Forecasting is one of the most important activities in a salespersons calendar; it needs to be both reliable and consistent.


Over many years I have seen some amazing forecasting methods most are too complicated and require the salesperson to complete endless forms and questions which is time consuming and totally unnecessary.


KISS – keep it simple, stupid: is my motto


Traditional forecasting tends to be rear view mirror stuff with the salesperson often justifying why the sales haven’t closed.


Lets take a fresh look at the subject and consider our forecast looking forward and from the buyer’s standpoint.


Key questions:


What is your customers buying cycle?

Where are you relation to this?

What level of commitment do you have?

What level of commitment do you still need?

Are there any compelling events?

What are their buying criteria?


If your sales people don’t know the answers to these questions then your forecast  could be at risk.


Have a simple step x step approach to your information gathering.


Qualification using ‘MANU’ for smaller deals and ‘SPORTSMAN’ (which I have trademarked) as the most comprehensive approach to the larger high value sales.


If you want to know more about how to achieve reliable, accurate and consistent sales forecasting: 


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Answer – it’s both an Art and a Science!