The following is an excerpt from Stooshe’s Wikipedia entry:

Stooshe was formed in May 2010 and signed to Warner Music in August 2011. The original concept was to create an urban and soulful Spice Girls. Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold were put together by writer and manager Jo Perry, following a series of auditions and scouting in UK fashion shop Topshop over a nine-month period.Perry explained to HitQuarters why she chose this unconventional location for talent spotting:

“I didn’t put an ad in The Stage because I didn’t want people that want to be in the music industry, I wanted people that are stars but don’t even know it.”

Using tracks from writing/production duo Future Cut, the group spent the next twelve months developing their look and sound. Anderson revealed that the band’s name originates from the word ‘Stoosh’, urban slang for something expensive, “a girl who thinks she’s nicer than she is,” or being stoned or stashed away. The contrasting meanings confirmed their choice. They then added ‘she’ on the end for female empowerment or girl power. The band’s name is pronounced like the Scottish word stooshie.

There are a couple of bit’s of information in there that I love – I didn’t know where the name ” Stooshe ” came from.

My absolute favourite Stooshe song is ” Black Heart “.



In Motives we want people who are entrepreneurs but don’t even know it !!!

I am also very happy to support female empowerment as best as I can.

So, being such a massive Stooshe fan it was great to see Alex in this Motives Tutorial:


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