN ( Computer Reseller News ) UK’s magazine on the IT media side.

As an example of a Recruiter using Twylah we have Ask the Recruiter at

I am talking with a number of ICT Media and Technology companies about adopting the use of Twylah pages and becoming ” Twyps “. So whilst some of the earlier Twylah customers were pop and fashion stars ( mainly from the U.S. ) and whilst pop and fashion stars globally will be adopting Twylah pages they are now being used by ” ordinary ” people and businesses like Lichfield based Coco Meli Bakery .

A pioneer of Twylah usage in the U.K. is Still Safe!/stillsafe and uses Twylah power Tweets almost exclusively now. Why ?? Well a Twylah Landing Page is produced for each Tweet and when connected to Still Safe’s domain this is acting like a blog ( one of the most powerful content generation actions you can take ) by producing page after page of Twylah pages.

In their own right the Twylah pages will come up on Google and other search engines for relevant searches. The Twylah platform will become very powerful very quickly ( consider how Google treats websites that generate lots of rich content ) and currently it’s Alexa ranking is increasing dramatically.

This is only the beginning for users of Twylah pages though.

The Twylah page is ultimately about the monetisation of Twitter Tweets. This means getting visitors to the Twylah page to sign up for something like buying GaGa’s latest download at . ( In the trade this is known as a Call to Action ).

Once you have people taking actions like this then you are generating income from your Internet Marketing efforts.

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