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If you live in the Lichfield, Staffordshire area and are interested in learning more about Internet Marketing Strategy and Strategies then please feel free to contact me via this website or one of the Social Networks listed below. ( You can Google me for more ).

One of the objectives of Internet Marketing is to be found for relevant e.g. Google searches like ” Internet Marketing Strategy ” . If you are reading this then you found it during some search or other for something like the phrase I have mentioned. I did not pay to be listed in a Directory or to have an advert on Google ( Top results or right hand side results ). I simply wrote about this subject.

I have been an Information Technology professional since leaving the Navy in the 80’s and have experience of sales, marketing and business strategy.

Terry Herbert with some of the Saxon Hoard.

Internet Marketing has been a passion of mine for the last 10 years or so since I realised just how many people were using search engines like Google to find information, products and services.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that we tend to lag 6-12 months behind what the U.S. is doing ( although not everything is invented in the U.S.  !! ) and so I have deliberately made and developed contacts in the U.S. so that I could keep up to date with the real cutting edge of Internet Marketing. So, for example I was a beta member of Google + which grew out of the West coast of the U.S. This means that I feel connected to Silicon Valley even though I have not lived there ( I have visited on a couple of occasions ). I guess I am missing out on some of the Silicon Valley action but I love Lichfield and Staffordshire.

Other companies which typify what I regard as the leading edge in global Internet Marketing include Boston based  HubSpot and more recently San Francisco based Twylah.

There are a number of Marketing and Internet Marketing posts on this blogsite that might help you ( Try searching for Marketing Newsletters as a start ) and I am very happy to discuss specific thoughts, issues and challenges directly.

UPDATE: I am now a Digital Marketing Mentor with the Six Figure Mentors if you would like to find out how to get visitors, traffic, leads, orders and cash from your website please click >>>>>>>> HERE <<<<<<<<<



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