Poundbury Systems provides Cloud Computer Support in Dorchester

Posted by Chris on September 28th, 2011

Poundbury Systems of Poundbury, Dorchester is offering local companies advice and support on the pros and cons of Cloud Computing alongside its general computer, telephony and network support offerings.

” Cloud Computing ” is a term that gets mentioned quite often these days, usually accompanied by various general benefits of cloud computing like – lower cost, pay-as-you-go, flexibility, scalability, upgradability etc etc

Poundbury Systems believes that Dorchester based companies should look at the pros and cons of Cloud Systems solutions in relation to ” on premises ” solutions for their particular situation.

Poundbury has developed and supported Cloud Solutions via their Cloud Computing subsiduary ” FutureLine ”  http://www.futureline.net.uk/

FutureLine initially focussed on Cloud based telephony, supported over networks owned and managed by Poundbury Systems. In recent months the emphasis has been to develop a broader range of cloud  based solutions alongside the Cloud based telephony.

Whether cloud based or on premises the solutions that should be adopted should meet the customers requirements now and in the future.

Factors like performance, security, reliability, fault tolerance, risk and manageability should be discussed and the potential solutions evaluated against these criteria.

Poundbury Systems is known, within Dorchester and beyond for talking to customers in plain English and not in ” jargon “.

See below for contact details:

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Alternatively you could come and visit our state of the art offices. Purpose built in 2004 they house not only our wonderful staff but also our test labs and Customer Operations Centre

We are based in Poundbury, Dorchester, in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. If you would like to know more, please contact us at the details below.

Poundbury Systems Ltd.
Emeria House
71-73 Middlemarsh St

Tel: 01305 259849
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FutureLine Hosted Voip at UC Expo 2011 with Cisco

Posted by Chris on February 18th, 2011

FutureLine Hosted Voip will be at UC Expo 2011, Olympia, London from the 8 – 9th March on the Cisco Systems stand.

UC Expo is one of the premier U.K. events for CIOs, Business Managers, Technical Directors and associated professionals from organisations of every kind interested in Unified Communications.

As one of the leaders in Unified Communications Cisco Systems has made a major committment to UC Expo and FutureLine will be there for S.M.B.’s and other organisations interested in Hosted Voice and Unified Communications.

Andy Brocklehurst of Cisco will be one of the Cisco speakers and is quoted as saying:

“We are seeing an increasing demand for managed and hosted solutions in the voice space and this is especially the case for smaller businesses with less than 20 employees. FutureLine have a refreshingly new approach by addressing the key fundamentals of quality, security and ease of use and deployment. This is all underpinned by partnering with Cisco who fully understand how to manage different media provided by the various consumption models.”

Andy Brocklehurst
RSM Cisco Small Business

Clare Jenkins, M.D. of FutureLine, will be speaking at the event aswell. Further posts will give more details of Clare and Andy’s themes and also we will be posting about some exciting offers that FutureLine will be making to people interested in evaluating FutureLine’s Hosted Voice solutions.

For more information about FutureLine please go to:


or call Clare on

0871 594 3555 or

email her at: info@futureline.net.uk

Cloud Computing floats high in U.K. Hi-Tech Mergers & Acquisitions in 2011

Posted by Chris on January 25th, 2011

Cloud Computing is destined to be one of  the most active Hi-Tech sectors for Mergers & Acquisitions in the U.K. in 2011 according to this article


which comments on Deloitte’s bi-annual survey of U.K. based Hi-Tech companies.

Within Cloud Computing Hosted Telephony and Unified Communications is one of the growth niche’s.

Innovative companies like FutureLine, which is being supported by Cisco Systems, are addressing specific market segments e.g. Highly distributed SMB’s.

A Cisco spokesperson said:

“We are seeing an increasing demand for managed and hosted solutions in the voice space and this is especially the case for smaller businesses with less than 20 employees. FutureLine have a refreshingly new approach by addressing the key fundamentals of quality, security and ease of use and deployment. This is all underpinned by partnering with Cisco who fully understand how to manage different media provided by the various consumption models.”

Andy Brocklehurst
RSM Cisco Small Business

i-technology media

Posted by Chris on January 14th, 2010

comprehensive i-technology media site


Not all clouds ( or cloud computing platforms ) are the same!

Posted by Chris on January 13th, 2010

Identifying which cloud computing solution best fits your business.

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In life we often learn the hard way that commonly used terms can mean so many different things to different people. Apparently simple terms such as ‘all inclusive’ (holidays), ‘great views’ (house moving) and “pillion friendly ” (motorcycles) have proven to be so miss-leading to me. The same is often true in the IT arena and the rapidly growing arena of Cloud Computing is no exception.

Cloud Computing is far from being an entirely new concept. In essence it’s how services are bundled from both technical/operational and commercial perspectives. But what’s really interesting is the way the term can mean so many different things depending upon the various vendor solutions. In my role as director of IT managed services for the IT services company 365 iTechnology I’ve spent a lot of time trying to simplify for prospective customers the various scenarios and terminology I use and I thought it might be useful to share this.

Cloud Computing

This is an often used term but a quick web search will provide a vast number of very different definitions. It’s important therefore to appreciate this is only a general term. I explain it succinctly as “the use of IT applications and/or IT infrastructure delivered and supported from a remote location by a third party”. It does not indicate what aspects are included or how and to what standards the various services are delivered.

Accordingly when speaking to prospective customers I use the following terminology:

SaaS (Software as a Service)

This is effectively the renting of applications on a per user basis. The attraction is that users do not need to worry about the procurement of application licensing, server hardware, storage, hosting, data backup or support. The down side is there are limited applications available (although this is growing) and for many businesses they would need to liaise with many suppliers whilst using in-house solutions to meet their entire needs. Not an ideal scenario. Some of the general applications are grouped together, perhaps the best known supplier of these is Google Apps. Accordingly I see SaaS a good fit for two different scenarios; 1) The start-up or SoHo businesses or 2) larger, established businesses needing to use specific applications such as CRM.

Private Cloud

This is effectively the collocation of business specific infrastructure and applications in to a remote data centre environment. Here it may be combined with shared services such as data storage and backup, network access, monitoring and management. It’s effectively enhanced hosting and consequently tends to suit the larger businesses with exiting infrastructure investment.

Cloud Computing Platform

In this scenario the service provider would provide all aspects of the computing infrastructure whilst using the customers existing applications. The services supplied vary enormously but should include servers with operating systems, data storage, monitoring and management e.g. OS patching and anti-virus updates, data backup and server DR (disaster recovery). These should all be delivered against agreed service levels.

This diagram shows these various elements and highlights how this approach enables the customer to focus on managing the applications knowing that the infrastructure and supporting services are all in place, monitored and underpinned by robust recovery and support procedures.

In addition the Cloud Computing Platform is usually provided on service fee basis thereby avoiding the need for capital expenditure whilst assisting with budgeting.

ROI is also underpinned by driving service improvements and through the lowering of support costs as in-house IT support is now free to manage applications and strategic activities rather than day-to-day IT admin.

This Cloud Computing Platform model should be able to meet the needs of most businesses. Clearly this is dependent up the selected service provider and care must be taken in choosing the correct partner.

About Garry Growns

Garry has 30 years experience in IT services and telecommunications, including the Internet, disaster recovery and data management services. His previous position was as a main board director for Guardian iT plc where he had specific responsibility for group sales. He was also chief operating officer with responsibility for the group’s day to day disaster recovery and data back up businesses. Previously Garry worked at COLT Internet as international sales director and BT as a general manager in the data networking and Internet sectors.

About 365 iTechnology

365 iTechnology are a proven team of IT service delivery experts which though its six operating divisions provide affordable IT services, business continuity, network security and management, storage solutions, data back-up, support and many more IT services to help you serve your customers better.

365 iTechnology delivers enterprise class IT services and solutions that enhance operating effectiveness, raise productivity and increase ROI. 365 iTechnology is not just about service delivery, but is committed to providing seamless, cost effective iT solutions

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