2 years on from Peter MacLeans 365iT plc acquisition of 5i Limited

Posted by Chris on January 25th, 2011

In 2009 we sold 5i Limited to what became 365iT plc ( formerly Impera plc ) which is run by Peter MacLean, who helped build Guardian iT into a £110m business.

I originally invested in 5i Limited in around 2002 when finance would have been virtually impossible to raise for a Hi-tech start-up of this nature.

The original investment period was 3-5 years but I gave 5i’s management until 2009 to produce a return on my investment.

So, post the sale of 5i Limited to 365iT, what has happened ?? What does the future look like ??

365iT is pursuing a buy and build strategy – looking for suitable, complementary hi-tech companies to add  to it’s portfolio. It has raised funds from e.g. LMS Capital, the South East Growth Fund and Sussex Place Ventures.

It bought  7 Global from LMS Capital and also acquired Fox I.T. last year.

I will be posting a series of blogs on the post sale performance and my recommendations to other companies that are considering becoming part of 365iT.

Looking for SaaS companies that may want to sell.

Posted by Chris on February 12th, 2010

I have a client who is looking for SaaS companies that might fit into it’s Buy and Build Portfolio. They will deliver solutions for the public and private sectors.

If you know of any such companies please let me know asap.

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