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Posted by Chris on June 14th, 2012

If you are looking for an Internet Connection in Dorset then you may be surprised to know that Poundbury Systems has had it’s own National Internet and Telephone network since the early 2000′s. Prior to that Poundbury’s owners built National I.P. ( Internet Protocol ) networks for other people.

Poundbury has a number of locations in London ( for resilience ) where we connect to the Internet and Telephone networks of the world. We provide U.K. Hosting facilities ( mainly )  in the London and Poundbury areas ( which is very important for websites that want to rank well in U.K. searches ).

Our deep, long standing and extensive knowledge of Internet ( and Telecommunications ) connectivity ensures that you get a different perspective on your Internet Connection requirements to that which you find from the ” major players ” .

We can, of course, provide a like for like solution to that offered by other companies but given that we can provide almost any sort of Internet connection, anywhere we like to concentrate on what is best for you. That means understanding your business requirements and objectives before providing a solution to you.

In addition to ” Landline ” ( copper or optical fibre cable ) connectivity we can provide wireless connectivity. Where required we can mix and match.

Obviously in rural areas there may be some bandwidth ( size of your Internet pipe ) restrictions but if you need high bandwidth and quality service then we will do our best to provide this wherever you are. If you need resilience and fault tolerance ( no single point of failure ) then we can provide this aswell.

So, pretty well, you can think to yourself that whatever your Internet Connection requirement is, Poundbury Systems can provide it. The question is more what you want and need ??

We can provide copper and fibre broadband Internet Connections at up to 75 Mbps and a U.K. Ethernet network at speeds up to a Gigabit per second.

Whatever your requirement please give us a call on:

01305 259849

Poundbury Systems provides Cloud Computer Support in Dorchester

Posted by Chris on September 28th, 2011

Poundbury Systems of Poundbury, Dorchester is offering local companies advice and support on the pros and cons of Cloud Computing alongside its general computer, telephony and network support offerings.

” Cloud Computing ” is a term that gets mentioned quite often these days, usually accompanied by various general benefits of cloud computing like – lower cost, pay-as-you-go, flexibility, scalability, upgradability etc etc

Poundbury Systems believes that Dorchester based companies should look at the pros and cons of Cloud Systems solutions in relation to ” on premises ” solutions for their particular situation.

Poundbury has developed and supported Cloud Solutions via their Cloud Computing subsiduary ” FutureLine ”

FutureLine initially focussed on Cloud based telephony, supported over networks owned and managed by Poundbury Systems. In recent months the emphasis has been to develop a broader range of cloud  based solutions alongside the Cloud based telephony.

Whether cloud based or on premises the solutions that should be adopted should meet the customers requirements now and in the future.

Factors like performance, security, reliability, fault tolerance, risk and manageability should be discussed and the potential solutions evaluated against these criteria.

Poundbury Systems is known, within Dorchester and beyond for talking to customers in plain English and not in ” jargon “.

See below for contact details:

Contact Us

If you like what you’ve read so far, then please contact us.

Alternatively you could come and visit our state of the art offices. Purpose built in 2004 they house not only our wonderful staff but also our test labs and Customer Operations Centre

We are based in Poundbury, Dorchester, in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. If you would like to know more, please contact us at the details below.

Poundbury Systems Ltd.
Emeria House
71-73 Middlemarsh St

Tel: 01305 259849
Fax: 01305 259725

Change coming in the way we shop in Poundbury Dorset

Posted by Chris on September 17th, 2011


According to a recent article in The Register ( see link below ) shoppers in Poundbury Dorset and elsewhere in the country are not going to need credit cards any more – just their mobile phones.

PayPal have created a very glitzy video

PayPal:The Future of Shopping in Poundbury

that shows how people bump their phones together to transfer money; scan in images from promotional posters to get credits and pay for goods via pdq machines using just a phone number and a pin.

Now, leaving aside the technology here, I worry about using PayPal because I ( and many other people who commented on the Register post ) have had a lot of problems with PayPal as it is at the moment.

Leaving that aside the idea itself looks good.



Help with PC Virus removal in Dorset and Bloatware !!

Posted by Chris on August 15th, 2011

If you are looking for help with PC Virus Removal in Dorset then I highly recommend that you give Poundbury Systems a call in Dorchester.

Over the last few days I have been struggling with 2 different problems on 2 different machines – a notebook and a desktop.

On the notebook I believed that I had identified the presence of the ” Tidserv ” virus and the desktop was giving me a Status error message that I just could not make go away.

A bit of a Google on the Tidserv virus led me to forums’s that at least told me that I was not alone. Other people had had an error message from Norton Antivirus and then tried to remove the Tidserv virus using Norton and failed. Just like me then !!

There were various bits of advice on which malware removal programs to install. All sounded a bit complicated to me !!

On the desktop it was this ” status ” message that just would not go away . There were no real clues in the message as to where the problem might be.

After trying various things over the weekend I decided to send Poundbury an email. I got a response that they would would get in contact on Monday.

By the way, I am in Staffordshire and Poundbury are in Dorset.

Mike from Poundbury called and we got to work on the two devices.

He installed some ” remote control ” software on my notebook and PC and got to work.

Apparently it didn’t matter that he was in Dorset  and  I was in Staffordshire, he was soon ” doing things ” to my notebook and PC remotely !!

He downloaded a couple of ” Tidserv killer ” programmes onto the notebook and quickly worked out that it was probably something to do with the HP printer software on my PC.

The notebook was in the house but the PC was in the office ( across the yard ). As I agreed that we would work on both at the same time there was a bit of unexpected exercise involved running between the two !!

In my efforts to solve the problems myself I had downloaded multiple virus killers and upgraded Windows and HP printer software – the right thing in some ways but also adding to the problems in others.

Both issues were resilient little critters ( ! )

but Mike patiently began to eliminate the problems.

As we got to grips with the solutions Mike asked about some of the programs installed on the two devices and whether they were all necessary. Then he mentioned that some were ” Bloatware ” – a new term on me but one that I came to understand basically meant – unnecessary stuff that PC ” manufacturers” put on the P.C.’s to make them more ” attractive ” and ” user friendly ” but which actually just slowed everything down and added minutes to boot times and took up memory and disk space.

Ah !! – so now I was going to get the ” stripped down ” version 😉

The more stuff he took off the faster everything ran – magic !!

So now my notebook and PC are running error free and FASTER !!!!!


Contact Mike at Poundbury on:

Poundbury Systems Ltd.
Emeria House
71-73 Middlemarsh St

Tel: 01305 259849
Fax: 01305 259725

Job vacancy Poundbury Dorchester

Posted by Chris on July 29th, 2011

Job Vacancy Poundbury Dorchester

Do you have good communication skills with a friendly telephone manner?

Do you have good organisational skills?

Can you work as part of a team?

Are you self motivated?

Are you looking for a local, full time office based job?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you may be just who we are looking for.  If you think you are that person please send your CV or post to the following address marked for the attention of Mrs Karen Shannon:

Poundbury Systems Ltd
Emeria House
71-73 Middlemarsh Street

Cisco Hosted Voice emerges from Dorset

Posted by Chris on January 13th, 2011

The Cisco FutureLine Hosted Voice solution has been developed by Dorset based Poundbury Systems.

FutureLine ( ) appears to be a timely addition to the Cisco portfolio addressing quite neatly the lower end of the SMB market. A Cisco spokesperson said :

“We are seeing an increasing demand for managed and hosted solutions in the voice space and this is especially the case for smaller businesses with less than 20 employees. FutureLine have a refreshingly new approach by addressing the key fundamentals of quality, security and ease of use and deployment. This is all underpinned by partnering with Cisco who fully understand how to manage different media provided by the various consumption models.”

Andy Brocklehurst
RSM Cisco Small Busines

Supplied via existing and new Cisco resellers FutureLine enables them to provide customers with a low cost voice solution that grows and changes as the SMB grows and changes without there being any costly re-investments in voice infrastructure.

Previously Cisco small SMB prospects would have only been offered a UC500 based premises solution which was often too costly for the smaller customer.

Globally, solutions that combine Cisco end points with a Hosted Voice platform have been extremely popular.

Why choose a telephone system from Poundbury Systems?

We have range of options that not only suit your business, but can grow and change as your business does.

Flexible – Simple – Effective

The features you need, at a price you want.

All our Telephone Systems all contain the following features

Our standard telephone systems come with all the features below needed to successfully run any business. Apart from all these useful components, we can also customise your system to provide what you need for your individual business.

Free calls within your own company – All calls to your other offices or home workers equipped with our VoIP phone are entirely free of charge. Calls to other land lines and mobiles are cheaper than BT’s standard rates.

Lower call charges to everyone else – Our phone call charges are significantly lower than most national phone companies’ standard prices without compromising any quality.

Single Bill, Single Point of Contact – One bill and one phone call for all your calls, line rental, broadband and even your IT support.

Main number voice mail – Collected from the phone, remotely or by e-mail. Callers can leave a message out of hours or when your reception staff are busy, safe in the knowledge that their call will be returned swiftly.

Individual voice mails – Any employee you choose can have their own voice mail. Messages can then be forwarded to their e-mail account, mobile phone or can be accessed from their desk phone.

Individual call forwarding – Individual phones can be set to Do Not Disturb. Calls can be forwarded to other extensions, mobiles, home numbers etc.

Presence Indication – See when your colleagues are already on the phone – Have you ever transferred a call to somebody only to find that they are engaged? See with ease who is on the phone or available.

Fully customisable – You can turn on and off features, or add them at a later date.

Easy access to call reporting – Reports are available for you see exactly who has been calling where and for how long. These are issued automatically with each monthly bill.

Geography free – The system can receive numbers that are normally associated with different parts of the country – London for example.

Music on Hold – let your customers hear music while they are on hold.

Home workers – The system can support remote users so working from home becomes easier.

Road Warriors – The system can connect you with those members of staff who are always on the road.


If you would like to see and try one of our phone systems, just call us and we will arrange for a free demonstration.

Additional Services
PSL can supply any other services you might need for your new telephone system, such as a broadband (ADSL) lines and routers. We can also provide servers, PC, e-mail and anti-spam service through to desktop PC support.

Common Additional Options:

Automatic greetings – Many professional companies are now or will soon be required by legislation to ensure industry specific announcements are made to each and every caller. Remove the worry for you and the hassle from your reception staff by recording the important messages and letting the system automatically play them for you.

Automatic call routing – Callers can choose 1 for sales 2 for accounts etc. This can save resources on reception and enable calls to be answered with more speed and efficiency.

Paging Service – Do you need to know about emergency calls out of hours? – No problem at all with our system.

Conference calls – Easily talk to any other group of people without the need to get in the car.

Personalised numbers – Individual users can have their own direct dial number – where only their phone will ring – ideal for you to give to your premium clients. These can be geographic i.e 01 or 02 numbers or non-geographic numbers such as 0800/0844/0871 etc

Multiple company numbers – The system can accept calls to multiple numbers and will display the number the caller has dialled – i.e. ‘Sales Order Line’.

Operator software – this can give specific users the ability to drag and drop incoming calls and see the status of all users within the organisation.

Company Specific Directories – these can be synchronised with ‘off phone lists’. Public folders in Microsoft Exchange can be linked to the phones for example.

Click to dial – allows you to select a number on your desktop and dial it by clicking with your mouse.
Screen pops – can show you information about who is calling and be linked to your other internal software, if the necessary external connectors are made available to us.

Time aware behaviour – The system can do different things automatically at different times of day. i.e. all calls to voicemail after 5.30pm.

There are a choice of handsets and we can show you all the options at our demo facilities in Dorchester.

Cisco Systems emerges in rude health from global downturn and go’s for Gold

Posted by Chris on February 28th, 2010

This article in The Times on Saturday

shows how much progress Cisco Systems has made during the global downturn.

Although it’s market capitalisation is well down on the boom times it’s market share is up to 85% !!

Many of it’s old competitors are virtually dead now – Nortel, Lucent etc etc

Having just provided the network for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics it is now gearing up to do the same for the 2012 Olympics in the U.K.

Cisco Heroes of the Human Network Contest

Posted by Chris on February 2nd, 2010

Poundbury Systems would like to make you aware of the ” Cisco Heroes of the Human Network Contest

Please call us for more details on               01305 259849         01305 259849 and ask for Clare or Ricki or fax us on               01305 259849         01305 259849 or visit our website here

or Google ” Cisco Heroes ”
or visit Cisco Systems link here:

or read this

How has Cisco empowered your business?
Tell us how Cisco Small Business technology has helped propel your business and your business could win!
Three grand prize winners will receive:
Video case study documenting your experience
$1,000 CDW gift card to spend on Cisco Small Business products
Flip Mino HD Video camera (valued at $229)
Simply tell us, in an essay of 250 words or less, how Cisco Small
Business technology has allowed you to streamline business
processes, enhance the customer experience or improve employee
efficiency and your business can be a grand prize winner!*

and visit this link here

Dorset IT company mentored remotely using Cisco Webex

Posted by Chris on January 28th, 2010

Poundbury Systems is in the Cisco mentor programme and receives a regular monthly mentoring session from Cisco mentoring partner Channel Intellect.

The bad weather in January and various issues in December meant that the Channel Intellect representative John Shannon could not get down from the Wirral to Dorset.

In December the mentoring session was carried out using the telephone. During the session a number of critical areas were discussed such as the order forecast and the commitment to those orders being received and personal coaching. The mentor came off of the December update feeling that he had heard the words but needed to see the facial reactions and other body language that accompanied those words.

Given the appalling weather conditions in January it was decided that another remote review was required but this time Cisco Webex video conferencing would be used.

Cisco Webex is a low cost video conferencing solution that is suitable for small and medium sized businesses to use. ( ie suitable for Poundbury, Channel Intellect and Poundbury’s customers ).

When John came off the January remote review he was convinced that messages  were received, understood and committed to.

Cisco Webex video conferencing makes business sense for a  number of reasons: Reduced travel time and cost; reduced carbon emissions; business continuity and the ability to see the whites of peoples’ eyes !

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