LMS Capital plc capitulated to the Rayne Concert Party demand to keep Robert Rayne on the Board of Directors and Head the ” Special Committee ”  tasked with winding down LMS Capital’s investments including 365itservices .co.uk with the following announcement:

25 November 2011



LMS Capital plc (“LMS” or the “Company”) announces that its board of directors (the “Board”) has

agreed a process  to reconstitute the Board.  This process, which is intended to ensure that  the

Company has an independent Board in place to oversee its wind-down in the best interests of all

shareholders, and to reflect good corporate governance, has been established with the Concert Party

described in the Company’s circular to shareholders dated 7 November 2011.

A Committee of the Board (the  “Special Committee”) will be appointed to manage the reconstitution

and will comprise Richard Christou, Robert Rayne and Mark Sebba. Mark Sebba will chair the Special


The Special Committee will effect the search for two new independent non-executive directors with

the assistance of search consultants.

Upon the appointment of the two new directors, John Barnsley and David Verey will stand down from

the Board, and Robert Rayne will stand down as Chairman but remain on the Board. Richard Christou

will replace Robert Rayne as Chairman.

On the basis of these arrangements and the Board’s support of Robert Rayne, the Concert Party has

withdrawn its request that shareholders be  asked whether they agree that he remain on the Board.

Accordingly, the third resolution relating to Robert Rayne set out in the Company’s circular of 7

November 2011 will not be considered at the general meeting convened for 11.00 a.m. on 30

November 2011 and shareholders will only be asked to vote in relation to the two resolutions to

approve the Company’s proposed wind-down strategy. The Board is unanimously recommending that

shareholders vote in favour of this strategy.


Quayle Munro: 020 7907 4200

Colin La Fontaine Jackson/Andrew Tuckey

Matrix Corporate Capital LLP

This really seals the fate of 365 ITMS Limited  and 365it services.co.uk which will now be broken up and sold as soon as practicable.


Shareholders General Meeting – Poll Results

On 30 November 2011, LMS Capital plc held the Shareholders General Meeting requisitioned by the Rayne Concert Party. The results of the voting by poll on the resolutions

put to the meeting are listed below. All resolutions were passed by the required majority.


For* Against* Withheld**

Votes % Votes % Votes

1. Approve the new investment policy 242,375,643 97.79 5,474,039 2.21 50,206

2. Approve the orderly winding down of the Company 226,548,610 91.39 21,334,453 8.61 65,702

* The ‘For’ and ‘Against’ votes include those votes giving the Company Secretary discretion.

** The votes ‘Withheld’ are not counted towards the votes cast at the General Meeting

Resolution 3, as originally included in the Notice of General Meeting dated 7 November 2011, was withdrawn by the Rayne Concert Party on 25 November

2011 and was therefore not put to the vote at the Meeting.

The Company’s issued share capital, as at 30 November 2011, is 272,674,285 ordinary shares of 10p each.

365it services.co.uk