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The person that helped me create this blogsite ( Nikki Pilkington ) recently posted a blog herself about an email that she received from someone ( who will be getting famous soon ) here  http://networkedblogs.com/p16363780.

The email asked

” I am looking to start a blog that is free (or very cheap) to run, is easy to edit and write on and add photos etc.


I want this blog to be fully search engine optimised, so it comes up close to the top of google for all relevant search terms as well.  I also want some ad space on the site so I can start earning straight away.


How much would you charge for this?  I just want to be handed a blog that is at the top of google and is ready to go when you are finished… “
Nikki’s response to wanting this for free cannot be printed 🙂
This got me thinking though…
I am not a website designer or an S.E.O. ( I leave all that to Nikki and her team ) but I am in part a sales and marketing strategist and as such I like to take a helicopter view on these sorts of things.
My overall view ( explained here  http://www.seana.biz/methodology.htm ) is that Internet Marketing is one part of marketing these days and alongside Word of Mouth Marketing and Traditional Marketing it should feed your database of customer and prospect information and drive your business engine along.
When it comes to Internet Marketing of course the thing that we all want to be is at the top of Google ( for particular search terms ) and ideally for the least money possible !!
Now, getting to the top quickly is one matter but getting to the top quickly for FREE is entirely another !
I am not going to tell you how to get to the top of Google for free ( I don’t think that it can be done – especially since nobody’s time is for free ) but I am going to tell you about some things that you can do to get yourself to the top of Google.
Some of these I am simply going to say Y.N.T.S.T.N.P.A.T. ( You need to speak to Nikki Pilkington about that ) or STN ( Speak to Nikki ) for short !!
What you have to understand in simple terms ( STN for the longer, more detailed version ) is that Google ranking is about Traffic ( to your site ), Relevant ( and changing and updated  regularly ) content and links ( from other high ranking sites ).
The websites that get good rankings have loads of visitors and great content and therefore lots of other ( good ) websites refer to them. 
Now, the other thing that you really need to understand is what words and phrases you want to get ranked for. There is nothing ( other than asking for it for free ) that riles SEO people more than dealing with people who do not understand what they want to get ranked for – in detail. by the way – what you think you want to get ranked for may not be the best thing to get ranked for ( STN for more ). What you think people will type into Google to find your products and services may not be what you think. ( Want to bet ?? )
Also the words and phrases that you want to get ranked for may just be too damned hard to achieve ( in any reasonably quick timeframe and reasonable cost ).
My advice to you is to think about the thing that you want people to find you for e.g. Pubs in Holywell and things that will lead them to that e.g. Accommodation in Holywell and things that will lead them to that e.g. Fishing in North Wales ( Lost ?? then STN ).
It’s basically because there are more ways than one of skinning this ole’ cat.
ok. Now lets start with your website. It has to be relevant, easy to read and look at ( N.B. Google’s layout ) and SEO’d etc etc etc ( STN )
To drive traffic to your website you need to use some or all of the following:
Google Adwords ( can be expensive – STN )
A Blogsite ( STN )
The use of Press Release sites ( Free or otherwise )
Inclusion in other people’s websites ( eg Newspaper sites, Blogsites, PR sites,Directories )
Information sites like Digg ( STN )
Directories ( Yeah I know I said that above aswell )
Social Networking sites ( Facebook, Twitter etc )
SOME of these sites will be very high ranking referrers or links to your site ( eg Facebook is )
ALL of them will drive traffic to your website.
Can you visualise this ?? You have all these seperate Internet based elements that are referring back to your website and driving it higher.
Have you realised how much work this involves yet ?? How long it takes ???
Yes my friend nothing comes for FREE and nothing comes easy. However I hope that this has helped you with the big picture and for more detail STN !!!!
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