Facials,Massage,Manicure,Pedicure,Sports Therapy Alrewas Burton Barton Lichfield

Posted by Chris on March 28th, 2010

If you are looking for Facials,Massage,Manicure,Pedicure,Nail Technology or Sports Therapy near Alrewas DE13

then St Leonards House in Wychnor ( near to Alrewas, Lichfield, Barton under Needwood and Burton on Trent ) has a resident Registered General Nurse and Registered Midwife who provides these services by appointment for residents and non-residents.

Included within the Facials are facepacks and massage and the Swedish Body Massage is offered.

Telephone 01283 791077 and ask for Pam.

Website: http://www.st-leonards-house.co.uk/default.html

A special Bed and Breakfast place near The National Memorial Arboretum

Posted by Chris on March 27th, 2010

Somewhere special near the National Memorial Arboretum for Rooms Bed and Breakfast

As a former Royal Navy Officer ( Weapons Electrical Engineer ) and with my father and stepfather in the Royal Air Force and mum’s brothers in the Welsh Guards it seemed appropriate to be able to offer rooms, bed and breakfast to people attending the National Memorial Arboretum at St Leonards House ( http://www.st-leonards-house.co.uk/bedandbreakfast.html ).

As it happens the National Memorial Arboretum has been massively successful – if successful is the right word for a place of mourning.

St Leonards House is just across the A38 from the Arboretum, not quite walking distance – although you certainly could do it – but a very short car ride.

No doubt visitors to St Leonards House will also be interested in the information that we have about HMS Barham and the story of Harry Dooling, a stoker, second class whose mum worked at Wychnor Hall and who went down on the Barham at the tender age of 18 and who is buried in Wychnor Church next door.

There is a beautiful view from the Church yard over to Cannock Chase.

Jason and Mike run a great health and fitness club in Burton on Trent

Posted by Chris on March 13th, 2010

If you are trying to get fit and keep fit in Burton on Trent then I recommend E3 Fitness

Congratulations to Jason & Mike at E3 ( and Paul in New York and Dr Rob in Alrewas )  for working together to finally get me to do some keep fit.

Health and fitness has not been top of my agenda over the last few years although I am pleased to say that I have cut down on the old alcohol and watch what I am eating.

Since joining E3 Health and Fitness Club in Burton on Trent I have been pretty useless at getting down there but Jason and Mike have gently persisted using email, social networks and all sorts of other devious means to persuade me to come down.

It’s going to be a long haul back to a 3.07 marathon but with Jason and Mike’s help I will get fit and stay fit and healthy.

There was a plan to run The Great North Run this year with my friend Paul from New York but my slow start to getting fit in 2010 has probably meant that I will not make it. Having said that with Jason designing me a great fitness regime and him and Mike watching over me like mother hens you never know what is possible!

The thing about most fitness clubs is that they usually spend about five minutes when you first join making you welcome and then you never see anyone else for the next few years.

In fact my secretary recently resigned from her health club in Tamworth, having not been spoken to about her health and fitness aims or goals for over 3 years and they did not even talk to her when she gave them her 3 month resignation !!

E3 adopt a completely different attitude and keep a regular check of your health and fitness progress. In fact I have had more tests and assessments than I can remember – but at least they were all fun. I mean that Mike is completely nuts – singing and laughing as he beasts his customers 😉

Great job guys !!!!

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