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We all know the saying a picture tells a thousand words. I can’t remember where I saw it but apparently it has also been proven that a video tells a million words ( or more ) !  So what you want in online content is some great pictures and videos.

During the recent XeeMe Xweek review of Twylah that I attended ( online ) the discussion turned to the SEO value of Twylah and I was saying that my Twylah was now ranking quite well for a Google search on e.g. ” internet marketing strategy lichfield ” ( well at least it does from the U.K. ) and that as we were still in early days ( beta ) for Twylah this boded well for the future.

I also pointed out that in addition to having SEO value the pages looked great and someone said  that they loved the fact that pictures and videos were highlighted in Twylah so prominentlyand clearly. A great example of this I said was the Vanilla Chef Twylah page:

The food products on this Twylah page looked really great – http://www.twylah.com/vanillachef – e.g. see below


One of our favourite products at Vanilla Chef and the only olive oil that can boas… more»

one of my favourite products fresh green peppercorn from Madagascar

and this was a great aspect of Twylah.
The Vanilla Chef Twitter and Twylah accounts were run by a creative ( graphic designer/marketer ) and that she knew how to post a great Tweet which would resolve into and make up a great Twylah page. ( I think there’s much more to be achieved in this area ).

This discussion also reminded me of  a term that we used to use  on a Social Network called ecademy.com. This term was ” Posting into the search ” which basically meant that we would write an Ecademy post that we knew would get picked up by Google for a relevant search. It could actually have been text and pictures and videos but I mainly used to use text.  We now have the opportunity to ” Post into the Twylah  search ” which will in turn create a Twylah page that will be posted into a Google search. ( Sorry if this is a bit confusing – it is quite hard to explain ). What will happen when you do a relevant Google search is that the Twylah ( landing page ) will come up resplendent with it’s beautiful pictures and videos.

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