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I have long been aware of the power of a Marketplace advert both inside Ecademy.com and outside Ecademy.com ( on the Internet ).

Because Ecademy.com is such a powerful platform ( to Google ) much of the content posted there is picked up by Google and displayed for relevant searches. Testimonials and Marketplace promotions are amongst the things that are seen on Google and other seach engines.

You cannot guarantee to get ranked high on Google for selected words and phrases because it depends on how competitive the terms are. However, for reasonably competitive terms you stand a good chance of getting ranked high.

If you go here


you will see that ( at the time of writing ) via Ecademy and other platforms we dominate the search for people searching for Cisco Webex in Dorset.

I can give you lots of examples of achieving a significant Internet presence for selected terms via Ecademy.

My posts, like this one, tend to be rather text based. It was when I saw the work of Ces and Jay Loftus in particular that I thought that a graphically rich, visually powerful, Internet Testimonial or Recommendation could be produced that would rank high on Google.

On Saturday Ces and Jay launched a Targeted Internet Testimonial for The Glan Yr Afon Inn. Now it would be easy to make it rank for ” The Glan Yr Afon Inn ” so we wanted it to rank for something like ” Real Ale Pubs Holywell “.

At the time of writing this, if you do this search here


This Ecademy Marketplace advert here


is at the top of the Google search.

When you click on the Google result you get a lovely, graphical, Internet recommendation.

However, we have NOT yet even SEO’d this Marketplace advert !!!!

We can produce a Marketplace based Targeted Internet Testimonial for anybody about anybody and there’s more…….

Once we have produced this Testimonial we can transfer it to many different places and formats:

It can go on your blog or website..

It can be made into a pdf..

It can be emailed to your customer base ..

It can be printed for use as a poster, flyer or brochure insert ..

and these are just some of the uses of this Testimonial.

We believe that it is much more powerful for a Recommendation or Testimonial to come up as the result of a Google search than a Directory listing, or some random landing page on your website …..

But let us know what you think because we are still developing our idea …

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