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If you are looking for help with PC Virus Removal in Dorset then I highly recommend that you give Poundbury Systems a call in Dorchester.

Over the last few days I have been struggling with 2 different problems on 2 different machines – a notebook and a desktop.

On the notebook I believed that I had identified the presence of the ” Tidserv ” virus and the desktop was giving me a Status error message that I just could not make go away.

A bit of a Google on the Tidserv virus led me to forums’s that at least told me that I was not alone. Other people had had an error message from Norton Antivirus and then tried to remove the Tidserv virus using Norton and failed. Just like me then !!

There were various bits of advice on which malware removal programs to install. All sounded a bit complicated to me !!

On the desktop it was this ” status ” message that just would not go away . There were no real clues in the message as to where the problem might be.

After trying various things over the weekend I decided to send Poundbury an email. I got a response that they would would get in contact on Monday.

By the way, I am in Staffordshire and Poundbury are in Dorset.

Mike from Poundbury called and we got to work on the two devices.

He installed some ” remote control ” software on my notebook and PC and got to work.

Apparently it didn’t matter that he was in Dorset  and  I was in Staffordshire, he was soon ” doing things ” to my notebook and PC remotely !!

He downloaded a couple of ” Tidserv killer ” programmes onto the notebook and quickly worked out that it was probably something to do with the HP printer software on my PC.

The notebook was in the house but the PC was in the office ( across the yard ). As I agreed that we would work on both at the same time there was a bit of unexpected exercise involved running between the two !!

In my efforts to solve the problems myself I had downloaded multiple virus killers and upgraded Windows and HP printer software – the right thing in some ways but also adding to the problems in others.

Both issues were resilient little critters ( ! )

but Mike patiently began to eliminate the problems.

As we got to grips with the solutions Mike asked about some of the programs installed on the two devices and whether they were all necessary. Then he mentioned that some were ” Bloatware ” – a new term on me but one that I came to understand basically meant – unnecessary stuff that PC ” manufacturers” put on the P.C.’s to make them more ” attractive ” and ” user friendly ” but which actually just slowed everything down and added minutes to boot times and took up memory and disk space.

Ah !! – so now I was going to get the ” stripped down ” version 😉

The more stuff he took off the faster everything ran – magic !!

So now my notebook and PC are running error free and FASTER !!!!!


Contact Mike at Poundbury on:

Poundbury Systems Ltd.
Emeria House
71-73 Middlemarsh St

Tel: 01305 259849
Fax: 01305 259725



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